Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Who Is "Morally Bankrupt" ???

Some are whining that President Trump is "morally bankrupt":

You want to know who is REALLY morally bankrupt?

  • US citizens who did nothing when their government legalized slavery.
  • US citizens who did nothing when their government exterminated the Plains Indians.
  • US citizens who did nothing when their government murdered JFK, MLK, and RFK.
  • US citizens who did nothing when their government invaded Panama.
  • US citizens who did nothing when their government starved the children of Iraq.
  • US citizens who did nothing when their government started the fraudulent "war on terror".
  • US citizens who did nothing when their government invaded and destroyed Iraq.
  • US citizens who did nothing when their government destroyed Libya.
  • US citizens who did nothing when their government destroyed Syria.
  • US citizens who did nothing when their government failed to prosecute the numerous criminals of the Obama administration.

That's you and me, folks. President Trump is no more "morally bankrupt" than the rest of us. He's just not as good at hiding it as we are.

BS Statement For The Day - August 16, 2017

"I strongly disagree with President Trump's reaction to the events that took place in Charlottesville over the past several days. Racism, intolerance and violence are always wrong. The equal treatment of all people is one of our nation's bedrock principles."
Jamie Dimon

It's hard to imagine a more hypocritical statement, coming from a top CEO in an industry that redlined minorities in multiple US cities, cynically preyed on the poor and disadvantaged (often causing them to lose their houses and/or cars), and whose executives lived in splendor while We The People rotted in squalor.

Jamie, you are full of crap.

3-D Printing A Submarine ???

The first prototypes are produced following a model that the Navy SEALs already use: the SEAL Delivery Vehicle - or "SDV" for short. It has been in use for many years and helps the elite unit to overcome long distances under water. It is equipped with corresponding technology on board to spy on target areas as well as to infiltrate them as much as possible.

A tried and tested model is to be made more efficient. Thanks to 3D printing technology, this is possible. The production, or more precisely the pressure, is to take place at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Tennessee. This scientific laboratory belongs to the United States Department of Energy and has already been able to demonstrate some achievements in the field of 3D printing. One of the most prominent products is not only the first functional car, but also a printed Shelby Cobra.

The current SEAL Delivery Vehicles (SDV) cost between 600,000 and 800,000 US dollars depending on the model. Their production alone takes five months. However, 3D printing can significantly reduce costs and production times: now it is possible to produce such a submarine for 60,000 dollars - within a few days. This proof-of-concept has reduced the cost of an SDV by 90 percent. Once again, it is clear how cost-effective the 3D printing technology can be. However, the research continues. By 2019, Oak Ridge and the Navy want to use the first fleets of production.

You can read the rest @ [translation required]

As a former submariner, I can promise you flat out I would never submerge myself in a vehicle produced by 3-D printing. SEALs may be brave, but submariners are not reckless.

And I would not get into a 3-D printed Shelby Cobra, either.

But if you think either is a good idea, go for it. I'm certain you will enjoy the ride ... while it lasts.

Is US Constitution Now Invalid ???

The attack on The Founders of the United States of America continues:

I cannot see how the left cannot call for George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and others to be removed from the public square, libraries, museums, universities and our currency.

Since the left is out to get all racists, feverishly on the lookout for Nazis and alt-right retards, ripping down statues of confederates, why not go to the source of all this racism, eh? America’s forefathers.

You can read the rest @

That is essentially what I said yesterday in this blog post:

The chief thing which once bound us together was the US Constitution.

But today The Founders and their Constitution are under continual, severe attack. Once the Constitution falls, our nation shall fall, too. And in case you haven't been paying attention, "our" government has been ignoring the US Constitution for quite some time.

Q: Once Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and the others are removed from their lofty perches, who then become our new heroes?

A: Feel free to make your own list. But choose wisely, since you'll have to live with it until the next upheaval.

By the way, the powers that be allowed Trump to get elected and then immediately started to undercut him for this very purpose - to drag our country down. Do you really think they are going to erect a different country which will HELP We The People? If you do, you're far more gullible than I thought.

While you're languishing in your dream world of justice and "free money", get ready for the most brutal privatization of all time. The NEW FOUNDERS are going to make the old ones look like saints in comparison.

Are We Still Fighting The Civil War ???

Here is an interesting question:

Confederate symbols have become a crucible of racial tension in the US. White nationalists claim they are important monuments - but are they just a way to rewrite an ugly history and revive the battles of the past?

You can read the rest @

First of all - why are the defenders of Confederate heritage being called "white nationalists"? That in itself is a revival of battles of the past.

Second, the problems which led to the Civil War have NEVER been resolved. Unwanted "solutions" were imposed by force of arms, leaving festering wounds which have not healed to this day.

Finally, Americans have NEVER forgiven anyone who has defeated us, even if the battle was fair and square:

  • We never forgave Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse,
  • We never forgave the Vietnamese, and
  • We're not going to forgive the Russians or the Syrians.

Why then is it so hard to believe that people of the South are not going to forgive the federal government for what it did during the Civil War?

Trump's attempt to restore the status quo is doomed to failure, because his foes control the press, the MSM, and the corporate and banking structure of the nation. They are going to force through change, but once again we will be left with imposed "solutions" unwanted by at least half of the population.

We're just jumping from the frying pan into the fire. This is NOT going to be pretty.

Shock And Awe - Theirs And Ours

Philippine police are killing drug suspects in "shock and awe" raids:

Most Americans probably are appalled at this.

But when the US invaded Iraq in 2003 under false pretexts (Saddam's non-existent WMDs) and started the festivities with brutal "shock and awe" bombing raids, many of US cheered. And we still do.


Murder is murder. Why do you recognize it in the actions of others, but not in your own?

Trump CANNOT Legally Attack North Korea

President Donald Trump is prohibited from pre-emptively attacking North Korea without express congressional authorization to retaliate against Chairman Kim Jong-un’s verbal thunderbolts. But the president may attack unilaterally in self-defense to answer sudden North Korean aggression with the use of military force proportionate to its provocation.

The War Powers Resolution of 1973 (WPR) does not disturb these twin precepts. Section 8 (d) (1) of the WPR declares:  "Nothing in this joint resolution - (1) is intended to alter the constitutional authority of the Congress or of the President ..."

Article I, section 8, clause 11 of the Constitution empowers Congress "to declare war."

Every participant in the Constitutional Convention and state ratification debates understood the Declare War Clause to prohibit the president unilaterally from crossing the Rubicon from peace to war. The president was, however, empowered to repel sudden attacks. At the convention, James Madison, father of the Constitution, prevailed in proposing that congressional power "to declare war" replace a power "to make war" ... "leaving to the Executive the power to repel sudden attacks [in self-defense]."

You can read the rest @

But NOTE WELL that others, such as Obama ad-Dajjal, have circumvented this prohibition by using US obligations under the NATO treaty as a pretext for making war on Libya and Syria, etc.

Frankly ALL PRESIDENTS should have their war making powers removed ... not just Trump.