Sunday, February 19, 2017

Why Isn't US Fighting Terrorism ???

Here is a brilliant analysis of our failure to ACTUALLY fight terrorism:

It is often said that states like Russia, Syria and Iran exist as natural allies to the United States and Europe in the fight against terrorism. And that would be true if not for the fact that said terrorism is actually a deliberate product of US-European foreign policy. Were the West to truly wage a war on terrorism, it would already be deeply cooperating with these nations on the front line against groups like Al Qaeda and the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

However, terrorism is waged as a means of fighting the West’s proxy wars abroad, and to create divisive, paralyzing hatred, fear and hysteria at home.

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We went from Cold War One to Terror War, and now we're starting to provoke Cold War Two. All of it is a scam cooked up by the "national security state" and its stooges in the CIA.

Dennis Kucinich is right - we MUST resist the deep state's attempt to reignite the Cold War. If we don't, the American Dream is over.

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