Saturday, January 14, 2017

Why The US Is Broke

The US is broke because we are pouring money down a rathole known as the Pentagon:

Overseas operations are often misleadingly budgeted around 10-12% of the overall Pentagon spending annually. Officials, however, say that when operations and general maintenance are figured in, the cost grows to cover over half of the nation’s military spending, $251 billion as of 2015.

That percentage is a huge increase, and one which has steadily and precipitously grown for decades, though Pentagon officials insist no one is exactly sure why everything seems to cost way more than it did the previous year even though the number of troops and the number of wars relatively stable.

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And what have we received in return for these expenditures?

  • The destruction of several sovereign nations (e.g., Iraq, Libya, Syria);
  • An increase in the amount of heroin produced in Afghanistan;
  • The ill will and/or outright hatred of billions of people; and
  • The exact opposite of global peace.

If Trump continues down this path, we are screwed. THIS DOES NOT LEAD TO GREATNESS.

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