Monday, November 18, 2019

Should Israel Remain Above The Law ???

Here is a discussion of pending action at the ICC:

I say "stick it to 'em". I see no reason to exempt Israel from international law.

If G-d wants to protect them, He will. But that is an issue which has no place in the courtroom ... or the halls of Congress.

5G Quote For The Day

Ronald Powell, Ph.D., a retired Harvard scientist of applied physics, notes “there is NO SAFE WAY to implement 5G in our communities; rather, there are only ‘bad ways’ and ‘worse ways,’” and rather than argue about who should have control over its deployment, we should focus on preventing its employment altogether.

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But for some reason, "your" government doesn't seem to care about this. Why is that?

Iraq - Liberated Or Plundered ???

Here is Eric Margolis' description of what we have done to Iraq:

Where did the money go? Probably to that sinkhole known as the Pentagon and the mafia which lives there.

Anyone who admires our military ought to ask themselves why our "honorable" officers are tolerating what is being done to Iraq.

Or to us, for that matter.

By the way, I'm a former military officer. I think I have earned the right to question what they are doing ... and NOT doing.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Is Prince Andrew Lying ???

According to Epstein pal Prince Andrew of the UK, he did not molest children ... and photo evidence suggesting he did is fake:

Is he telling the truth? I have no idea.

But we ought to think about this in light of his family's history, specifically the claims made by children in Canada's residential Indian schools. According to testimony compiled by Kevin Annett, several Indian children disappeared in the wake of a visit by Andrew's mother (Elizabeth Windsor) and were never seen again:

Is Annett lying, or mistaken? He had no motivation to lie, and he has suffered mightily because of his revelations (defrocked, divorced, and separated from his family). Will Prince Andrew suffer if he has lied? Will Bill Clinton? Will any of Epstein's many friends and clients? I doubt it.

Not only are the rich above the law, they ARE the law. We will NEVER be able to hold them accountable.

Will We Eat The Rich ???

According to the following essay, "shaking down the rich" is bad for democracy:

However, it has been exhaustively documented that the rich themselves are bad for democracy, and always have been:

So, while we probably won't actually "eat the rich", it's clear we must do something to stop them. Right?

Unfortunately, some observers even question whether We the People are capable of doing anything to stop the rich:

Keep in mind the so-called American Revolution was inspired by the rich of the day. Although We the People (as always) furnished the cannon fodder for the conflict, I think it was more or less a child of the ruling class. We followed their lead then, and we'll follow it now. We're too ensnared in their mind fuck to do anything else.

And what the rich want now is for the USA to be brought to its knees so we can crawl into their New World Order as a cowering herd of supplicants.

The rich have no intention of losing this war, and the one percenters and the rest of the collaborative class have enough skill and clout to ensure they don't.

Notable Quotable

"US dollar will collapse soon."Vladimir Putin

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And nothing the US Congress is doing or can do will change that.

At least the dying Roman Empire gave its citizens bread and circuses. All we're getting is circuses.

Price Tag For The War On Terror

According to this new study, the GWOT has cost $6.4 trillion and caused the loss of 801K lives:

Not to mention the nearly complete destruction of whatever remained of the former USA.