Saturday, January 14, 2017

Will CIA Murder Trump ???

After reading stuff like this, I find it very easy to believe the CIA did in fact murder JFK and his brother:

We all should be ashamed of our nation's so-called leaders. They are little more than Mafia-like stooges.

By the way, here is a statement which I firmly believe:

"If Trump is unable to change US foreign policy, thermo-nuclear war and the destruction of Earth are inevitable."
Paul Craig Roberts

You can read the rest @

And obviously, if CIA "takes out" Trump our foreign policy cannot change. In fact, the US deep state will have exactly what they wanted during the Cuban Missile Crisis - a nation which believes its President-elect is a traitor, and the go-ahead to wage all out war on Russia.

G-d help us - the lunatics finally are in charge of the asylum, and they've got their finger on the nuclear button.

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  1. Here is another piece about the deep state war on Trump:

    It should be clear to everyone that "our" government is no longer in control. What can we do about this?