Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Here Is Why The Nazis Were Able To Succeed

Yesterday I watched the 2013 movie Closed Circuit. Yes, I'm a bit behind in my movie watching.


The plot involves a terror attack in the UK which is blamed on a sleeper cell. The surviving member of the cell is on trial for the attack which killed over 100 people.

It eventually becomes evident that MI-5 (more or less the UK equivalent of the FBI) was somehow involved. We are left with the impression that MI-5 was monitoring the terrorists and intended to stop the attack at the last minute but somehow failed to do so.

Does that sound familiar? Like maybe this is exactly what we are being told over and over again about such attacks in the US? Every time, the government knew about the "terrorists", but somehow failed to stop them.

It is worthy of note that neither in this movie nor in "real life" is anyone of note suggesting that MI-5, the FBI, or another of the so-called "intelligence" agencies themselves are BEHIND the attacks; i.e., they didn't just fail to stop them at the last minute - they wanted all along for the attacks to succeed. Anyone who suggests THAT is branded as a nutjob conspiracy theorist and slandered by the MSM.

And that brings me to the title of this blog post. The Nazis were able to succeed because they controlled the newspapers, the radio stations, the local police, and the federal police. They were able to dictate what people got to see, hear, and read, and that ability allowed the Nazis to cover up their crimes until the entire world was engulfed in flames. And the German people who might have prevented that either failed to speak up, or allowed those who did to be intimidated or killed.

Something similar is happening here. The US deep state controls the MSM, the police, the sheriffs, CIA, FBI, NSA, and most means of communication. They are able to control what we believe to be "the truth" even more effectively than were the Nazis in their day.

The purpose of the MSM is not to inform, it is to prevent and/or deflect criticism of the government and its actions. Its goal is to make certain that all you little Nazis keep goose stepping in line and attacking anyone who doesn't believe the official story of what is going on.

And that is the only possible explanation why following attack after so-called attack no one of note in the US is even suggesting that it's all an inside job.

Once a nation stops questioning and countering its leaders' obvious criminality, anything can happen ... including a resurgence of Nazism.

And by the way, in this context it is NOT President Trump who is the Nazi ... it is his opponents. If you don't see that, you don't understand Nazism at all.

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