Saturday, July 23, 2016

Which Candidate Do US Soldiers Prefer ???

Now here is a surprise (at least for me):

Popular online military personality, Doctrine Man, conducted a poll among troops to determine which presidential candidate they support most - and the results are nothing short of remarkable.

Instead of pledging allegiance to the candidate with the most experience sending troops to war, Doctrine Man’s poll showed that Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate - whose “skeptic” foreign policy outlook makes him favor nonintervention over other more popular approaches - is the number one candidate of the active soldier.

The survey, which was not a scientific poll and lacked a margin of error, found Johnson had 38.7 percent of the votes while the Republican nominee Donald Trump earned 30.9 percent. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton got 14.1 percent, The Hill summarized.

According to The Hill, this poll is important because “it provides a snapshot of the preferences of about 3,500 active duty, reservists, retired and former members of the military and their family members, 95.7 percent of which were registered voters.”

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Unfortunately, Mr. Johnson is extremely unlikely to be our next President. So sorry.

Why All The Mass Shootings ???

Once seemingly confined to the US, the phenomenon of mass shootings is spreading to Europe. Here is another example:

What was initially said to be a coordinated attack killing 9 and wounding 27, involving up to three gunmen has since been attributed to a lone, 18-year-old German-born male student with both German and Iranian citizenship, identified moments ago as David Ali Sonboly. As authorities try to piece together the motive behind the latest mass killing, the third one in Europe in the past 9 days, and one which targeted mostly other young people, the emerging picture is that of a mentally disturbed young man with an obssession for killing sprees, and who had undergone psychiatric treatment.

German ARD said that there are "no indications" so far that the gunman was motivated by religious or political views.

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Not long ago the American Academy of Pediatrics warned that exposure to images of violence was dangerous to our children's mental health:

But others, including the video gaming industry, claim there is no connection between virtual violence and real world violence:

You've got to be kidding !!!

We're immersed in images of violence almost from the day we are born. And the depravity of the media which collectively form the links in our children's minds seems to get worse and worse every day.

Are we really going to accept the claim there is no connection? If we accept the scientific explanation that the media does not cause violent behavior, then what are we left with - "shit happens"?

By the way, don't blame this on guns. Norway and Germany have nowhere near the number of guns as in the US, but they do have the same violent imagery on TV, the Internet, and video games, don't they?

Israelis Partnering With Muslims ???

Here is an unexpected development - Israelis and Muslims working together:

Foreign Ministry Director General Dore Gold visited Chad last week as part of Israel’s push to establish ties with that majority Muslim African State, which is on the front line of the battle against Islamic extremists.

“Chad is a central state on the African continent. It is a Muslim nation that speaks Arabic and which is struggling against radical Islamic terrorism,” the Foreign Ministry said on Friday as it spoke about Gold’s trip.

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I wrote about Israel's move into Africa a couple of weeks ago. You can read what I said here:

The US is really missing the boat here. The nations of the world appear to be condensing into three major blocks:

*The BRICS, with or without Europe

*The Israeli sphere of influence, which is spreading across the Middle East and into Africa

*The US Empire, which seeks to control everything but which is getting squeezed out everywhere

We should have known the Israelis were doing us no favors when they encouraged us to start a "war on terror" which is really a "war on Islam". Now that they have driven a firm wedge between us and most Muslim nations, they are sticking a knife deep in our backs by befriending those very nations, bribing their leaders with the lavish sums of money we gave them. How stupid can we be?

Like Rome before it, the US Empire cannot survive without the tribute of nations it controls. When the BRICS and Israel shut us off from most of the world, the US Empire will collapse from the weight of its unsustainable debt.

Thank you, Dubya. Thank you, Obama ad-Dajjal. Thank you, Hillary.

Warrantless Searches For Political Activists ???

The US descends further into the abyss of political repression:

FBI ‘No Knock, No Warrant’ Raid On Activists During RNC

On the morning of the third day of the Republican National Convention several activists were the victims of a no-knock, warrantless house raid conducted by the FBI, DHS, and local police.


FBI spokeswoman Vicki Anderson said law enforcement went to the house Wednesday morning because those inside were suspected of causing issues this week in Public Square in downtown Cleveland. Namely, agents believe the group threw bottles of urine at police officers, Anderson said.A spokesman for Elyria police also confirmed that its officers joined the FBI at the Lake Avenue house shortly after 7:40 a.m. He did not have any further details.

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If "causing issues" and "throwing bottles of urine" are crimes, then why didn't the authorities get an arrest warrant? Was the "War on Terror" used as a pretext to treat these US citizens the same way our government treats ISIS? If so, this is an astonishing development.

It really does not matter who wins the upcoming election. We The People are screwed no matter what.

Should US Leave NATO ???

Trump has been criticized for his comments about NATO, but is US membership in that organization still a good thing (assuming it ever was)?

There are a number of reasons why Americans should want a Nexit [i.e., exit from NATO].

NATO is obsolete. The collapse of the Soviet Union, the deposing of the communist governments of Eastern Europe, the destruction of the Berlin Wall, and the disbanding of the Warsaw Pact have rendered NATO obsolete.

NATO is an unnecessary expense. The United States pays nearly three-fourths of NATO’s budget. The countries of Europe are quite capable of paying for their own security, and should be doing so.

NATO is an entangling alliance. It is, in fact, the quintessential entangling alliance warned against by the Founding Fathers. George Washington famously wrote in his Farewell Address, “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.” And in his First Inaugural Address, Thomas Jefferson, in describing “the essential principles of our government,” made this notable foreign-policy statement, “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.”

NATO unadvisedly links the United States with Europe. None other than Jefferson advised against this:

"I am decidedly of opinion we should take no part in European quarrels, but cultivate peace and commerce with all ..."


"I am not for linking ourselves by new treaties with the quarrels of Europe, entering that field of slaughter to preserve their balance, or joining in the confederacy of kings to war against the principles of liberty."

NATO does not exist for the defense of the United States. It is not like America’s having a treaty with Canada and Mexico to unite in the defense of North America in the event of an attack. The purpose of NATO has always been for the United States to come to the aid of Europe, again. One NATO member country, Iceland, doesn’t even have an army.

NATO is not the best way to defend the United States. The United States has been gifted with a natural national defense of two great oceans. No great power in history has had such favorable geography. Jefferson recognized this: “The insulated state in which nature has placed the American continent, should so far avail it that no spark of war kindled in the other quarters of the globe should be wafted across the wide oceans which separate us from them.” Favorable geography and a Jeffersonian foreign policy of peace, commerce, and neutrality are the best means to defense.

NATO could needlessly cost Americans the lives of their sons and daughters. As a member of NATO, the United States could be drawn into a bloody war over an incident between Russia and Estonia. Many Americans probably don’t know where Estonia is or even that it is a country.

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The current main purpose of NATO appears to be saber rattling against Russia. The world would be much safer if Europe and Russia worked together for their mutual benefit and stopped being a US puppet and enemy, respectively.

To paraphrase the Bible (Mark 8:36):

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and cover it with clouds of deadly radioactivity?

Friday, July 22, 2016

How Divided Are We ???

Professor James Petras spells it out in this essay:

The constitutional order of the US, such as it exists, faces a profound crisis of legitimacy, rooted in the multi polarity of US society. The US is divided among (1) a deeply entrenched police – judicial – presidential state against civil society organized in community based Afro-American, Hispanic and disinherited workers; (2) a corrupt Federal police, Justice, State Department and Presidential Office against a constitutional legal system upheld by the vast majority of citizens; and (3) a rigged Presidential electoral system against the consent and approval of the majority of the electorate.

The divisions in US society go far beyond the ‘opinions’ expressed in polls and surveys.

The polarization has found expression in mass street protests, ‘rejectionist’ votes and violent assaults. Are they heading toward a national uprising? Public officials describe the situation as ‘a powder keg on the verge of exploding’.

& & & & & & & &

A ‘charismatic leader’ could emerge and bridge the different constituencies – downwardly mobile workers, militant blacks and politically disenfranchised activists may merge at some point around such a leader. But unless ‘the leader’ is harnessed to a powerful organized movement and directed by activist communities the threat of betrayal remains a real possibility.

We live in a time when the existing system is rotten and collapsing and when mass disaffection is growing. However, this is also a period when the ‘alternatives’ appear remote and intangible.

What is abundantly clear is that mere collapse and decay will not by itself bring about a mass popular rebellion to build a just society.

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"Charismatic leader" = a Hitler and/or an Antichrist. I don't think we want either.

Obama ad-Dajjal was a "charismatic leader" and look at the mess he is leaving us.

War On ISIS Is A Financial Black Hole

Here is a report which shows how foolish we have been to accept the stupidity and incompetence of Obama ad-Dajjal and his minions:

US Has Spent $11.5 Million A Day For Past 542 Days Straight In Fight Against ISIS

After two years of bombing, the U.S. recently marked a horrendous milestone in a war with no clear end in sight.

Vocativ reported that the American-led coalition in the Middle East has now dropped 50,000 bombs in the ongoing campaign against Daesh (an Arabic acronym for the terrorist group commonly known as ISIS or ISIL in the West) that began in August 2014.

The analysis noted that bombing has increased with time, peaking in June when coalition forces dropped 3,167 bombs on Iraq and Syria.

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The only "return" we got from this "investment" was that now we and our allies are on the ISIS target list. How stupid can we be?