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Foreknowledge Of 9/11 ???

Here's one you may not have heard:

A key contingent of the staff of BNY Mellon was scheduled to receive training in one of the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001. The training was cancelled at the last minute, which saved them from the catastrophe.

Don't ask me how I know.

Here's What Banks And Corporations Want

“We would rather deal with corrupt but obedient leaders, than honest ones with ideas of sovereignty.”

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This is clearly the case in Greece and the US, and it's probably the same everywhere in the world.

Except perhaps in the BRICS. We'll soon find out.

Zero For 40 At Predicting Terror Attacks

Here’s a selection of previous FBI and DHS “terror warnings” over the past 14 years, not a single one of which actually predicted or foiled a terror attack:
  • October 2001: “Potential use of chemical/biological and/or radiological/nuclear weapons“
  • November 2001: California bridges
  • February 2002: “Hollywood studios”
  • May 2002: Statue of Liberty
  • June 2002: “Around the Fourth of July holiday”
  • July 2002: Stadiums
  • August 2002: “Landmarks”
  • October 2002: “AQ to attack Amtrak”
  • November 2002: “Spectacular Al Qaeda attacks”
  • February 2003: “Apartments, hotels, sports arenas and amusement parks“
  • May 2003: “Possibility of multiple attacks”
  • May 2004: “Attempt to affect the outcome” of presidential election
  • July 2004: “Military facilities and large gatherings” on July 4th
  • August 2004: VA hospitals
  • January 2005: Dirty bomb
  • March 2005: US/Mexican border
  • October 2005: NYC & Baltimore subways
  • March 2006: “Sporting events”
  • June 2007: Colleges
  • December 2007: “Shopping malls in Chicago and LA”
  • November 2008: “Al Qaeda to attack transit during Thanksgiving”
  • November 2010: Mass transit in New York City
  • October 2011: “Americans in Europe” facing “commando-style AQ attack”
  • February 2011: “Financial institutions”
  • May 2011: “Threats of retaliation”
  • June 2011: Al Qaeda “hit list”
  • July 2011: “Private jets of executives” involved in drone manufacturing
  • September 2011: “Small planes”
  • September 2011: “New York City or Washington around…10th anniversary of 9/11”
  • September 2011: Airports
  • March 2012: “Terrorist hacking”
  • August 2012: Anarchists blowing up bridge during Tampa RNC
  • September 2012: “Islamic violence over movie”
  • August 2013: “San Fransisco on high alert”
  • November 2013: “cyber attacks”
  • April 2014: “College students abroad”
  • December 2014: ISIS targeting Mississippi River bridge
  • December 2014: ISIS “sabotaging US military personnel” over social media
  • April 2015: ISIS targeting “parts of California”
  • May 2015: ISIS targeting “military bases”

A casual search reveals the FBI and DHS are a pitiful 0 for 40 warning of terror attacks—some of which were specifically about 4th of July threats, none of which materialized in any way. This should not be considered a comprehensive list of all threat warnings transmitted by media; I tried to narrow the scope to warnings that were at least in some way specific.

The actual terror attacks carried out on US soil—the Times Square bomber, “Underwear bomber,” Boston bombing and Garland attacks—were accompanied by no such warnings. (Nor were the often deadlier terrorist attacks by right-wing white terrorists–but terrorism in this category is rarely if ever the subject of FBI warnings.)

So why, a rational person may ask, does the media keeps repeating them if they’re wrong 100 percent of the time?

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Why indeed?

This sort of record also applies to the instances in which we have "gone to war" or attacked other sovereign nations. The number of them which have been an actual threat to the United States is at or near zero.

Greece And Credit-Default Swaps

A funny thing happened on the way to the Greek bailout: Credit-default swaps involving Greek debt—the same kind of financial instruments that triggered the 2008 fiscal cataclysm—were set aside, once again protecting big financial institutions from their own irresponsibility. 

As the negotiations over the write-down of Greek debt unfolded, one of the critical questions that seemed to be hovering over the markets was: Who bought credit-default swaps on Greek debt, and who would owe big sums to cover the CDS obligations if there were a default. Remember that back in the housing crisis of 2008, it was largely the inability of AIG to make payment on the credit-default swaps it had sold that triggered the cascade of incipient failures that required enormous government intervention. Remember the $182 billion investment taxpayers made in AIG—$12.9 billion of which went straight to Goldman Sachs?

In Greece, any such problem was magicked away. A special committee that governs credit-default swaps got together and said: The Greek bailout—a write down of 50 percent of the value of Greek debt—is voluntary and thus does not trigger the contractual terms of credit-default swaps. That means the companies that sold the CDSes will not have to cover the losses they had insured—the decline in value of the Greek bonds. Who votes on this committee?  This will shock you: the very banks that issue, and often purchase, the CDS’s at issue: Goldman, JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, UBS. No government entity at all. Just the same players who have an enormous interest in whether or not the CDS obligations are enforced.  And this special committee votes in secret, with no public accountability.

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I don't pretend to understand the financial shenanigans which have been going on here. What I do know is that the main actors are the very same "persons" who are destroying the US economy. I expect to see much more of this kind of thing once TPP, TTIP, TISA, and similar traitorous treaties become law.

Update: Here is who owns Greece's debt:

Friday, July 3, 2015

Crying Greek Pensioner

You'll soon see plenty of these in the US, too.

They've actually been around for a long time, but to the MSM and most Americans they have so far been invisible.

Is Egypt On Brink Of Civil War ???

In the last few days there were dozens of separate attacks in Egypt from the Sinai up to Cairo. Probably more than 60 people died while the Egyptian army used F16 attack planes to protect itself against it disgruntled population. It is clear that the Egyptian rulers will not be able to contain the current situation, today could be marked as the start of Egypt’s civil war.

Democratic elected governments were violently overthrown, in Algeria, Egypt and  Palestinian territories. In Algeria the FIS  had won the first held elections with a convincing majority in 1990 and 1992. It has been removed from power in 1992 by a coup d’etat that was highly approved by the West. Probably 150.000 people died in the civil war that followed these events up.

HAMAS winning the 2006 elections in the Palestinian territories resulted in a war among Palestinians and ended up with a split of Gaza and the West Bank

In 2011 Morsi, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood won the first free elections in Egypt.

In 2013 the first elected president of Egypt was removed by the army. There are clear signs that anti-democratic forces were deliberately destabilizing Egypt before the coup d’etat in 2013. In the running up of the July 3th coup by General Sisi an artificial oil shortages was created that contributed to the mass protest against the elected president of Egypt.

The new army coup was financially supported by the Saudi rulers while the West was mute, the only vocalized opposition came from Turkey’s PM Erdogan.

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Not only is the entire Middle East about to explode in war, but the US has clearly come down on the side of kings and military dictators instead of being on the side of the people of the region. Whether this is due to our blind support of Israel or our own stupidity is irrelevant. Things are about to really get out of hand over there, and there is not much we can do about it.

The US should have listened to JFK, but instead we let someone kill him:

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

His words are a perfect description of the past 70 years of US foreign policy.

POTUS Power Grabs

Want to read about Obama ad-Dajjal's unconstitutional power grabs? You can do so here:

Please think about this before you vote for anyone ever again.