Friday, February 24, 2017

Tigers Are Smarter Than Humans

Ever wonder what nature thinks of all the strange creations of man?

As technologies take on a life of their own, animal life finds its own balance.

These Siberian tigers, held in captive in China zoo got pretty pissed off a surveillance drone that was capturing amazing footage of them running in an ambush formation.

After stalking the flying contraption, a lead tiger batted it down, and it was subsequently destroyed, until the tigers cause the device to go up in smoke, literally!

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Some of us realize how dangerous drones, robots, and AI are becoming, but the rest of us have been hypnotized into not doing anything about it.

Our primal instincts have as much to do with our survival as do our "modern" minds. We ought to pay attention to them before it's too late.

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  1. Here is a WaPo followup to the tiger vs. drone story:

    The other "disturbing reality" is the Amazon-WaPo-CIA nexus. Amazon and CIA love drones, so they are unlikely to promote any anti-drone narratives. Such a bias may not result in totally fake news, but it certainly slants the news which is reported.