Friday, February 10, 2017

Whose March Is This ???

Here are the observations of Barbara MacLean:

As I looked at the photos of women’s marches in Washington DC, San Francisco and all over the world on January 21, I was struck by one thing. Whiteness. The marchers were predominantly white - even in places like Nairobi. Not only were they white, they looked like they were upper middle class - able to afford the finest warm clothes and designer outfits, down jackets, sporting iPhones to record themselves. When interviewed they appeared to be educated and articulate.

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As you burrow down into her essay, you will realize the marchers are working to form an alternative presidency to run our country - one headed by Hillary Clinton and funded by George Soros.

If that's what you want, good for you. Personally, I believe that neither Trump nor Clinton has the best interests of We The People in mind as they craft and implement their dueling agendas.

No matter what the outcome, this will not have a happy ending.

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