Friday, February 24, 2017

Is Malaysia Lying About Kim Jong-nam ???

Can you spot what's wrong with this fairy tale?

The poison used to kill Kim Jong-nam, the half brother of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, was VX nerve agent, which is listed as a chemical weapon, the Malaysian police announced Friday.

In a brief statement, Khalid Abu Bakar, the national police chief, said the substance was listed as a chemical weapon under the Chemical Weapons Conventions of 1997 and 2005, to which North Korea is not a party.

South Korea has suggested that the killing was the work of the North Korean government. The revelation that a banned weapon was used in such a high-profile killing raises the stakes over how Malaysia and the international community will respond.

VX nerve agent can be delivered in two compounds that are mixed at the last moment to create a lethal dose. The police say that two women approached Mr. Kim at the airport with the poison on their hands and rubbed it on his face one after the other.

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For this to be true, the second woman who "rubbed it on his face" would be dead, since she then also would have had VX on her skin. And she would have died just as quickly as he did. Where is her body?

In addition, since North Korea was a client state of the USSR, it is likely they used the Soviet chemical weapon called Substance 33, which is an analog of VX, and not VX itself.

For these reasons, especially the first, I think this Malaysian assassination story is BS.

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  1. Here is an essay which echoes my observations about the impossibility of using VX in the manner alleged by Malaysia: