Wednesday, April 23, 2014

We Don't Need No Stinking Compassion

Apparently cops don't need to exercise common sense, either:

Frankly, it's starting to look like all US police are screwed up in the head. It would be nice if someone would publish stories about how cops help people ... if they still do that anywhere in the US.

Remaking The Middle East

Professor James Petras explains how Obama ad-Dajjal has helped turn the Middle East into an American gulag:

The expansion of the US Empire throughout North Africa and the Middle East has been built around arming and financing vassal states to serve as military outposts of the empire. These vassal regimes, ruled by dictatorial monarchies, and authoritarian military and civilian rulers, rely on force and violence to sustain their rule. The US has supplied the weapons, advisers, and financing allowing them to rule. The US arc of imperial military bases stretching from Egypt through Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Yemen, Iraq , Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, is protected by a chain of prison camps containing tens of thousands of political prisoners.

The US engagement, its pervasive presence throughout the region, is accompanied by a chain of jailhouse democracies and dictatorships. Contrary to liberal and conservative policy pundits and academics, US policy for over 50 years has actively sought out, installed and protected bloody tyrants who have pillaged the public treasury, concentrated wealth, surrendered sovereignty and underdeveloped their economies.

The US backed so-called transition to democracy is a cruel hoax. We are today's version of the Roman Empire.

Hillary Supported al-Qaeda

According to this report, Hillary Rodham and Obama ad-Dajjal got our "ambassador" to Libya killed because they supported al-Qaeda:

I object to Hillary Rodham being called "honorable" (see below). She does not possess that quality.

How The Global Elite Rules The World

Here is a must-read report about the Bank for International Settlements:

An immensely powerful international organization that most people have never even heard of secretly controls the money supply of the entire globe.  It is called the Bank for International Settlements, and it is the central bank of central banks.  It is located in Basel, Switzerland, but it also has branches in Hong Kong and Mexico City.  It is essentially an unelected, unaccountable central bank of the world that has complete immunity from taxation and from national laws.  Even Wikipedia admits that “it is not accountable to any single national government.“  The Bank for International Settlements was used to launder money for the Nazis during World War II, but these days the main purpose of the BIS is to guide and direct the centrally-planned global financial system.  Today, 58 global central banks belong to the BIS, and it has far more power over how the U.S. economy (or any other economy for that matter) will perform over the course of the next year than any politician does.  Every two months, the central bankers of the world gather in Basel for another “Global Economy Meeting”.  During those meetings, decisions are made which affect every man, woman and child on the planet, and yet none of us have any say in what goes on.  The Bank for International Settlements is an organization that was founded by the global elite and it operates for the benefit of the global elite, and it is intended to be one of the key cornerstones of the emerging one world economic system.

Robots Milk Cows

Here is another industry which no longer needs humans for anything other than to be consumers of its products:

Robots shall grow and pick all "our" food, produce all "our" manufactured goods, and protect all "our" children.

What's missing from this picture is that most of what robots can and will do on this planet would be unnecessary if humans didn't exist. Since the growing number of humans is becoming a threat to the very continuation of life on this planet, how much longer do you think the ruling class is going to allow us to live?

No Freedom To Protest Obama ad-Dajjal

Here's a picture of how people get treated when they protest a visit of Obama ad-Dajjal to the Philippines:

We should be protesting this visit, too. It squanders US taxpayer money and benefits no one except the bankgangsters, corporations, and military thugs for whom "our" President works.

The Mystery Of Pat Tillman's Death

Here is a good essay which lists the issues surrounding the mysterious death of Pat Tillman:

Something is rotten here, and it's more than just military incompetence.

It appears that Pat Tillman was murdered by his own government. Wouldn't you like to know why?