Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Jorge The Hypocrite ???

The (not so) funny thing is that Jorge Ramos actually shelters his kids from the effects of the very policy he so adamantly advocates. How you may ask? Well, Mr. Ramos sends his kids to elite private schools, including a Miami preK-12 school with tuition that reaches above $30,000 a year per student. I think it’s fair to say most illegal immigrants aren’t footing that bill.

So the next time you hear Mr. Ramos passionately arguing that the US/Mexican border does not need a wall, remember this — he does so knowing that his kids are walled off in ways that most American children are not.

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Pitiful !!!

Are Humans Now The Problem ???

In this silly report, The New York Times presents the sad saga of the Google driver-less car:

Dear Google: The problem is not humans - the problem is you. We don't need or want your cars, and if they get in the way that's your problem, not ours.

We're going to see a lot more reports like this one. The "new persons" (a.k.a. corporations and AI entities) don't want us getting in their way. And if we humans don't fight for our rights, we will go the way of all Darwin's losers - we'll become extinct.

Is Alibaba Junk ???

It turns out investors were right about Alibaba: No company is more on the front lines of China's economic shifts than Jack Ma's juggernaut. And that's just where the problems begin.

Alibaba's shares slide with each new report of middle-class Chinese who are dumping apartments to raise cash, delaying weddings, canceling vacations, terminating automobile orders and cutting up credit cards. A social media app called "Guide on Safe Passage Through the Economic Crisis" is all the rage as hundreds of millions of mainlanders encounter their first bear market. All that most Chinese younger than 50 know is annual growth of more than 10 percent. Crashing stocks and recession are Western maladies, not China's.

Ma has hitched the fortunes of his e-commerce behemoth to these people, and the value of his company is falling in sync with them. After surging as much as 75 percent from their initial offering price of $68 each last September, the company's American depositary receipts plunged 16 percent in August, to $66.12, the third consecutive monthly decline in New York. Anyone who doubts that China won't experience a negative wealth effect as Shanghai cracks hasn't looked at Alibaba's numbers. Skeptical investors have shaved $65 billion from its market value since last year's euphoric initial public offering.

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Jack Ma made a lot of money from the IPO, and maybe that's all he wanted.

What this mess and the slump of MacDonald's and WalMart show is that there is no recovery - nowhere on this earth. "Our" government and MSM are continually lying to us about this and everything else.

The Ethics Of Texas Cops

Texas cops were recently caught on video shooting an unarmed man who had his hands up in the air – surrendering. The whole thing was caught on video, and almost as soon as the incident happened, a local news station did their jobs and aired footage. Now, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Department is losing their collective mind over it, and claiming news that aired the footage is “unethical.”

The Bexar County Sheriff’s deputies who fatally shot a man with hands up, they say, should have had this incident concealed. The Sheriff’s Department says that they do not want the public to express outrage at the shooting, which they call “sensational.”

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So ... it's ethical to shoot an unarmed man, but unethical to show We The People what cops and deputies are doing?

WTF ???

Why Isn't God In Our Schools ???

A Georgia school district is investigating after video of a mass baptism was posted on YouTube.

The video, posted by First Baptist Villa Rica, was shot on school grounds just before football practice. "We had the privilege of baptizing a bunch of football players and a coach on the field of Villa Rica High School! We did this right before practice! Take a look and see how God is STILL in our schools!" the caption with the video reads.

By Tuesday evening, the video had been removed from YouTube.

The Carroll County School system released a statement Tuesday afternoon:

"The Carroll County School System was made aware of a situation that took place at Villa Rica High School prior to football practice on August 17th.  The District is currently looking into the specifics of this situation and will take appropriate steps to ensure all state and federal laws are followed."

The Freedom from Religion Foundation sent a letter to Carroll County Tuesday asking the district to "immediately investigate and take action to ensure there will be no further illegal religious events". In the letter, the FFRF mentioned its lawsuit against Emanuel County School District for similar practices. The group is now seeking punitive and personal liability damages in that case. "We prefer to settle these matters cooperatively," the letter ends with a request to detail the steps the school district is taking to comply with the First Amendment.

US Constitution, First Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ...

The only step the school district needs to take to comply with the First Amendment is to do nothing.

I see no evidence here that anyone was forced to be baptized against their will, so the school district and the "Freedom from Religion Foundation" have no cause to interfere with the free exercise of religion depicted in the video.

How Religions Spread Across The World

Here is a cool 2:35 minute animated video who shows how the five major religions spread across the world:

Perhaps in the next version of the video they should show how the worship of Satan is spreading across the world.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Is Rikers Island A Death Trap ???

Over the years, reports of brutality and neglect at the Rikers Island jail complex have become routine. And while the administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio has been working to improve conditions at New York City jails, the death of Carlos Mercado shows that the problems of the past could haunt the city for years to come.

On June 22, 2013, Mr. Mercado was arrested in Brooklyn after allegedly trying to sell a small amount of heroin to an undercover police officer. He was taken to Rikers and, within 15 hours, died of complications of diabetes.

In this jail surveillance video obtained by The New York Times, he is seen walking unsteadily and carrying his vomit in a plastic bag. At one point he collapses on the floor and is left lying there for three minutes while correction officers step over him. Rankin & Taylor, a law firm representing Mr. Mercado’s family, is in settlement negotiations with the city.

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And people are claiming that Donald Trump is racist? So far, unlike Rikers Island his alleged racism has not killed anyone.