Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Obama Book Bribes ???

The ex-president and his wife just got huge book deals. You can read about it here:


I wouldn't pay 10 cents for one of these when they show up in the bargain bin.

And what are they gonna say?

  • We made promises we didn't keep;
  • He got elected;
  • We went on fantastic vacations;
  • She made your kids eat bad food;
  • We didn't really do a damn thing for the country;
  • We blamed our failings on Bush; and
  • We will live happily ever after while the rest of you poor slobs starve in the dark.

There - now you don't need to buy their stupid books (unless you are a moron).

Our Most Important Problems

This series of graphics illustrates what Americans have thought to be our most important problems, starting with FDR and going to the present:


I would like to point out that Obama ad-Dajjal began with a screwed up economy but left us with a sense of dissatisfaction in our government as our greatest worry.

In other words he fixed nothing, but he gave us distractions so we would not notice how screwed up our economy is - and his minions are STILL blaming it all on George W. Bush.

Face it - W was and is a moron. The mess Obama ad-Dajjal inherited was created by the Goldman Sachs gang and their ilk, and the continuing mess we are in will be influenced by them for the rest of all time.

Obama ad-Dajjal doubled our debt to soothe our economic worries, but in the long run wouldn't it have been better for him to have taken the bull by the horns and dealt with the underlying issues?

Of course it would have, but instead he chose to leave the mess for his successor to deal with. That is the very definition of cowardice.

School Of The Americas Strikes Again

Berta C├íceres court papers show murder suspects' links to US-trained elite troops. The Honduran environmental activist’s killing a year ago bears the hallmarks of a ‘well-planned operation designed by military intelligence’ says legal source.

You can read the rest @

We can't defeat ISIS, but we're damn good at training people to kill unarmed civilians, especially ones who get in the way of drug lords or multinational corporations.

Is Homelessness A Medical Condition ???

Newly introduced bill [in Hawaii] would classify homelessness as a medical condition, as research suggests healthcare spending falls when people have been housed.

You can read the rest @

Hot Damn! Where do I go to sign up for this?

Space Tourism

Fly me to the moon?


I'm going to wait until they do a few test flights to work out all the bugs.

How 'bout you?

Our Bloated Military Budget

The U.S. government already spends $600 billion dollars a year on its military - more money than the next seven biggest spenders combined, including China and Russia.

On Monday, the White House said it would request $54 billion more in military spending for next year. That increase alone is roughly the size of the entire annual military budget of the United Kingdom, the fifth-largest spending country, and it’s more than 80 percent of Russia’s entire military budget in 2015.

You can read the rest @

Before we give these clowns another penny, we should force them to account for the $6.5 trillion which they stole has disappeared without a trace:


And you wonder why our infrastructure is collapsing?

The irony in this is that in spite of our huge military budget, in a fair fight the Russians probably would kick our asses.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Under False Pretexts - The War On Cash

The Swiss National Bank has no evidence of one of the main allegations against cash: cash is by no means the preferred means of payment for criminals.

You can read the rest @
https://deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten.de/2017/02/27/schweizer-notenbank-vorwuerfe-gegen-das-bargeld-sind-unzutreffend/ [translation and subscription required]

The war on cash is a war on We The People. Should you doubt this, take a look at what India is doing to its people.

The only "criminals" involved are the bankgangsters themselves.

Manifestos - Zuckerberg Vs. Kaczynski

Manifesto - a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer

Source - https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/manifesto

In the recent past, we have been treated to two major manifestos:

*The first came from the convicted "unabomber", Ted Kaczynski. You can read it here:


*The second came from the court-recognized founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. You can read it here:


These two manifestos are diametrically opposed to each other. Since they deal with two wildly different possible futures for humanity, I think it wise to compare and contrast them to see what we might learn from these two sages.

I don't think one could find two people so unlike each other:

  • Ted was a loner, while Mark is the consummate social animal.
  • Ted warned us about the dangers of what he called "the industrial-technological system", while Mark preaches its gospel as one of its most enthusiastic disciples.
  • Ted was a victim of the CIA's MKUltra "mind control" program, while Mark is a key practitioner of its Internet-age equivalent.
  • Ted owns nothing, not even the clothes on his back, while Mark is one of the eight persons who owns half the wealth of all humanity.

Apparently these differences of history and personality influenced the content of their respective manifestos:

  • Ted advocates revolution against the industrial-technological system, while Mark urges us to embrace it.
  • Ted warns us against the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI), while Mark speaks only of its alleged benefits.
  • Ted suggests that violence may be necessary to break free from our bonds, while Mark wants us to bind together in a perpetual kumbaya moment.

Ted's manifesto was written before the Internet age, but he seems to have anticipated both it and the impact of social networking in some of his musings about leftism:

219. Leftism is a totalitarian force. Wherever leftism is in a position of power it tends to invade every private corner and force every thought into a leftist mold. In part this is because of the quasireligious character of leftism; everything contrary to leftist beliefs represents Sin. More importantly, leftism is a totalitarian force because of the leftists’ drive for power. The leftist seeks to satisfy his need for power through identification with a social movement and he tries to go through the power process by helping to pursue and attain the goals of the movement (see paragraph 83). But no matter how far the movement has gone in attaining its goals the leftist is never satisfied, because his activism is a surrogate activity (see paragraph 41). That is, the leftist’s real motive is not to attain the ostensible goals of leftism; in reality he is motivated by the sense of power he gets from struggling for and then reaching a social goal.

220. Suppose you asked leftists to make a list of ALL the things that were wrong with society, and then suppose you instituted EVERY social change that they demanded. It is safe to say that within a couple of years the majority of leftists would find something new to complain about, some new social “evil” to correct because, once again, the leftist is motivated less by distress at society’s ills than by the need to satisfy his drive for power by imposing his solutions on society.

221. Because of the restrictions placed on their thoughts and behavior by their high level of socialization, many leftists of the oversocialized type cannot pursue power in the ways that other people do. For them the drive for power has only one morally acceptable outlet, and that is in the struggle to impose their morality on everyone.

Mark quoted Abraham Lincoln in his manifesto, but in a way both he and Ted fit more in the mold of Thomas Jefferson than Lincoln. One might even say that Ted's manifesto was his "declaration of independence", while Mark's is a "declaration of interdependence".

What these two declarations most remind me of is the story of the Tower of Babel:

And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.
And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.
And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.
Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.
So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.
Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the Lord did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the Lord scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.
Genesis 11:4-9 KJV

Mark Zuckerberg appears to be in the role of a modern Nimrod, who beckons mankind to enter his corral while promising them Paradise. Ted Kaczynski, on the other hand, warns us that Zuckerberg's is a false paradise whose acceptance causes us to lose our souls. There is value in NOT entering the hive and connecting to the matrix, and that value goes far beyond merely seeking to not offend G-d.

The choice between the two is yours to make, but as I have said many times before - pray hard, and do not take the mark (no pun intended).

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Where Do Migrants Live ???

Here is a map claiming to show where many of the US "unauthorized immigrants" live:

I find it illuminating that so many are in DC. Either Congress don't know what's been happening in their own house, or they have been complicit all along.

By the way, the number of illegals could be "much higher" than 20 million, possibly up to 10% of the US population.

Q: How can such a huge number NOT have been noticed?

A: The same way no one noticed that illegal drugs have been flooding into our country - because the right people made LOTS of money in the process.

Who Is Hating Whom ???

According to the Anti-Defamation League, people in the US are becoming more antisemitic:


But according to this report, Palestinians are facing intense hatred from Israelis:


I think both of these groups need to take a chill pill.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

It Does Not Matter What Trump Thinks About The "Two-State Solution"

Here are dueling headlines from two Israeli newspapers:

(1) "In First, Trump Says He 'Likes' Two-state Solution for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"

You can read the rest @

(2) "The evacuation of Amona does nothing to change the fact that the notion of a Palestinian state is evaporating and the settlements are irreversible."

You can read the rest @

This is not "political theater" - this is farce.

The definition of conflict is "a serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one." This implies there are (at least) two sides doing the arguing. But that's not the case here.

In reality, there is no Palestine. Maybe there was once, but no more. There are no Palestinians. The "settlements" are irreversible. No one is going to change that, not the US, not the UN, not the entire world.

So why are we still wasting time on this BS?

And if Europe is going to take all the refugees from Libya and Syria, why not just toss in the 4 million non-existent "Palestinians" as a bonus? We sure as hell can't expect the Israelis to take any responsibility for them.

Friday, February 24, 2017


Before you start to believe anything you see on TV, please watch the 1976 movie Network. The character Howard Beale explains everything you need to know.

Gabby Giffords Is Full Of It

Gabby is whining that members of Congress (mostly the other party) have abandoned their civic obligations. You can read about it here:


Dear Gabby - You are full of crap.

Neither you nor anyone else in the party of traitors known as the Democrats gave a damn while your colleagues in the House and Senate sold out We The People to globalist interests.

And now that these same globalists want a war against President Trump we're supposed to hear your siren call? I feel sorry for the tragedy which befell you while meeting with your constituents, but as far as I am concerned everyone in DC abandoned their civic obligations long ago.

The fact we are finally waking up to that isn't really going to make a difference. The "best" that can happen is the mob will put the globalists firmly back in power so they can finalize their destruction of the constitution which you swore to preserve, protect, and defend.

The US War Against Peace

For the past 100 years, we have been using war to try to end war:

This April 4th will be 100 years since the U.S. Senate voted to declare war on Germany and 50 since Martin Luther King Jr. spoke out against the war on Vietnam (49 since he was killed on that speech’s first anniversary). Events are being planned to help us try to finally learn some lessons, to move beyond, not just Vietnam, but war.

That declaration of war on Germany was not for the war that makes up the single most common theme of U.S. entertainment and history. It was for the war that came before that one. This was the Great War, the war to end all wars, the war without which the conditions for the next war would not have existed.

As well recounted in Michael Kazin’s War Against War: The American Fight for Peace 1914-1918, a major peace movement had the support of a great deal of the United States. When the war finally ended (after the U.S. had actually been in it for about 5% the length of the war on Afghanistan thus far) just about everybody regretted it. The losses in life, limb, sanity, property, civil liberties, democracy, and health were incredible. Death, devastation, a flu epidemic, prohibition, a permanent military and the taxes to go with it, plus predictions of World War II: these were the results, and a lot of people remembered that they had been warned, as well as that the ending of all war had been promised.

You can read the rest @

Guess what? It hasn't worked.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.
Albert Einstein (attributed)

All we have done is wasted our blood and treasure, killed and/or maimed millions of people who did not deserve it, and made a few people filthy rich.

We ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

The Most Powerful Economies By 2050

A report from professional services giant PwC looks at which economies around the world will be the biggest and most powerful in 33 years time.


Check out the ranking below (All numbers cited in the slides are in US dollars and at constant values (for reference, the US's current PPP is $18.562 trillion):

32. Netherlands — $1.496 trillion. 

31. Colombia — $2.074 trillion. 

30. Poland — $2.103 trillion. 

29. Argentina — $2.365 trillion. 

28. Australia — $2.564 trillion. 

27. South Africa — $2.570 trillion. 

26. Spain — $2.732 trillion. 

25. Thailand — $2.782 trillion. 

24. Malaysia — $2.815 trillion. 

23. Bangladesh — $3.064 trillion. 

22. Canada — $3.1 trillion. 

21. Italy — $3.115 trillion. 

20. Vietnam — $3.176 trillion. 

19. Philippines — $3.334 trillion. 

18. South Korea — $3.539 trillion. 

17. Iran — $3.900 trillion. 

16. Pakistan — $4.236 trillion. 

15. Egypt — $4.333 trillion. 

14. Nigeria — $4.348 trillion. 

13. Saudi Arabia — $4.694 trillion. 

12. France — $4.705 trillion. 

11. Turkey — $5.184 trillion. 

10. United Kingdom — $5.369 trillion. 

9. Germany — $6.138 trillion. 

8. Japan — $6.779 trillion. 

7. Mexico — $6.863 trillion. 

6. Russia — $7.131 trillion. 

5. Brazil — $7.540 trillion.

4. Indonesia — $10.502 trillion. 

3. United States — $34.102 trillion. 

2. India — $44.128 trillion. 

1. China — $58.499 trillion.

Source - http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/these-will-be-the-32-most-powerful-economies-in-the-world-by-2050-a7587401.html

The projected total for the BRIC nations is $117.3 trillion - almost 3.5 times greater than that of the US. No wonder the deep state is freaking out - they're about to lose control ... forever.

And putting this in perspective, it all got started in the past 12 years. Trump will be the patsy, but this was engineered by the people in the deep state who gave you the Cheney shadow presidency and Obama ad-Dajjal the sorcerer.

Not that the blame game really matters.

Tigers Are Smarter Than Humans

Ever wonder what nature thinks of all the strange creations of man?

As technologies take on a life of their own, animal life finds its own balance.

These Siberian tigers, held in captive in China zoo got pretty pissed off a surveillance drone that was capturing amazing footage of them running in an ambush formation.

After stalking the flying contraption, a lead tiger batted it down, and it was subsequently destroyed, until the tigers cause the device to go up in smoke, literally!

You can read the rest @

Some of us realize how dangerous drones, robots, and AI are becoming, but the rest of us have been hypnotized into not doing anything about it.

Our primal instincts have as much to do with our survival as do our "modern" minds. We ought to pay attention to them before it's too late.

Now Comes The Pale Green Horse

The widespread starvation of humanity has begun:

Twenty million people in four countries face famine in the next six months, but aid groups have gotten more innovative in how they address longstanding problems. Famine in South Sudan was officially declared Monday.

You can read the rest @

The fourth horse of the apocalypse is colored pale green. This is the color of Demeter, and she is the goddess of famine.

One may argue that famine has always been with us, but the number of humans (and therefore the number of potential victims) has never been greater.

And if you buy the "climate change" narrative (and what "sane" person doesn't?) a whole lotta folks are gonna starve.

Is Malaysia Lying About Kim Jong-nam ???

Can you spot what's wrong with this fairy tale?

The poison used to kill Kim Jong-nam, the half brother of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, was VX nerve agent, which is listed as a chemical weapon, the Malaysian police announced Friday.

In a brief statement, Khalid Abu Bakar, the national police chief, said the substance was listed as a chemical weapon under the Chemical Weapons Conventions of 1997 and 2005, to which North Korea is not a party.

South Korea has suggested that the killing was the work of the North Korean government. The revelation that a banned weapon was used in such a high-profile killing raises the stakes over how Malaysia and the international community will respond.

VX nerve agent can be delivered in two compounds that are mixed at the last moment to create a lethal dose. The police say that two women approached Mr. Kim at the airport with the poison on their hands and rubbed it on his face one after the other.

You can read the rest @

For this to be true, the second woman who "rubbed it on his face" would be dead, since she then also would have had VX on her skin. And she would have died just as quickly as he did. Where is her body?

In addition, since North Korea was a client state of the USSR, it is likely they used the Soviet chemical weapon called Substance 33, which is an analog of VX, and not VX itself.

For these reasons, especially the first, I think this Malaysian assassination story is BS.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tell Me Again Why Israel Needs Our Money ???

The Israelis are becoming fat cats:

Gas is expected to flow from the Leviathan reservoir to Israel's shores by the end of 2019. The reservoir, located about 130 km. west of Haifa, will not only boost domestic gas supplies, but will also likely serve as an export outlet for Israel's immediate neighbors and the wider Mediterranean region. 

Houston-based Noble Energy holds a 39.66% share of the Leviathan reservoir, while the Delek Group’s subsidiaries Delek Drilling and Avner Oil Exploration each have 22.67% and Ratio Oil Exploration has 15%.

Groner stressed how the development of Leviathan will not only provide Israel with a second natural gas reservoir, but will also spark a shift in momentum regarding the country’s position as an attractive place for investments. 

You can read the rest @

Q: So why are we giving them $38 billion over the next 10 years?

A: They've got a few more walls to build, a few more mosques and Palestinian homes to demolish, and a temple to build.

Will The REAL Shadow President Please Stand Up ???

Many claims have been made in the recent past that we now have a "shadow president" in opposition to Trump.

#1 of course is Hillary Clinton, who just cannot believe she lost the election, and who is working hard to ensure the future is female.

#2 is VP Mike Pence, who appears to have been instrumental in the firing of General Flynn.

#3 is Obama ad-Dajjal, who has promised to do whatever he can to destroy the US. You can watch a great video about his anti-American crusade here:


#4 is Senator John McCain, who now appears to be conducting his own foreign policy and maybe even his own wars. You can read about it here:


Not long ago, if you recall, several US senators were roundly condemned for sending a letter to Iran about the nuclear deal made by Obama ad-Dajjal. You can read about it here:


Q: Why were the senators condemned for interfering with the president, while #1, #2, #3, and #4 above now are getting off scot-free?

A: Because the US deep state didn't want the Iran deal, but they do want President Trump overthrown.

We don't live in a democracy or a republic. This is an oligarchy bordering on a mafiocracy, with a multitude of shadow and wannabee presidents lurking in the wings. My guess is that when the dust settles, it will be Pence running the show (at the end of a very short leash).

1776 - Back To The Future

Here is an important history lesson from Judge Napolitano:

Last week, The Wall Street Journal revealed that members of the intelligence community - part of the deep state, the unseen government within the government that does not change with elections - now have acquired so much data on everyone in America that they can selectively reveal it to reward their friends and harm their foes. Their principal foe today is the president of the United States.

Liberty is rarely lost overnight. The wall of tyranny often begins with benign building blocks of safety - each one lying on top of a predecessor - eventually collectively constituting an impediment to the exercise of free choices by free people, often not even recognized until it is too late.

Here is the back story.

In the pre-Revolutionary era, British courts in London secretly issued general warrants to British government agents in America. The warrants were not based on any probable cause of crime or individual articulable suspicion; they did not name the person or thing to be seized or identify the place to be searched. They authorized agents to search where they wished and seize what they found.

The use of general warrants was so offensive to our Colonial ancestors that it whipped up more serious opposition to British rule and support for the revolutionaries than the "no taxation without representation" argument did. And when it came time for Americans to write the Constitution, they prohibited general warrants in the Fourth Amendment, the whole purpose of which was to guarantee the right to be left alone by forcing the government to focus on bad guys and prohibit it from engaging in fishing expeditions. But the fishing expeditions would come.


This is a perilous state of affairs, brought about by the maniacal passion for surveillance spawned under George W. Bush and perfected under Barack Obama - all with utter indifference to the widespread constitutional violations and permanent destruction of personal liberties. This is not the government the Framers gave us. But it is one far more dangerous to human freedom than the one from which they seceded in 1776.

You can read the rest @

The US as we knew it, the government created by the US Constitution, is gone. The talking heads, the ADM McRavens, the morons in Hollywood and DC who might tell you otherwise are liars.

We're no longer "sliding down a slippery slope", we've gone over the edge from which there is no return. Some day soon we shall see detention camps, but they will be for citizens ... not immigrants.

US Is Not A Great Place To Be Born

Those whose still think the US is "great" ought to read this:

Life expectancy at birth will continue to climb substantially for residents of industrialized nations - but not in the United States, where minimal gains will soon put life spans on par with those in Mexico and the Czech Republic, according to an extensive analysis released Tuesday.

South Korean women and Hungarian men are projected to make the largest overall gains (with South Koreans second among males). There is a better-than-even chance that South Korean women will live to an average of 90 years old by 2030, which would be the first time a population will break the 90-year barrier, according to the research published in The Lancet.

Not so in the United States. “Notable among poor-performing countries is the USA,” the researchers wrote, “whose life expectancy at birth is already lower than most other high-income countries, and is projected to fall further behind, such that its 2030 life expectancy at birth might be similar to the Czech Republic for men, and Croatia and Mexico for women.”

You can read the rest @

We pay the MOST for health care, but have some of the poorest outcomes. Why is that?

By the way, could it be that US life expectancy equals that of Mexico because the majority of births in the US are to women of Mexican descent?

Just asking.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What Would ADM McRaven Know About Democracy ???

A man who commanded America's killer elite speaks out in defense of "journalists":

UT System Chancellor Bill McRaven on Tuesday night said President Trump’s recent description of the media as “the enemy of the American people” must be challenged and “this sentiment may be the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime.”

McRaven, a retired U.S. Navy admiral, is former commander of the Special Operations Command. He made the comment during the inaugural event of the Communication and Leadership Speaker Series at UT’s Belo Center for New Media. McRaven, who has served as chancellor for two years, is also a UT journalism alumnus. During his lecture, McRaven said the country needs journalists now more than ever before and they must continue to hold others accountable.

You can read the rest @

Dear Bill - the only journalist we really need is Julian Assange. We could also use Snowden and Manning, but they're not journalists.

The greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime has been the US military. And most US "journalists" have functioned as your cheerleaders, even when officers like you were lying ... especially when they were lying.

So yes we need journalists, but not the kind you're talking about.

Trump's Swedish Clairvoyance

President Trump was roundly criticized for making what appeared to be false claims about Sweden.

However, his claims did come true ... but later than he predicted:


So, we need to ask different questions about this event:

  • Is he clairvoyant?
  • Or were the Swedes totally unaware of what was happening in their own country?
  • Or was the event "engineered" after the fact so as to make Trump appear to be right?

This entire episode is very strange, and it seems to support Trump's claim that the MSM isn't reporting the facts and/or is interpreting them incorrectly.

Financial Warfare

According to this report, the IMF knowingly lent more money to Greece than they could possibly pay back:


Sound familiar? This is the thesis of the book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins.

Yes, finance is used as a weapon. And yes, Greece got screwed.

Not much we can do about it now, unless we're willing to abandon the current economic system imposed by the US on the rest of the world after World War II.

And if you have been paying attention, you know the current US animosity towards China, Iran, and Russia stems from a desperate attempt to not lose control of that system.

US Troops Don't Belong In Syria

Here is an opinion piece in Forbes by Doug Bandow:

President Donald Trump instructed the Pentagon to develop a strategy to defeat the Islamic State. Apparently one of the options is introducing U.S. combat forces to confront ISIS. Americans could be fighting in Syria in just a few weeks. That would be an extraordinarily foolish policy.

You can read the rest @

I agree with Mr. Bandow, but not for the same reasons.

It's just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Syrian border to Megiddo, site of the coming Battle of Armageddon. If US troops are in that battle, they will be fighting on the side of evil. Here is an explanation why:


So, here is my warning to the US military: If you want to fight against Jesus and lose your soul, go to Syria. If you want to save your soul, do NOT go to Megiddo and do NOT take the mark.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Here Is Why This CIA Man Resigned

If you want, read this report about why this CIA man resigned:


So ...

  • He didn't care that his agency overthrows democratically elected governments;
  • He didn't care that his agency assassinates democratically elected leaders (including the Kennedy brothers);
  • He didn't care that his agency tells lies which result in major wars and loss of life;
  • He didn't care that his agency is a major trafficker of illegal drugs; and
  • He didn't care that his agency missed or misinterpreted most if not all of the significant events in the world since its inception.

But he does care that the President isn't listening to his BS and fake intelligence.


Sheesh !!!

Real News Vs. Weaponized Text

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange called “very, very, very inaccurate” corporate presstitutes “opportunistic snipers” in an interview over the weekend, accusing newspapers of printing “weaponized text.”

And the outspoken publisher isn’t at all dissatisfied with the current propaganda of “fake news” - because, as Assange explained to Australian comedian Chas Licciardello, according to CNET,

"WikiLeaks is very happy that there is a narrative about fake news out there because we have a perfect record of having never got it wrong in terms of authentications."

While the corporate press continues misrepresenting information, quoting unnamed and thus unverifiable sources, and even printing flagrant fabrications, WikiLeaks indeed maintains an unparalleled streak of publishing authentic and undoctored data - despite excoriation from the establishment - thus eliminating all bias or unintended insertion of opinion.

You can read the rest @

As far as I am concerned, WikiLeaks is one of the few "real news" sources on the planet.

It therefore should be no surprise that both Assange and President Trump both are accused of being "traitors" (even though Assange is not a US citizen - see http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2642057/posts).

Should Assange be rendered and/or executed for what he has done, it will be a truly shameful day for the USA.

The US Really WANTS To Use Nuclear Weapons

The crazies in DC would just LOVE to use nuclear weapons in their next war:

“There is a need to rethink the problem of limited nuclear war in which the United States is a direct participant, or between other parties where the United States has a major security interest,” Krepinevich writes. “As opposed to the global apocalypse envisioned in the wake of a superpower nuclear exchange during the Cold War, there will very likely be a functioning world after a war between minor nuclear powers, or even between the United States and a nuclear-armed Iran or North Korea. US forces must, therefore, be prepared to respond to a range of strategic warfare contingencies along the Eurasian periphery.”

In an earlier report entitled “Rethinking Armageddon,” Krepinevich argued that the use of a “small number” of battlefield nuclear weapons should be included among the appropriate responses by a US president to conventional threats from Russia.

During the Cold War, the “limited” use of nuclear weapons was seen as an invitation for a full-scale nuclear exchange and the destruction of the planet. Now such discussions are considered “respectable” and prudent.

These plans are being realized in the US military arsenal. The US is currently in the midst of a $1 trillion nuclear weapons modernization program commissioned under Obama. The program centers on the procurement of lower-yield, maneuverable nuclear weapons that are more likely to be used in combat. However, the Defense Science Board, a committee appointed to advise the Pentagon, recently called on the Trump administration to do more to develop weapons suitable for a “tailored nuclear option for limited use.”

You can read the rest @

We The People should NOT allow this to happen. Even one more nuclear weapon being used would be a tragedy for all humanity.

Here Is Why The Nazis Were Able To Succeed

Yesterday I watched the 2013 movie Closed Circuit. Yes, I'm a bit behind in my movie watching.


The plot involves a terror attack in the UK which is blamed on a sleeper cell. The surviving member of the cell is on trial for the attack which killed over 100 people.

It eventually becomes evident that MI-5 (more or less the UK equivalent of the FBI) was somehow involved. We are left with the impression that MI-5 was monitoring the terrorists and intended to stop the attack at the last minute but somehow failed to do so.

Does that sound familiar? Like maybe this is exactly what we are being told over and over again about such attacks in the US? Every time, the government knew about the "terrorists", but somehow failed to stop them.

It is worthy of note that neither in this movie nor in "real life" is anyone of note suggesting that MI-5, the FBI, or another of the so-called "intelligence" agencies themselves are BEHIND the attacks; i.e., they didn't just fail to stop them at the last minute - they wanted all along for the attacks to succeed. Anyone who suggests THAT is branded as a nutjob conspiracy theorist and slandered by the MSM.

And that brings me to the title of this blog post. The Nazis were able to succeed because they controlled the newspapers, the radio stations, the local police, and the federal police. They were able to dictate what people got to see, hear, and read, and that ability allowed the Nazis to cover up their crimes until the entire world was engulfed in flames. And the German people who might have prevented that either failed to speak up, or allowed those who did to be intimidated or killed.

Something similar is happening here. The US deep state controls the MSM, the police, the sheriffs, CIA, FBI, NSA, and most means of communication. They are able to control what we believe to be "the truth" even more effectively than were the Nazis in their day.

The purpose of the MSM is not to inform, it is to prevent and/or deflect criticism of the government and its actions. Its goal is to make certain that all you little Nazis keep goose stepping in line and attacking anyone who doesn't believe the official story of what is going on.

And that is the only possible explanation why following attack after so-called attack no one of note in the US is even suggesting that it's all an inside job.

Once a nation stops questioning and countering its leaders' obvious criminality, anything can happen ... including a resurgence of Nazism.

And by the way, in this context it is NOT President Trump who is the Nazi ... it is his opponents. If you don't see that, you don't understand Nazism at all.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Who Just Detonated A Nuclear Bomb ???

As you may know, there recently was a release of radioactive iodine (I-131) which was detected in Europe. You can read about it here:


The most likely source for this I-131 is the detonation of a nuclear device somewhere in the Arctic region.

If you recall, there was a similar anomalous detection of I-131 following the VELA incident in 1979. I have written about that event before:


Although the VELA incident was dismissed by the US military-industrial complex as a mystery, many observers believe it represented the "secret" test of one or more nuclear bombs, possibly by South Africa and/or the Israelis.

If this latest event does represent such a test, who done it? Likely candidates may include the following:

  1. An Iranian test sponsored by Russia;
  2. A BRICS test sponsored by Russia; or
  3. A Saudi test sponsored by Israel and/or the US.

If the world starts to suspect candidate #1 or #2, we'll be hearing about it pretty soon. Both fit in well with the current anti-Russia, anti-Iran hysteria infecting DC and the MSM.

But what about candidate #3? If it was a Saudi test, the US military-industrial complex will label it a "mystery", and that will be that.

Until the Saudi bomb gets used against Iran.

By the way, should you not believe the Saudis are capable of such a thing, read this:


Squandering Money On Obama's Library

According to this report, the presidential library for Obama ad-Dajjal may cost at least $1.5 billion:


As far as I am concerned, they should build a sewage treatment plant and/or a landfill to handle all the garbage he left behind.

Are We A Nation At War ???

Last week, Army General Raymond “Tony” Thomas, head of U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), expressed his dismay about the Trump administration. “Our government continues to be in unbelievable turmoil,” Thomas opined. “I hope they sort it out soon because we’re a nation at war.”

What does that mean, we’re a nation at war? Many will think that a dumb question, but is it? Sure, we have roughly 10,000 troops in Afghanistan, and that war isn’t over. Sure, the US is still helping Iraqi forces (notably in Mosul) against ISIS and related terrorist groups. Yes, the US and NATO (joined by Russia?) are seeking to corral and eventually to end ISIS and “radical Islamic extremism/terrorism.” But do these efforts constitute a world war, like World Wars I and II?

It doesn’t feel like a war – not in the USA, at least. Congress has made no formal declaration of war. Few Americans are sacrificing (of course, the troops in harm’s way are). There’s no rationing. No tax increases to pay for the war. No national mobilization of resources. No draft. No change in lifestyles or priorities. Nothing. Most Americans go about their lives oblivious to the “war” and its progress (or lack thereof).

Here’s my point. Terrorism, whether radical Islamist or White supremacist or whatever variety, will always be with us. Yes, it must be fought, and in a variety of ways. Police action is one of them. Political and social changes, i.e. reforms, are another. Intelligence gathering. Occasionally, military action is warranted. But to elevate terrorism to an existential threat is to feed the terrorists. “War” is what they want; they feed on that rhetoric of violence, a rhetoric that elevates their (self)-importance. Why feed them?

You can read the rest @

My perception is that we are a warlike nation which approaches each and every dispute with warlike intent and/or actions. Such a response is neither smart nor necessary, and frankly it has gotten us nowhere. Permanent war destroys democracy.

As John Lennon suggested, give peace a chance. And if not peace, at least try diplomacy once in a while.

What's Up With Chris Wallace ???

I recently watched part of Chris Wallace's interview of Rush Limbaugh.

During the interview, Wallace stated that he had never heard the term "deep state" until just a few weeks ago.

What does that claim say about him?

  1. Is he a clueless moron?
  2. Is he merely parroting things someone else tells him to say?
  3. Both of the above.
  4. Neither of the above.

I used to listen to Radio Moscow, Radio Free Europe, and the Voice of America back in the Cold War One days. I noticed that all three often reported the same events. The difference among the broadcasts was in the interpretation of what had happened.

Today's 24 hour, multi-channel "news" coverage often is not news at all - it's mostly interpretation, with two or more different "sides" presented to give what is called a "balanced" view.

But the "reality" is that if 1,000 people watch a given event in real time, there could be 1,000 (or more) interpretations for what had "happened". My view is that all of them may be equally valid.

Right and wrong are personal choices. You can try to force people to accept a single standard by using religion, secular laws, or other forms of morality, but in the end each of us has the ability and the right to decide for ourselves what to believe and what to do about it.

Mr. Wallace says no one can tell the media what to say. To him I reply - you sir cannot tell me what to think. Just report the facts, and I'll take care of the rest.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Will Obama Be Charged With Treason ???

Acting District Attorney Dana Boente is allegedly working behind the scenes to charge former president Barack Obama with treason. 

Boente is second in the line of succession to be Attorney General of the United States, under a Feb. 9 Executive Order signed by President Trump.

According to various reports, Obama has been working behind the scenes in trying to overthrow the Trump administration, colluding with domestic terrorist organisations to incite riots nationwide.

Countdowntozerotime.com reports:

With President Obama immediately upon leaving office establishing a private website and proclaiming on it that:

“I won’t stop; in fact, I will be right there with you, as a citizen, for all my days that remain.”

Its obvious to even laymen to deduce that  “The Berkeley riots May have been ordered by President Obama himself.”

There is enough evidence for the FBI to implicate Obama for Sedition and treason but behind the scenes there is fierce debate over the fall out including worrying about traitors at all levels of government if action was taken against the Agitator in chief.

Much concerns have been raised due to his gathering around him an “army of agitators” (numbering more than 30,000) who he commands from a bunker less than two-blocks from the White House.

“Barack Obama, who many claim will be creating a shadow government to frustrate the policy goals of this administration, we’re looking at something that’s coming very close to, it seems to me, sedition,” Lou Dobbs revealed.

You can read the rest and watch the video @

I would add George Soros and Hillary Clinton to the indictment. PUT THEM IN JAIL !!!

And do it quickly before they succeed in overthrowing President Trump.

By the way, Lou Dobbs and his former sidekick Neil Cavuto are two of the most decent people on the tube.