Sunday, March 31, 2019

NZ Dumps Jesus

You can read about it here:

The entire Western world is dumping Jesus. Why is that? Is it all about the Benjamins?

Can We Believe Beto ???

Apparently Beto wants to open our borders to unlimited immigration:

But we seem to be overwhelmed with their numbers already:

Who is telling the truth here?

When a nation appears to be near bankruptcy (i.e., more than $22 trillion in debt), should it take on MORE obligations, or fewer?

What do you think?

Friday, March 22, 2019

Who Owns Golan Heights ???

Trump wants to give Israel sovereignty over Syrian territory:

The entire Middle East has been carved up again and again by people who don't live in the region. It's time to let the peoples who do live there decide what is to be done.

That said, territory should NOT be seized and annexed by wars of aggression. To give this land to Israel sets a dangerous precedent, one which benefits Israel and no one else.

Let the UN decide. Isn't that one of the reasons it was created?

Restore The Electoral College

According to some, we don't need an "electoral college":

I think The Founders had the following in mind:

a. We The People are represented in the House;

b. The several states are represented in the Senate; and

c. The president is chosen by a "college" of the best and brightest people in the land.

We've essentially allowed "a" to become meaningless. The Civil War destroyed "b", and our current system has made a mockery of "c".

All these provisions should be RESTORED, not eliminated or changed. And the provision that direct taxes should be EQUAL also should be restored. Our government is supposed to be funded by taxes and levies on trade and commerce, not by onerous taxes levied on We the People.

And we need good and intelligent people as our chief executives, not celebrities and clowns elected by children and non-citizens and paid by corporations and foreign interests.


Monday, March 18, 2019

And You Still Want To Fly ???

Here is the alleged skinny on how the 737 MAX was certified:

As Boeing hustled in 2015 to catch up to Airbus and certify its new 737 MAX, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) managers pushed the agency’s safety engineers to delegate safety assessments to Boeing itself, and to speedily approve the resulting analysis.

But the original safety analysis that Boeing delivered to the FAA for a new flight control system on the MAX — a report used to certify the plane as safe to fly — had several crucial flaws.

That flight control system, called MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System), is now under scrutiny after two crashes of the jet in less than five months resulted in Wednesday’s FAA order to ground the plane.

Current and former engineers directly involved with the evaluations or familiar with the document shared details of Boeing’s “System Safety Analysis” of MCAS, which The Seattle Times confirmed.

The safety analysis:

  • Understated the power of the new flight control system, which was designed to swivel the horizontal tail to push the nose of the plane down to avert a stall. When the planes later entered service, MCAS was capable of moving the tail more than four times farther than was stated in the initial safety analysis document.
  • Failed to account for how the system could reset itself each time a pilot responded, thereby missing the potential impact of the system repeatedly pushing the airplane’s nose downward.
  • Assessed a failure of the system as one level below “catastrophic.” But even that “hazardous” danger level should have precluded activation of the system based on input from a single sensor — and yet that’s how it was designed.

You can read the rest @

This is almost unbelievable. If it is true, several people should be fired and permanently barred from the industry.

Death By Plastic

A young whale that washed up in the Philippines died from “gastric shock” after ingesting 40kg of plastic bags.

Marine biologists and volunteers from the D’Bone Collector Museum in Davao City, in the Philippine island of Mindanao, were shocked to discover the brutal cause of death for the young Cuvier’s beaked whale, which washed ashore on Saturday.

In a damning statement on their Facebook page, the museum said they uncovered “40 kilos of plastic bags, including 16 rice sacks. 4 banana plantation style bags and multiple shopping bags” in the whale’s stomach after conducting an autopsy.

You can read the rest @

We have turned our once beautiful planet into a cesspool. Sooner or later, we'll kill ourselves, too.

Median CEO Pay Tops $1 Million Per Month

The median income for 132 CEOs of major US corporations jumped to $12.4 million in 2018, more than $1 million a month, according to an analysis published Sunday by the Wall Street Journal. The CEOs, representing about one-quarter of the S&P 500 firms for which figures have thus far been released, saw pay rises of about 6.4 percent apiece compared to 2017.

You can read the rest @

Frankly, this is obscene. Most of these people have done NOTHING to warrant such a high level of pay. They are, in a very large sense, uncaring sociopaths.

Stopping Terror

Another terror attack, this time in Holland:

So far, our response to terror attacks has been draconian crackdowns on the perpetrators and their likely accomplices. Has this tactic worked? Apparently not.

We've also tried censorship, various forms of gun control, and massive surveillance. Have they worked? Also apparently not.

Something is wrong here. Totalitarianism is not working. What else can we try?

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Killing 500 Animals For Fun ???

Or was it for sport? You can read about it here;

In my view, this is not a "sport" - it's a crime. And the sad thing is various governments sanctioned this (i.e., he had the proper hunting licenses, right?).

With all the pressures on species which are dying out, this is one we could easily remove.


Saturday, March 16, 2019

Is Michelle Michael ???

It looks like Joan Rivers may have been right:

If she really is a tranny, it would be completely consistent with the entire phoniness of "her" "husband's" presidency.

Friday, March 15, 2019

The Massacre In New Zealand

Here is a little known fact about the Kiwis:

New Zealand, with a population of 5 million, has relatively loose gun laws and an estimated 1.5 million firearms, or roughly one for every three people. But it has one of the lowest gun homicide rates in the world. In 2015, it had just eight gun homicides.

You can read the rest @

Apparently this latest massacre had little to do with guns per se. Hatred of Muslims seems to be the chief cause.

What or who exactly is the underlying cause of hatred of Muslims? While that question may have several answers, it should be clear that such hatred is being spread by Hollywood, the MSM, and the US government. Why is this fact not being discussed in the aftermath of the tragedy?

By the way, New Zealand is part of the "five eyes" surveillance system. Why didn't the authorities know this was going to happen? Is this yet another example of how our massive surveillance yields no public benefit?

Thursday, March 14, 2019

One Thing Facebook Hasn't Tried

According to reports such as this, Facebook is struggling to deal with our outrage:

It seems to me there is one thing they haven't tried yet - telling us the truth.

Whose fault is that - Mark, Sheryl, or both?

I'm still on Facebook, but only because some of my friends and family are there.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Disease Floating In The Oceans ???

Dangerous sewage pathogens have been found “hitch-hiking” on plastic litter washed up on some of Scotland’s finest bathing beaches, raising concerns from scientists the phenomenon could have far-reaching implications for human health worldwide.

The findings, by the University of Stirling, have confirmed environmentalists’ fears that ubiquitous, persistent and tiny plastic beads, or “nurdles”, found on beaches and in rivers and seas around the world, act as rafts for harmful bacteria, transporting them from sewage outfalls and agricultural runoff to bathing waters and shellfish beds.

The findings raise the potential for “cholera in India to be transported and washed up on a shore in the USA”, according to Dr Richard Quilliam, the study’s principal investigator.

Any reason why Ebola could not be transported in this way? This is NOT good.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The City-States Of America

Here is a fascinating re-imagination of the USA as a hodgepodge of city-states:

Seems reasonable to me. The states are a disaster.

Dispossessing Middle America

Here are some sage words from Pat Buchanan:

The Democratic Party does not want to close the door to voting on migrants who broke our laws to get here and do not belong here, as these illegals would likely vote for pro-amnesty Democrats.

In all but one of the last seven presidential elections, Republicans lost the popular vote. George W. Bush and Donald Trump won only by capturing narrow majorities in the Electoral College.

Hence the grand strategy of the left: to enlarge and alter the U.S. electorate so as to put victory as far out of reach for national Republicans as it is today for California Republicans, and to convert the GOP into America’s permanent minority party ...

If the new U.S. electorate of, say, 2024, includes tens of millions of new voters — 16- and 17-year-olds; illegal migrants; ex-cons; new legal immigrants from Asia, Africa and Latin America who vote 70 to 90 percent Democratic, the political future of America has already been determined.

You can read the rest @

There is a lot more going on here than just party politics. Our entire future as a nation is at stake. Do we defend our borders, or not? Do we have jobs for our entire population, or not? How do we pay for all the things we want, which all the new arrivals undoubtedly will want, too?

Here is an important video by Roy Beck which shows the expected trajectory of the US population. After watching it you'll either want to scratch your head, tear out your hair, or bang your head against a wall:

How Is This Helping VZ ???

Here is a description of what is happening in VZ:

If it is true the US is behind the efforts at regime change and the blackout, just how is this helping the people of VZ? Isn't "helping" them the pretext for our intervention?

Or are we going to "help" them like we helped the people of Libya ... by destroying their government and their country to facilitate stealing their wealth?

In case you're wondering, I am not in favor of ANY of the current US interventions ANYWHERE in the world. They are destructive to the nations of the victims and extremely wasteful of our resources, too.

Better Living ... Through Chemistry ???

Sales of synthetic chemicals will double over the next 12 years with alarming implications for health and the environment, according to a global study that highlights government failures to rein in the industry behind plastics, pesticides and cosmetics.

The second Global Chemicals Outlook, which was released in Nairobi on Monday, said the world will not meet international commitments to reduce chemical hazards and halt pollution by 2020. In fact, the study by the United Nations Environment Programme found that the industry has never been more dominant nor has humanity’s dependence on chemicals ever been as great.

You can read the rest @

By the way, many of the people who died when Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed on Sunday were on their way to attend the fourth session of the United Nations Environment Assembly which issued the above report. Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

But it is ironic they died on the way to a conference where people discussed something which may kill the rest of us, too.

Quote For The Day - 3/12/2019

"Pity the nation whose people are sheep

And whose shepherds mislead them

Pity the nation whose leaders are liars

Whose sages are silenced

And whose bigots haunt the airwaves

Pity the nation that raises not its voice

Except to praise conquerors

And acclaim the bully as hero

And aims to rule the world

By force and by torture ...

Pity the nation oh pity the people

who allow their rights to erode

and their freedoms to be washed away ..."

Lawrence Ferlinghetti
(source -

Germany's Asylum Woes

Take a look at this report from Germany. It makes it seem they're having the same kind of refugee woes as the US:

Too many people, too many wars, not enough water-food-space. Not a good recipe for a peaceful future ... there, or here.

Time To Dump Trump ???

According to this report, Trump wants to cut social spending and have a big war (or perhaps many wars):

Not only is this NOT what he promised during his campaign, it's also incredibly stupid. The LAST thing we need is more war. Instead of making the US "great", we should be fixing the cracks in our foundation.

Pelosi does not want to impeach Trump. This means the Dems can continue to allow us to fall into a ditch while blaming it all on Trump. It also implies they're OK with having more war.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Monday, March 11, 2019

The Civil War

I have been rewatching Ken Burns' The Civil War on Netflix.

What strikes me is that the film does not portray people of the North and South as HATING each other. Yes, they were killing each other, but it does not come across to me as acts of hatred. Perhaps that's how it was, or maybe Ken just decided to portray it that way.

Our brewing civil war, on the other hand, appears to be quite different. Clearly many people on all sides truly HATE each other, and that suggests the next conflict will be exceptionally brutal, perhaps even genocidal.

And I'm not looking forward to finding out.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

AOC Says US Is 'Garbage'

Somehow we have raised an entire generation which hates the USA. Here is a prime example:

I have no love for Ronald Reagan, but I also have no use for Rep. AOC.

How about you?

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Doctors Against Mandatory Vaccinations ???

Here's something you probably didn't expect:

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) strongly opposes federal interference in medical decisions, including mandated vaccines. After being fully informed of the risks and benefits of a medical procedure, patients have the right to reject or accept that procedure. The regulation of medical practice is a state function, not a federal one. Governmental preemption of patients’ or parents’ decisions about accepting drugs or other medical interventions is a serious intrusion into individual liberty, autonomy, and parental decisions about child-rearing.

A public health threat is the rationale for the policy on mandatory vaccines. But how much of a threat is required to justify forcing people to accept government-imposed risks? Regulators may intervene to protect the public against a one-in-one million risk of a threat such as cancer from an involuntary exposure to a toxin, or-one-in 100,000 risk from a voluntary (e.g. occupational) exposure. What is the risk of death, cancer, or crippling complication from a vaccine? There are no rigorous safety studies of sufficient power to rule out a much lower risk of complications, even one in 10,000, for vaccines. Such studies would require an adequate number of subjects, a long duration (years, not days), an unvaccinated control group (“placebo” must be truly inactive such as saline, not the adjuvant or everything-but-the-intended-antigen), and consideration of all adverse health events (including neurodevelopment disorders).

Vaccines are necessarily risky, as recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court and by Congress.

You can read the rest @

In other words, the assertion that "vaccines are safe" is at best an unproven claim and at worst an outright lie.

What is wrong with naturally acquired immunity? That seems to be what the vaccine maniacs are trying to prevent.

The Missing Trillions

Here is a timely item from Global Research:

Dr. Mark Skidmore of Michigan State University joins us to discuss his research with Catherine Austin Fitts into the $21 trillion in unaccounted transactions on the books of the US Department of Defence and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

We discuss what we know and don’t know about the subject, the Pentagon’s nonsensical and inadequate excuses for the debacle, the new accounting guideline that legally allows every department of the federal government to create fake and altered books for public consumption, the recent failed Pentagon audit, the government’s refusal to provide any information about the problem, the failure of congress to pursue the issue, and the failure of the press to report on it.

You can read the rest and watch the video @

Not only is it important in light of the size of the federal deficit, but it's also timely in that "our" government and MSM are persecuting Assange and Manning at the same time this apparent monstrous embezzlement is being covered up and ignored.

The National Emergency Scam

This report claims that US national emergencies are mostly scams:

Note well that few people recognize the 9/11 national emergency for what it is - the MOTHER OF ALL SCAMS, which continues to this day. Yet as soon as Trump decided to repel the invasion across our southern border the naysayers came out in force to thwart him. How dare he assert US sovereignty? He should limit himself to fighting imaginary terrorists and those evil Russkies.

America, I weep for you. You don't have a clue what's in your best interest.

Is Austin The New Iowa ???

According to this report, presidential hopefuls for the 2020 election are flocking to the SXSW festival in Austin, TX:

Unbeknownst to most people in the US, Austin isn't really part of Texas, so it very well may have turned into Iowa. Texas is (or at least used to be) down-home, gun-toting, God-fearing America, while Austin has always been a godless Communist country where cops shoot unarmed people in the back.

So let the hopefuls come to SXSW. And make damn sure they get on NPR.

Is NPR A CIA Front ???

According to this report, National Public Radio (NPR) has published satellite images of North Korea as part of another "the sky is falling" exposé:

Here is a link to the NPR site if you'd like to see it:

Why is "public radio" so focused on the DRNK, Trump, and all things left-leaning? This is not representative of We the People and our concerns, is it? It sounds more like constant drum-beating for an "intelligence" agency and is suggestive of the crap the CIA does.

I used to listen to "all things considered" many years ago, until I recognized that it was all things considered from the same narrow point of view - a liberal, America hating one.

Chelsea Manning - A REAL American Hero

Chelsea Manning is back in jail:

Most of us regard our military men and women as heroes, especially those who make the ultimate sacrifice. And so they are.

But people like Assange, Manning, and those who reveal the lies and the crimes of our rulers ALSO are heroes, and they deserve our recognition and support, too.

Take note that Trump's so-called supporters all ratted him out when threatened with jail time. I'd be willing to bet Manning will do no such thing to Assange. And that is TRUE loyalty.

The Cult Of Michelle

According to reports like this one, Michelle Obama ad-Dajjal now has "rock star" status:

As far as I know, she has no particular skills which would make her a good president. Do you know of any?

Frankly, we don't need another celebrity in the White House. We would do well to heed Rep. Ilhan Omar's warning:

"We don’t want anybody to get away with murder because they are polished. We want to recognize the actual policies that are behind the pretty face and the smile."

At this point, I don't think ANYONE has a clue what her policies might be.

And by the way, this is supposed to be a republic ... NOT a monarchy in which the rich and famous and their relatives rule us in perpetuity. We need term limits, a no relatives policy, and a firm no revolving door policy.

Plundering Africa

According to AFRICOM, terrorists in Africa do not threaten the US:

So why do we have troops and bases on the continent, if not to facilitate our plundering of Africa's resources? One could argue we're there to counter China, but China is not a threat to us, either. Not a MILITARY threat anyway.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Darkness In VZ

How can the nation with the largest oil reserves in the world be poor and without electricity?

If your answer is "socialism", keep in mind that Saudi Arabia (the country with the second largest oil reserves) has roughly the same population as VZ and the Saudis more or less pay their people to sit around and do nothing. In other words, they also are socialist, after a fashion.

No, the difference is the Saudis play ball with Western bankers and corporate CEOs (i.e., moneychangers and thugs), while the people of VZ do not. They're broke and sitting in the dark because of what we did to them (or rather, what our brutal overlords did).

Death Of A Nation

First the Dems decided we didn't have to enforce our borders.

Now they want to let illegals vote:

The USA as we knew it soon will be dead.

What will replace it? It doesn't really matter, because whatever it becomes will never again be the shining city upon a hill envisaged by The Founders. And you cowards let it go without even firing a shot.

Pitiful !!!

Is Sara Evil ???

Following the theme of how she is presented by the media, [Sara] Netanyahu said that the press presents her as "the essence of evil" and complained that "nobody has ever bothered to examine the life I led before I met Benjamin Netanyahu."

You can read the rest @

Sorry for the error, Sara.

Correction - You are not the essence of evil. You are the WIFE of the essence of evil.

Are you happy now?

Finally - Reality In Politics

As she saw it, the party ostensibly committed to progressive values had become complicit in perpetuating the status quo. Omar says the “hope and change” offered by Barack Obama was a mirage. Recalling the “caging of kids” at the U.S.-Mexico border and the “droning of countries around the world” on Obama’s watch, she argues that the Democratic president operated within the same fundamentally broken framework as his Republican successor.

“We can’t be only upset with Trump. … His policies are bad, but many of the people who came before him also had really bad policies. They just were more polished than he was,” Omar says. “And that’s not what we should be looking for anymore. We don’t want anybody to get away with murder because they are polished. We want to recognize the actual policies that are behind the pretty face and the smile.”

You can read the rest @

You hear that Nancy, Hillary, and all the rest of you phonies and liars?

We the People want REAL change, including a government which ACTUALLY gives a damn about us. And we don't want any more murderers in the White House.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Security - From Whom ???

Apparently Uncle Sam and his minions don't want to protect our border with Mexico, but spying on native Americans is a priority:

Face it - those who will not submit will ALWAYS be considered enemies of the US.

Also face the inevitability of the US and Mexico ultimately merging into a single political entity, perhaps also with Canada. Don't believe it? Stick around, you'll see.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Matriarchy Comes To Switzerland

You can find evidence of it here: [translation required]

Would any of this have happened without the Internet? I doubt it.

The Donald And Mueller Show

Just saw this gem on today's "Debt Rattle":

So ... CNN helps Mueller arrest one of the patsies, Amazon gets the book deal, Dershowitz writes the intro ... but who gets the movie rights?

This ain't just a witch hunt - it's an extravaganza which undoubtedly will lead to the show trial of the century.

Nixon got to walk, but only because by that time he was a nobody. Trump, on the other hand, is trying to do what Abe Lincoln and JFK were killed for - he's going to open the first seal of the scroll (see Revelation 6:1-2).

That's a big no-no, unless you're the real deal. If you don't believe me, just ask David Koresh.

The revolution will not be televised, but apparently the End Times will, perhaps on Netflix:

Dividing Jerusalem ???

A senior reporter for the Al Riyadh, one of Saudi Arabia's most prominent newspapers, claimed that the US President Donald Trump's "Deal of the Century" will divide Jerusalem.

The reporter Hadeel Oueis wrote on her twitter account that "The Old City of Jerusalem will be divided in half: the Arab and Christian quarters will go to the PA [Palestinian Authority], while the Jewish and Armenian quarters will fall under Israeli control."

You can read the rest @

Does that remind you of this prophecy?

And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.
But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.
Revelation 11:1-2 KJV

Doesn't it seem like Trump and Kushner are driving the world toward fulfillment of the End Times prophecies? That would make one or both of them "the beast", "the false prophet", or something like that, right? Perhaps THAT is why the wicked of the earth (e.g., the Democrats in Congress) are persecuting them.

I know most of you may not believe such things, but any time someone messes with Jerusalem we ought to sit up and take notice. This city has strong ties to everything in both the real and spiritual realms.

Rabbis Support Ilhan Omar

Read this Facebook post, and you should realize that Rep. Ilhan Omar has done nothing wrong:

In fact, it's the rest of "our" Congress that is screwed up. They need to read the constitution they all take an oath to support:

US Constitution, Article VI, Section 3
... no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

NO ONE in this country should be legally compelled to bow down to Israel, and NO ONE should be censured or punished for failing to do so.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The Pledge

You can learn about it here:

If this is true, how can it be?

US Constitution, Article VI, Section 3
... no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

Quite frankly, this alleged practice borders on treason ... and it definitely is interference in our electoral process.

Quote For The Day - 3/5/2019

"War is not peace, freedom is not slavery, ignorance is not strength."
John Pilger

Are Most Of Our Kids Now Pro-Vax ???

Here is a report about teens who defy their parents to get vaccinated:

I truly am in favor of allowing people the right to give their informed consent prior to being vaccinated, circumcised (male and female), or undergoing other such irreversible procedures.

But can a minor (or even an infant) legally give "informed" consent? I don't think so. For certain things, we have to rely on someone to give the OK, and hopefully they will know what they are doing.

Here is a question for you - has anyone done a survey to determine if children with autism spectrum disorder are PRO-vax or ANTI-vax? Do THEY think vaccination is a good idea? Shouldn't their opinion matter more than yours or mine?

We're Not Recycling

China has been doing our recycling for us, but no more. You can read about it here:

It will be to EVERYONE's benefit when the US "way of life" is no more. We MUST become more responsible for what we do. Just as G-d did not want us to kill the Indians, He also did not want us to trash this planet.

World's Saddest Elephant Dies

You can read about it here:

This sort of nonsensical confinement of intelligent creatures solely for human enjoyment clearly demonstrates how cruel and callous we are.

Set them free, and leave them alone.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Entering The End Times ???

According to many Christians, a key precondition for the return of Jesus is the existence of a Jewish temple in Jerusalem.

Here is evidence that such a thing may soon come to pass:

And YES, this has all been (and continues to be) a religious war. The Palestinians have been played for fools (which they apparently are) AND abandoned by the rest of the Muslim ummah (especially the Saudis).

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Mining The Moon

Here is an interesting report which explains the real reason we're going back to the moon - to make rich people even richer:

There is no such thing as "waste-free nuclear energy". Fusion will indeed generate nuclear waste - LOTS of nuclear waste. It's the "too cheap to meter" scam all over again. But someone will indeed get stinking rich from it.

By the way, note the claim all this effort will only power our energy needs for "maybe" five centuries. Is it even worth doing, when solar energy could power our needs more or less forever?

Generation Zapped

Check this out - smartphones are dangerous:

This all reminds me of what big tobacco did when they apparently ignored the known health impact of cigarettes. Someday the manufacturers of cell phones will be sued big time, and they will lose.

Yes, It Really Is A War On Islam

For months, Israel has been assiduously lining itself up alongside India’s nationalist BJP government in an unspoken – and politically dangerous – “anti-Islamist” coalition, an unofficial, unacknowledged alliance, while India itself has now become the largest weapons market for the Israeli arms trade.

Not by chance, therefore, has the Indian press just trumpeted the fact that Israeli-made Rafael Spice-2000 “smart bombs” were used by the Indian air force in its strike against Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) “terrorists” inside Pakistan.

It's one thing to fight "terrorism", but it's quite another to goad two nuclear powers into attacking each other. What is Israel actually doing here?

Clearly, they have an overall anti-Islam strategy. It may be good for them, but is it good for us?

By the way, I just finished watching the movie "Triple 9", and it must have clouded my judgment about the Israelis.

Friday, March 1, 2019

US Army Steals ISIS Gold

You can read about it here:

I don't know to whom this gold belongs, but I'm fairly certain it does not belong to the USA.

What Kind Of Country Shoots Children ???

Israel, of course. Here are some details:

Israel is furious at the UN Human Rights Council most of the time, but they are particularly furious whenever the body offers a report, as Israel tends to violate a lot of human rights. In this case, the council has announced an “independent inquiry” into the protests at the Gaza border.

Every Friday, for months now, Palestinian protesters have rallied near the Gaza border to protest the Israeli blockade. Every Friday, Israel shoots a large number of people. The investigation ruled that there are “reasonable grounds” to believe Israel violated international law. 

The report noted that 154 out of 183 people killed by Israel in that time were entirely unarmed. They noted Israel had repeatedly, deliberately shot children and journalists, as well as disabled protesters. International law, needless to say, frowns upon those sorts of deliberate killings. 

While Israeli officials reacted with typical fury, it is noteworthy that they didn’t deny any of the content of the report. Instead, Acting Foreign Minister Israel Katz argued Israel has a “right of self-defense and the obligation to defend its citizens and borders.” In essence, he is arguing that Israel had an obligation to shoot those unarmed children.

You can read the rest @

This is not unlike what the US did to native Americans - killed them all, including women and children. Especially women and children, because after all "nits make lice".

The worst people are those who think G-d wants them to kill somebody. And I don't believe we should support such people in ANY way. Do you?