Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Trump's Swedish Clairvoyance

President Trump was roundly criticized for making what appeared to be false claims about Sweden.

However, his claims did come true ... but later than he predicted:

So, we need to ask different questions about this event:

  • Is he clairvoyant?
  • Or were the Swedes totally unaware of what was happening in their own country?
  • Or was the event "engineered" after the fact so as to make Trump appear to be right?

This entire episode is very strange, and it seems to support Trump's claim that the MSM isn't reporting the facts and/or is interpreting them incorrectly.


  1. After all, the MSM believes their job is to “actually control exactly what people think.” If they no longer can do that, then they have no purpose, right?

  2. Watch this video, and consider what it signifies (assuming it is accurate):