Thursday, February 23, 2017

Will The REAL Shadow President Please Stand Up ???

Many claims have been made in the recent past that we now have a "shadow president" in opposition to Trump.

#1 of course is Hillary Clinton, who just cannot believe she lost the election, and who is working hard to ensure the future is female.

#2 is VP Mike Pence, who appears to have been instrumental in the firing of General Flynn.

#3 is Obama ad-Dajjal, who has promised to do whatever he can to destroy the US. You can watch a great video about his anti-American crusade here:

#4 is Senator John McCain, who now appears to be conducting his own foreign policy and maybe even his own wars. You can read about it here:

Not long ago, if you recall, several US senators were roundly condemned for sending a letter to Iran about the nuclear deal made by Obama ad-Dajjal. You can read about it here:

Q: Why were the senators condemned for interfering with the president, while #1, #2, #3, and #4 above now are getting off scot-free?

A: Because the US deep state didn't want the Iran deal, but they do want President Trump overthrown.

We don't live in a democracy or a republic. This is an oligarchy bordering on a mafiocracy, with a multitude of shadow and wannabee presidents lurking in the wings. My guess is that when the dust settles, it will be Pence running the show (at the end of a very short leash).

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