Friday, January 27, 2017

What You Must Understand About Davos

Here is a muddled essay about the Davos mafia:

I think I understand Davos completely: a few thousand self-appointed rich people are creating a global economy in which they (through their corporations) own everything, while We The People of the world own nothing.

And they want us to think this outcome is inevitable.

In theory, corporations are chartered to serve the public good. In spite of their propaganda, the Davos mafia do NOT serve the public good. They have a self-serving agenda which is turning the rest of us into useless eaters who in their view threaten the health of the planet.

We The People need to take back control of our economies and reestablish the legitimacy of our nation states. And our nation states need to dictate the purpose and direction of the global economy to the Davos mafia, not the other way around. If they will not comply, their corporations should be broken up and their assets seized.

I think what I'm suggesting is that no matter what happens we will have a fascist government. The only real choice is whether the government will be in control of that partnership or whether the corporations will dominate.

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