Saturday, December 20, 2014

No Such Thing As A Just War

Here is a timely beautiful essay by a Nobel Peace Laureate (no, NOT Obama ad-Dajjal):

For the first three hundred years after Christ, the early Christian communities lived in total commitment to Jesus’s non-violence. Sadly, for the next 1700 years, Christian mainline churches have not believed, taught or lived Jesus’s simple message: love your enemies, do not kill.

During the last 1700 years, Christians have moved so far away from the Christic life of non-violence that we find ourselves in the terrible dilemma of condemning one kind of homicide and violence while paying for, actively participating in or supporting homicidal violence and war on a magnitude far greater than that which we condemn in others.

There is indeed a longstanding defeat in our theology. To help us out of this dilemma, we need to hear the full gospel message from our Christian leaders.

We need to reject the ‘just war’ theology and develop a theology in keeping with Jesus’ non-violence.

Some Christians believe that the ‘just war’ theory can be applied and that they can use violence – that is, ‘armed struggle/armed resistance’ – or can be adopted by governments to justify ongoing war.

It is precisely because of this ‘bad’ theology that we need, from our spiritual or religious leaders, a clear message and an unambiguous proclamation that violence is not the way of Jesus, violence is not the way of Christianity, and that armaments, nuclear weapons, militarism and war must be abolished and replaced with a more human and moral way of solving our problems without killing each other.


And we also need to reject Obama ad-Dajjal's theory that "war is peace".

And we better hurry, for according to Nobel Laureate in Literature Günter Grass, the Third World War has already begun:

[You may have to translate from the original German to read this report.]

Stratfor Implies White House Is Lying

In a December 19th interview in the Russian magazine Kommersant, George Friedman, who is the Founder and CEO of Stratfor, the 'Shadow CIA' firm, says of the overthrow of Ukraine's President Viktor Yanukovych that occurred on February 22nd of 2014: "It really was the most blatant coup in history." Perhaps he is saying this because of the videos that were uploaded to the Web which showed it to be so, but this statement by him contradicts the description that is asserted by the U.S. White House and the European Union, and the Western press, which description is that Yanukovych's overthrow was instead just the result of the U.S. Government's $5+ billion expense since 1991 to establish 'democracy' in Ukraine.

If you'll recall, it was a series of leaked Stratfor emails which implied that Osama bin Laden was NOT killed and buried at sea in the manner we have been told, but that he (or his corpse) was sent to AFIP in Bethesda, MD:

Whom ya gonna believe - a widely respected private intelligence firm, or a widely reviled professional liar?

Is Whooping Cough Spread By Vaccinated Persons ???

Here is a NYT report of a provocative study suggesting the possibility that vaccinated persons may be capable of spreading whooping cough:

Should this be true in humans, our vaccination program is doo-doo.

Tip of the hat to Sharyl Attkisson:

Q: What's the difference between G-d and a doctor?

A: G-d knows He's not a doctor.

Taxpayers On The Hook For Trillions In Oil Derivatives

Before going on his latest well-deserved Hawaiian vacation, Obama ad-Dajjal signed into law the so-called Cromnibus Bill. A portion of this new law may have a significant impact on US taxpayers:

Among the banks’ most important commodities bets are oil derivatives. An oil derivative typically involves an oil producer who wants to lock in the price at a future date, and a counterparty – typically a bank – willing to pay that price in exchange for the opportunity to earn additional profits if the price goes above the contract rate. The downside is that the bank has to make up the loss if the price drops.

As Snyder observes, the recent drop in the price of oil by over $50 a barrel – a drop of nearly 50% since June – was completely unanticipated and outside the predictions covered by the banks’ computer models. The drop could cost the big banks trillions of dollars in losses. And with the repeal of the Lincoln Amendment, taxpayers could be picking up the bill.

[I suggest you read Ms. Brown's report in its entirety.]

So ... "they" give your jobs to foreigners and immigrants and then put you on the hook for "their" casino-gambling-style investments. What's not to like?

Why Isn't Dick Cheney In Jail ???

Glenn Greenwald asks a very important question - why isn't Dick Cheney in jail?

In an interview on ‘Meet the Press,’ former Vice President Dick Cheney claimed that torture "worked" and announced he would "do it again in a minute" if given the opportunity.

In response, Greenwald said that whether torture worked or not is completely irrelevant, and no one should be interested in that because everyone who tortures claims they do it for a good reason even though it has been banned under international treaties and laws. Greenwald said it was former Republican President Ronald Reagan who championed the idea that torture was never justifiable.

Reagan signed the international Convention against Torture in 1988, which became the primary international foundation of anti-torture law. Reagan said at the time the treaty would clearly express the United States’ opposition to torture, “an abhorrent practice unfortunately prevalent in the world today.”

Greenwald said, “The reason why Dick Cheney is able to go on ‘Meet the Press’ instead of where he should be – which is in a dock in the Hague or in a federal prison – is because President Obama and his administration made the decision not to prosecute any of the people who implemented this torture regime despite the fact that it was illegal and criminal.”

He added, “When you send the signal, like the Obama administration did, that torture is not a crime to be punished – it is just a policy dispute to argue about on Sunday shows – of course it emboldens torturers, like Dick Cheney, to go around on Sunday shows and say, ‘What I did was absolutely right.’”

And if Obama ad-Dajjal refuses to enforce domestic and international laws, why is he still President?

Apple Deeply Offended ???

Apple's CEO is "deeply offended" that the BBC has revealed alleged improprieties at the firm's Chinese factories:

Is this the same Apple whose former CEO allegedly conspired with other tech giants to keep their employees locked into their jobs, apparently resulting in those employees not receiving what they believe to be fair pay?

Mr. Cook: regardless of the outcome, I have no sympathy for you or your company.

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Sony Hack: Two Mistakes

Yes, as Obama ad-Dajjal stated today, Sony made a mistake; but not the one he claims they made:

The mistake Sony made was to let Obama ad-Dajjal sucker them into making this movie in the first place, since doing so appears to have made Sony an accomplice to an act of state-sponsored sabotage.

The second mistake here is that many of the American people are going to believe the bullshit they're being told. Has it been that long since Obama ad-Dajjal and his coterie of liars tried to trick us by saying a movie was responsible for the attack on Benghazi?

Are we that gullible?

Are we that stupid?

What is at stake here is NOT "freedom of speech". This is another instance of a rogue nation (the United States) insulting another sovereign nation (the Democratic People's Republic of Korea) for the purpose of facilitating regime change. What is at stake here is the right of all persons (including states) to live their lives as they see fit and not be slandered for doing so.