Monday, September 26, 2016

Read This Instead Of Listening To The "Debate"

Global Trade is part of an Imperial Agenda

In turn the TTIP, CETA, TISA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are the building blocks of a global “imperial” trading structure. The NAFTA-Asia Pacific  Trading Block hinges upon the adoption of the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

“Regulatory convergence” is the talking point of global trade negotiations. It has nothing to do with free trade. Quite the opposite: it requires conformity and similarity in the formulation of national rules and provisions, on behalf of powerful multinational conglomerates: regulatory convergence implies “removal of impediments” to trade and investment coupled with homogenous and “friendly” provisions (e.g. austerity measures, curtailment of social programs, the toning down of labor laws, corporate friendly environmental clauses and consumer protection laws, “national treatment” for foreign investors, no subsidies to farmers, etc.)

Needless to say, national sovereignty is seen by Washington as an impediment to “regulatory convergence”.

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In spite of what Hillary says, we are going to get TPP, TTIP, TISA, etc. rammed down our collective throats. The result will be a "global-ready" economy complete with millions of new immigrants and desperate natives willing to work for next to nothing just to make ends meet.

Couple that with legions of trigger-happy police, and the result is a very ugly picture.

Or we could "make America great again", whatever that means.

We're screwed no matter what happens.

The Real Reason Oil Companies Are Going Bankrupt

The real reason energy companies are going bankrupt is more technical.

Reserve base lending for unconventional reservoir projects became a ponzi scheme. This is how it works.

Step 1) An oil company borrows money or issues equity to drill a well.

Step 2) The well “discovers” oil. The reason I put discover in quotations is that the resource (not reserve, there is a difference) potential of shale source rocks has been known for decades.

Step 3) Estimate the resource and reserve potential.
NB: Resource is properly defined as uneconomic at the current price. Reserve is properly defined as economic at the current price.

Step 4) Book the reserve as an asset on the balance sheet as per SEC legislation.

Step 5) Borrow money against the reserve.

Step 6) Drill more wells and book more reserves and borrow more money.

Step 7) Repeat until you cannot repeat again.

This process was not always a Ponzi scheme. Before the mantra of peak oil and the fear the world as running out of oil this practice was done conservatively. But when the idea that world was short of crude supply the thinking became that oil was a one way trade. This gave Wall Street the confidence that lending money against high cost reserves to develop more high cost reserves was a sound practice. On the other side of the transaction little thought by producers was given to the scenarios that would cause these reserves revert to resources and be treated differently on their balance sheet.

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Lies, damned lies, and accounting tricks.

Arch Of Baal Erected In New York City

A replica of an arch dedicated to Baal was erected today in New York City:

The arch historically served as the entrance to the 2,000 Temple of Baal, which was then converted to a Christian church and finally, a mosque.

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No doubt this was done as an offering to Baal so that he would favor the debating skills of the Whore of Babylon when she meets Trump tonight.

The Charlotte, NC Riots

Paul Joseph Watson has made some interesting comments about the protests riots in Charlotte, NC:

  • Stealing and looting cash registers from local businesses is not a legitimate form of protest
  • A “protester” shooting another “protester” is not a legitimate form of protest.
  • Physically attacking reporters is not a legitimate form of protest.
  • Throwing rocks off bridges at passing vehicles full of families is not a legitimate form of protest
  • Beating up innocent people in parking lots because they’re white is not a legitimate form of protest.
  • Smashing up apartment windows where black people live to “protest” in favor of ‘Black Lives Matter’ is not a legitimate form of protest.
  • Trashing your own neighborhood is not a legitimate form of protest.
  • Looting the Charlotte Hornets team store so you can steal basketball merchandise is not a legitimate form of protest
  • Attempting to hijack cars and terrify their innocent occupants is not a legitimate form of protest.

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Dear Paul: You are correct - those are not legitimate forms of protest.

They are, however, indications of civil unrest, insurrection, and perhaps even revolution.

I guess you forgot JFK's observation about what is happening in the US and the world:

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

The people want change, and clearly many of them don't want either Hillary's or Trump's version of change. It's truly unfortunate that violence has broken out in Charlotte, NC but I would be amazed if we didn't experience a lot more of this as the future unfolds. People are being pushed over the edge, and when that happens they go nuts.

26 Facts You Should Know About US Economy

You can find them here:

If you will be watching the "debate" tonight, please read this report first.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Trump Vs. The Economists

Establishment economists ranging from austere neoliberals to spendthrift Keynesians are united in branding Donald Trump’s proposed economic policies as “disastrous.”

He must be on to something.

These economists are the distinguished experts, after all, who have championed the globalization that gutted American manufacturing, promoted the offshoring and outsourcing of American jobs, encouraged American companies to keep trillions (trillions!) of dollars of profit abroad, and enabled the tax inversions allowing American companies to move to the country most willing to beggar its neighbor.

These are the celebrity academics who have championed the deficit-reducing, budget-balancing, tax-cutting policies that have crippled our infrastructure, degraded our schools, and cut public services from police and fire protection to garbage collection.

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The Trump "disaster" they fear is that he may overturn their disastrous policies and actually do something to help We The People.

There really is a plan to destroy the US to more easily integrate its remnant into the "new world order". This election may be our last lawful opportunity to stop it.

Globalists On The Run ???

Until recently, you didn’t hear people being referred to as “globalist” very often. But in a time of rising nationalism, those who see the upside of globalism have become a distinct - and often embattled - tribe.

Last week, the globalists had a big family reunion in New York. The gathering was focused on the United Nations General Assembly, but a growing array of side conferences and summits and dinners also attracted concerned internationalists of every stripe: humanitarians, leaders of nongovernmental organizations, donors, investors, app peddlers, celebrities.

But an absence haunted the week. Almost by definition, nationalists and localists are underrepresented at these global gatherings. Their paucity was especially notable this time, because the rising signs of nationalism - whether in the form of Donald J. Trump’s winning the Republican nomination, the British vote to leave the European Union, or the German backlash against Angela Merkel’s welcome to refugees - hovered like a specter over many of the discussions.

The globalists have lofty aims, of course, like working toward a climate-change agreement, finding a solution for the refugee crisis, and deepening cross-border trade. But there seemed to be a growing realization that solving the problems of the world’s commons becomes harder when the globalists neglect their own backyards.

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I don't feel sorry for these evil scum. Their "lofty aims" include destabilizing and destroying nation states, neglecting or wrecking our infrastructure, privatizing our air-water-soil resources, brainwashing our children, and displacing millions of people. And why do they do this? For their own benefit, not for We The People.

This "time of rising of nationalism" may be a setback for globalists, but they're not going away. They will continue to hound and mindfuck us until they get their way ... or until We The People banish them to Mars where they belong.