Thursday, January 5, 2017

When Is A Lie Not A Lie ???

Recently Dan Rather encouraged the MSM to call out Trump's "lies".

That's funny, because wasn't Dan run out of the business for some chicanery of his own? Was he a liar?

Wasn't Brian Williams demoted for playing loose with the truth? Was he a liar?

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney lied about 9/11, Afghanistan, and Iraq. And they're still lying. But even though their lies resulted in the death, injury, and/or displacement of millions they haven't been charged for their crimes. Why not?

Obama ad-Dajjal lies nearly every time he opens his mouth. But the MSM adores and protects him. Why?

And today The New York Times is suggesting that Trump and Assange are working together to "sow doubts" about Russian hacking. Isn't NYT implying that Trump is lying while Obama ad-Dajjal and NYT are telling the truth? You can read about it here:

We seem to live in a nation where the press is a wholly owned subsidiary of banks, corporations, and special interest groups which influence or control much of what "our" government does. And now it's being suggested that same government should OFFICIALLY lie to counter the threats from our numerous "enemies". You can read about that plan here:

To answer my title question, in the US a lie is not a lie when the government or the MSM says it's not. And when the "alt-right" disagrees, well ... that's "fake news".

We're in trouble folks. And I doubt anyone has the muscle to turn this train wreck around.

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