Wednesday, February 8, 2017

There Never Was A Peace Process

According to Jonathan Cook, the Middle East "peace process" is over. You can read about it here:

There never was a "peace process". Israel always intended to take all the land and make the Palestinians just "disappear". Funny ,,, isn't that what the Germans wanted to do to them?

"International law is clear that an occupying power can take land only for military needs. Israel committed a war crime in transferring more than 600,000 Jewish civilians into the occupied territories."

Yes, but so what? When did the word's "war crime" ever stick to anything done by Israelis? Never.

I am in agreement that everyone involved in this belongs in a jail cell. But we know that's never going to happen. The ICC is a US puppet which has nothing to do with "justice". Its purpose is to punish America's enemies, and obviously Israelis do not fall into that category.

Dear Palestine - please don't tell me you were as naive as Jorge Ramos.

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