Friday, February 10, 2017

Europe Joins The War On Cash

In the shadow of Donald Trump’s spree of controversial actions, the European commission has quietly launched the next offensive in the war on cash. These unelected bureaucrats have boldly asserted their intention to crack down on paper transactions across the E.U. and solidify a trend that has been gaining momentum for years.

The financial uncertainty amplified by Brexit has incentivized governments throughout Europe to seize further control over their banking systems. France and Spain have already criminalized cash transactions above a certain limit, but now the commission has unilaterally established new regulations that will affect the entire union. The fear of physical money flowing out of the trade bloc has manifested a draconian response from the State.

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This is wrong headed from the get-go. Instead of a war on cash held by We The People, sovereign governments instead should be going after transnational capitalism, which moves money created by sovereign states across borders without penalty. THAT is what has enabled the destruction of our national economies. You can read about it here:

But they probably will not, since "our" elected officials all really work for the oligarchs, bankgangsters, and corporate CEOs of the transnational capitalist class and not for us.

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