Thursday, February 9, 2017

9/11 Mastermind Quote Of The Day

"It was not we who started the war against you in 9/11, it was you and your dictators in our land ... The main characteristic of any American or Western Head of State is that he must be a Machiavellian president and a professional, accomplished liar. He must be an expert in deceiving his audience and the entire nation."

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I have no sympathy for this man, nor do I excuse or support him in any way.

But if his words reflect what the Muslim world thinks about the US, then our war with them will never be over. Is that what we want?

Or is there another way?

Frankly, neither Trump nor Clinton gave us any option other than a continuation of what we have been doing. So far the only outcome has been chaos - which allows Israel to enjoy a false sense of accomplishment that soon will lead to the annexation of the West Bank and Jerusalem and the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple.

Then the REAL war will start. And we'll wind up paying for it with more US treasure and more US blood. Is THAT what you want? I don't.

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