Sunday, April 26, 2015

President Is Lying About TPP

Last Tuesday, President Barack Obama told beltway bullhorn Chris Matthews that Senator Elizabeth Warren was “wrong” about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the largest trade deal in American history, linking United States and Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam in a pervasive and binding treaty. The president was referring to Warren’s claim that the trade treaty will license corporations to sue governments, and her contention that this was, to put it mildly, a bad idea.

Warren isn’t wrong, Obama is. And he knows it. The entire TPP, as understood, is based on a single overarching idea: that regulation must not hinder profiteering. This is a fundamentally anti-democratic concept that—if implemented—would effectively eliminate the power of a demos to make its own law. The final authority on any law’s validity would rest elsewhere, beyond the reach of popular sovereignty. From the TPP point-of-view, democracy is just another barrier to trade, and the corporate forces behind the draft treaty are intent on removing that barrier. Simple as that.

That’s why the entire deal has been negotiated in conclave, deliberately beyond the public purview, since the president and his trade representatives know that exposing the deal to the unforgiving light of popular scrutiny would doom it to failure. That’s why the president, like his mentor President Clinton, has lobbied hard for Trade Promotion Authority, or Fast Track, which reduce the Congressional role in the passage of the bill to a ‘yea’ or ‘nay.’

Obama ad-Dajjal lied about all of these:

  • Closing GTMO
  • Chemical weapons in Syria
  • Everything about the Affordable Care Act
  • Everything about Libya
  • Everything about Ukraine
  • Everything about Yemen

Why then should anyone other than a fool believe what he is saying about TPP?

Obama ad-Dajjal is a nation wrecker, and he has his sights set on wrecking the US, too. Anyone who thinks otherwise is extremely naive.

Patriot Act Used For Domestic Crimes ???

If you recall, we were told that the so-called Patriot Act would only be used against "terrorists". That was a lie:

If no legislation is passed, the Patriot Act provisions would expire. That would affect not only the NSA surveillance but other programs used by the FBI to investigate domestic crimes, which puts considerable pressure on lawmakers to pass some sort of extension.


We don't need no stinking extension. Let's go back to the constitutionally sound methods which were used before 9/11.

We don't need all this spying crap. The FBI instigates most of the "terror plots" anyway, and they can do that without Patriot Act powers. Besides, such powers did nothing to stop the Tsarnaev brothers, even though the FBI had them on a "watch list" which no one was watching.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Unexplained FBI-Tsarnaev-Todashev Connection(s)

This is a great report which asks what connection(s) the FBI had with two Muslim brothers, both of whom were killed by law enforcement or FBI following the BM bombing:

At the very least, the lack of a real investigation and the sham "trial" which just took place will allow such connection(s) to remain unexplained.

Considering how much money is being expended on this kind of stuff, we ought to be getting better results.

Israeli Apartheid In Eleven Images

This picture-essay is well worth your time, even if you don't agree with its claims:

Up is down, black is white, good is bad, war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

Will Gold Once Again Be The World's Currency ???

Here is a timely discussion of what's going on with gold and the world's currencies:

As I have mentioned before, the emerging powers-that-will-be plan to have a gold-backed currency:

There is a mechanism being put into place to destroy the US dollar in the next few years. It has many components, but the primary ones are an alternative oil sales system, a gold-backed trade platform, an international central bank outside of Western control, a framework for diminishing US influence, available natural resources, and a coalition of regional leader nations. Participants have reportedly agreed to prices of $7,500 minimum for gold and $150 for silver [per troy ounce].

And it is really starting to seem like the Saudi attack on US-led petrocurrency mercantilism may be the beginning of the implementation of that plan:

Combine this with the move to implement TPP and TTIP, and we will see a titanic shift in world power in the near future. The US will become unrecognizable.

By the way, JP Morgan has been stockpiling huge amounts of silver. I bet they know what's coming. Do you?

Autism Thought For The Day

No study to date conclusively proves or disproves a causal link between vaccines and autism and - despite the misreporting - none has claimed to do so. Each typically finds either (a) no association or (b) a possible association on a narrow vaccine-autism question. Taken as a whole, the research on both sides serves as a body of evidence.

Killing With Impunity ???

Obama ad-Dajjal's "whack list" is an unaccountable assassination program which is killing more innocent people than "guilty" people:

How is it that this man thinks he can kill anyone he pleases?

And why are the so-called "checks and balances" of the US government not checking and balancing him?

The USA is a failed state, and more evidence of its failure will become apparent in the months to come.