Sunday, May 31, 2015

5 Reasons Why We As A Nation Are Done

(1) Big US and Global Banks have admitted (that is, have been convicted) of multiple criminal offenses over the last several years.

(2) We have a medical and insurance industry in this country that routinely, on a daily basis, engages in behavior that can easily be described as meeting the criteria for fraud, bid-rigging, racketeering and routinely uses the threat of both bankruptcy and violence by government goons to get what it wants.

(3) We have a former Secretary of State who now wants to be President but while Secretary of State her private family foundation took tens of millions of dollars in donations from foreign governments that were, at the same time, lobbying the very State Department she was in charge of for permission to buy over a hundred billion dollars worth of weapons.

(4) We have law enforcement agencies that actually claim in court through filed, sworn documents that when they throw a bomb into a baby's crib as they attempt to raid a house and the person they are seeking isn't there (because they didn't bother to confirm he was there), leading to the infant being critically injured, that it is the infant's fault that its face was blown off because it failed to move out of the way of said thrown bomb while it was sleeping in its crib.

(5) We have entire legislatures that engage with lobbyists to let them write and vote on laws they then rubber stamp.

Until and unless we at least resolve all five of the above, and everyone involved wears an orange jumpsuit and has their corporate and institutional edifices closed down with the ill-gotten gains disbursed back to their victims we are, as a nation, DONE.

He's very right. And you know damn well that none of the above will ever be brought to justice.

Say bye-bye.

Clintonian Thought For The Day

Some still worry, as [David] Geffen did in 2008, that Bill [Clinton's] shenanigans will get Hillary into trouble.

Sipping vodka at the Chateau Marmont, Bill Maher said he was not concerned, noting: “Who could have less to do with Bill Clinton’s sex life than Hillary?”

Maybe This Is Why Cops Are So Mean

It starts in boot camp and just goes downhill from there.

Precious Young Minds: Theirs And Ours

How can young people raised in the West – the freedom-obsessed, democratic, peace-loving, humanitarian, fun-filled West – join the Islamic State and support the public cutting off of the heads of breathing, living human beings? Each of us in our own way are lost souls searching for answers to the awful mysteries of life. But THIS? What life-quest does The Islamic State satisfy that our beloved West can’t satisfy? ISIS is unique in the world in making US foreign policy look good. The Defense Department and the State Department have special task forces studying the new enemy; the latter regularly puts out videos to counteract the many Islamic State videos.

I hope those researching the question look inwardly as well as at ISIS. How do young people raised in the West – the same West we know and love – coldly machine-gun to death more than a dozen Iraqis, men, women, children, reporters, absolutely in cold blood, in the video made famous by Chelsea Manning; but this of course is nothing compared to Fallujah with its two-headed babies, even three-headed, an eye in the middle of the forehead. The Islamic State has done nothing compared to what the United States did to the people of Fallujah. Can anyone name a horror in all of history more gruesome? Yes, there are some, but not many; and much of Fallujah was personally executed by nice, clean-cut, freedom-obsessed, democratic, peace-loving, humanitarian, fun-filled made-in America young men.

I don't think we can answer such questions, for at least two reasons:

  • We don't have a clue what is happening in our own homes, let alone halfway around the world; and
  • We lie to ourselves about everything.

We should pay more attention to what William Blum says, and less to the drivel coming from Hillary (Tricky Dick) Rodham and her ilk.

Water For Jews, But Not For Palestinians ???

Here is the version being pushed by The New York Times:

Today, there is plenty of water in Israel. A lighter version of an old “Israel is drying up” campaign has been dusted off to advertise baby diapers. “The fear has gone,” said Mr. Zvieli, whose customers have gone back to planting flowers.

Israel, which shares the mountain aquifer with the West Bank, says it provides the Palestinians with more water than it is obliged to under the existing peace accords. The Palestinians say it is not enough and too expensive. A new era of water generosity could help foster relations with the Palestinians and with Jordan.

And here is a sampling of what the Palestinians think:

Which version do you believe?

Saturday, May 30, 2015

ISIS/ISIL - Friend Or Foe ???

Well, what do you know - ISIS/ISIL is threatening to bring the price of oil back up to over $100 per barrel:

Wouldn't the oilmen in Texas just LOVE that to happen?

Isn't it somewhat surprising that just when the Saudis seem to be winning the oil war, a "renegade" group pops up to slap them back down?

Doesn't ISIS/ISIL seem ready made for what the US and Israel want?

What Does Hillary Stand For ???

The only people who could possibly answer that question are the ones who attended her high dollar speeches:

However, even they don't know whether she was lying to them or not.

A functional answer to the question can be found in one or more of the following:

  • Taking money from anyone willing to pony up, including tyrants;
  • Tolerating the abuse and rape of women by her so-called husband;
  • Maintaining her own privacy, even at the expense of national security; and
  • Self-aggrandizement on a breathtaking scale comparable to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Obama ad-Dajjal.

I bet you can think of a few more things she stands for. Just look at what she does, not what she and her minions say.

Israel's Alliance with al-Qaeda

Almost unnoticed by the mainstream media, Israel’s occupation forces in the Golan Heights have been in alliance with the Nusra Front, al-Qaeda’s official franchise in Syria. This alliance certainly includes logistical support and may even extend as far as arming al-Qaeda rebels in south-western Syria.

In January, I showed how the reports of UN peacekeepers in the Golan had talked of regular contacts between rebel forces in that Israeli-occupied sector of Syria. They also observed, according to a June report, Israeli soldiers “handing over two boxes to armed members of the opposition” from the Israeli-occupied side to the Syrian-controlled side.

According to further reports by UN peacekeepers, such interactions continued after Quneitra (a town containing a key checkpoint between the Israeli-occupied and Syrian-controlled sectors of the Golan) was overrun by the Nusra Front.

It seems reasonable this "alliance" may have started well before 9/11.

The MSM keeps telling us that Pakistan is a nest of jihadi vipers, but it is just as likely that Israel is in that role, too.

Cui bono est?

A Superpower In Distress

Think of this as a little imperial folly update -- and here's the backstory.  In the years after invading Iraq and disbanding Saddam Hussein’s military, the U.S. sunk about $25 billion into “standing up” a new Iraqi army.  By June 2014, however, that army, filled with at least 50,000 “ghost soldiers,” was only standing in the imaginations of its generals and perhaps Washington.  When relatively small numbers of Islamic State (IS) militants swept into northern Iraq, it collapsed, abandoning four cities -- including Mosul, the country’s second largest -- and leaving behind enormous stores of U.S. weaponry, ranging from tanks and Humvees to artillery and rifles.  In essence, the U.S. was now standing up its future enemy in a style to which it was unaccustomed and, unlike the imploded Iraqi military, the forces of the Islamic State proved quite capable of using that weaponry without a foreign trainer or adviser in sight.

In response, the Obama administration dispatched thousands of new advisers and trainers and began shipping in piles of new weaponry to re-equip the Iraqi army.  It also filled Iraqi skies with U.S. planes armed with their own munitions to destroy, among other things, some of that captured U.S. weaponry.  Then it set to work standing up a smaller version of the Iraqi army.  Now, skip nearly a year ahead and on a somewhat lesser scale the whole process has just happened again.  Less than two weeks ago, Islamic State militants took Ramadi, the capital of Anbar Province.  Iraqi army units, including the elite American-trained Golden Division, broke and fled, leaving behind -- you’ll undoubtedly be shocked to hear -- yet another huge cache of weaponry and equipment, including tanks, more than 100 Humvees and other vehicles, artillery, and so on.

The Obama administration reacted in a thoroughly novel way: it immediately began shipping in new stocks of weaponry, starting with 1,000 antitank weapons, so that the reconstituted Iraqi military could take out future “massive suicide vehicle bombs” (some of which, assumedly, will be those captured vehicles from Ramadi).  Meanwhile, American planes began roaming the skies over that city, trying to destroy some of the equipment IS militants had captured.

Notice anything repetitive in all this -- other than another a bonanza for U.S. weapons makers?  Logically, it would prove less expensive for the Obama administration to simply arm the Islamic State directly before sending in the air strikes.  In any case, what a microcosm of U.S. imperial hubris and folly in the twenty-first century all this training and equipping of the Iraqi military has proved to be.  Start with the post-invasion decision of the Bush administration to totally disband Saddam’s army and instantly eject hundreds of thousands of unemployed Sunni military men and a full officer corps into the chaos of the “new” Iraq and you have an instant formula for creating a Sunni resistance movement.  Then, add in a little extra “training” at Camp Bucca, a U.S. military prison in Iraq, for key unemployed officers, and -- VoilĂ ! -- you’ve helped set up the petri dish in which the leadership of the Islamic State movement will grow.  Multiply such stunning tactical finesse many times over globally and, as TomDispatch regular Michael Klare makes clear today, you have what might be called the folly of the “sole superpower” writ large.

I suggest you read the whole essay.

Take note that NONE of this is really being addressed by ANY of our Presidential candidates. Which means that whoever wins in 2016 won't address it, either. They'll be too busy addressing the food riots after our economy collapses.

Dumbasses !!!

Yes, We Have Death Panels

The NHS could be led to discriminate against the over 70s to meet ‘highly unethical’ UN health targets which seek to reduce premature deaths in younger people, senior medics have warned.

Under the proposed Sustainable Development Goals, UN member states will be given targets to cut the number of deaths from diseases like cancer, stroke, diabetes and dementia by one third by 2030.

However because many are age-related illnesses people who succumb to those diseases from the age of 70 are not deemed to have died prematurely and so are not included in the target.

The report comes from the UK, but the US also is a "UN member state" so we'll be subject to these targets, too.

Be realistic ... we have to cull the population somehow. We might as well start with the elderly.

By the way, I'm a "senior citizen" so I may be one of the first to go.

Plastic Contaminates 88% Of Our Ocean's Surfaces

We are extremely poor stewards of this planet:

Researchers studying the presence of plastic in the world’s oceans found plastic debris in 88 percent of samples taken from the ocean's surfaces at hundreds of sites around the globe, according to a new report published Monday.

Aggressive consumption and subsequent disposal of plastics since the 1950s has led to a visible accumulation of the nonbiodegradable material in the world’s oceans. The plastic products reach remote areas, including the open ocean, via storm runoff and littering.

“Ocean currents carry plastic objects, which split into smaller and smaller fragments due to solar radiation,” Andres Cozar, a researcher from the University of Cadiz in Spain, said in a release. “Those little pieces of plastics, known as microplastics, can last hundreds of years and were detected in 88 percent of the ocean surface sampled.”

Plastic and radioactive contamination from nuclear bombs and power plants is EVERYWHERE. And if the oceans die, we die.

I'm not worried about "climate change", because we're likely to all be dead long before CC really takes hold.

What If Your State Were A Country ???

The two maps shown at this link compare your state to the two countries which have the same size population and GDP:

My state (Texas) is similar to Saudi Arabia and Australia, and perhaps coincidentally the economy and mindset of all three are very similar.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Did Hillary Get Our Ambassador Killed ???

In the year prior to the deadly 2012 Benghazi attack, Hillary Clinton used her private email server to correspond about such highly sensitive national security matters as specific threats to the Libya hotel where Ambassador Chris Stevens was staying as well as his decision to remain at the hotel despite the threats.

The emails, released May 22 by the State Department, also contained the exact movements of Stevens while he was stationed in arguably one of the most dangerous zones in the world for any American diplomat, a WND review has found.

On April 24, 2011, Clinton’s senior aide, Huma Abedin, forwarded to Clinton’s personal email an internal State email from that same day written by Timmy Davis and sent to Abedin as well as to the State email addresses of other employees, including Clinton’s then-foreign policy aide, Jacob Sullivan.

The email cited a local report stating hotels in Benghazi were being targeted.

The email, which ran through Clinton’s personal server, stated the interim Libyan government “conducted a raid on a house/storage facility and found and arrested an Egyptian cell reportedly there for the purpose of attacking hotels.”

Despite the threat, the email revealed Stevens “still feels comfortable in the hotel,” meaning the email exposed that the ambassador would continue to stay there.

If the bad guys were reading her emails, this might explain why our ambassador got killed.

This person (Ms. Rodham) is a self-centered, arrogant idiot.

Hastert Should Have Been Indicted Long Ago

Suddenly former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert has been indicted. Why did it take so long?

If the Department of Justice (sic) had listened to former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, Hastert might have been indicted long ago:

Among the specific charges she levels against current and former U.S. Congress Members in the deposition:

Dennis Hastert: "[S]everal categories. The acceptance of large sums of bribery in forms of cash or laundered cash ... to make it look legal for his campaigns, and also for his personal use, in order to do certain favors ... make certain things happen for foreign entities and foreign governments' interests, Turkish government's interest and Turkish business entities' interests. ... other activities, too, including being blackmailed for various reasons. ... he used the townhouse that was not his residence for certain not very morally accepted activities. ... foreign entities knew about this, in fact, they sometimes participated in some of those not maybe morally well activities in that particular townhouse that was supposed to be an office, not a house, residence at certain hours, certain days, evenings of the week."

Newborn Killed By Eight Vaccinations

How much longer are we going to allow "our" government to kill our children?

Why Didn't We Learn From NAFTA ???

NAFTA basically destroyed the US economy, yet we seem to have learned nothing from the experience:

That is because "our" step-and-fetch-it MSM tells us whatever the oligarchs, bankgangsters, corporations, and their collaborators in the one percent want us to hear ... and ridicules or shouts down everyone who disagrees with them.

You can't learn anything worthwhile when your teachers are morons.

How To Avoid War With China

The problem isn’t China’s rise, but rather America’s insistence on maintaining military and economic dominance right in China’s backyard.

If we were who we say we are, we would not be seeking empire. Unfortunately, the American people seem to be the only ones in the world who don't know what we really are.

Russia and China are ascendant. The US is on the wane. Should we go to war with either (or both) of them, I think this time we're gonna lose.

And lose big ... as in "GAME OVER":

Is O'Malley Better Than Hillary ???

There's a myth among Hillary Clinton supporters that decades of experience has made the former secretary of state the most pragmatic choice for president in 2016. And like most fairy tales, it conveniently glosses over the heroine's flaws: her 31,000-plus missing emails (the subject of a lawsuit by the Associated Press), questions about foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation, and direct donations to Ms. Clinton from big banks, including Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan.

Well said.

If you want a sneaky insider wannabee oligarch for President, vote for Hillary (Tricky Dick) Rodham.

If you want something other than that, you'll have to move to Ecuador.

Israel Behind FIFA Persecution ???

Wednesday’s high-profile US-Swiss raids against FIFA leaders set the football world, and by extension most of the world in general, astorm with controversy, and indications are that the arrests were timed to do the most harm to the governing body.

Already, we’re seeing a dramatic shift in focus for the FIFA conference, and the planned vote on suspending Israel for the mistreatment of Palestinian footballers seems almost certain to be delayed.

Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu is crowing about this, and bragged of telling FIFA president Sepp Blatter that a vote of the suspension of Israel would mean the destruction of FIFA outright.

Must the entire world be punished just so Israel can pursue their extermination of the Palestinians?

I don't think that's what G-d wants.

Update: The Palestinians withdrew their request for suspension of Israel. If the US Department of Justice (sic) is such a step-and-fetch-it for Israel, what else have they done for our Jewish "friends"?

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ukraine vs. Sandy Hook Elementary School

Russian President Vladimir Putin is being criticized for keeping certain deaths "secret". Oh, what a bad man he must be:

In case you haven't heard, the State of Connecticut has passed into law a measure which keeps the "deaths" at Sandy Hook Elementary School "secret". Oh, what bad people they must be:

"The only people that don't want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide."
Barack Hussein Obama [ad-Dajjal]

Does Hillary Hate Straight Women ???

Paula Jones has issued a warning that we need to keep Bill Clinton out of the White House:

What Ms. Jones alleges about the behavior of Bill Clinton and Hillary (Tricky Dick) Rodham is consistent with the possibility that Hillary hates straight women and is content to have her so-called "husband" abuse and rape them.

Of course, I remain open to other interpretations.

Will The IRS Want Your Fingerprints And IP Addresses ???

A rehearsal obviously is underway in Austria concerning how far the powers of intervention of the financial authorities are to go into the privacy of citizens. A new draft law provides that fingerprints and IP addresses must be turned over to the tax authorities. The model is likely to be sooner or later generally accepted in the EU.

[You may have to translate from the original German to read this report.]

And if it works there, you can bet that we'll be next.

R U Ready For Jade Helm 15 ???

Internet traffic is buzzing about Jade Helm, a U.S. military exercise scheduled to begin July 15 (but according to latest reports in June) and end on September 15. It is to take place across a number of states, especially in the Southwest, and involves several branches of the military, including the 82nd Airborne, Navy Seals, Green Berets, and other Special Ops.

There is broad concern that the drill will transition into the onset of martial law. Some factors fueling the alarm:

(1) No drill this extensive has ever occurred before;

(2) it includes nighttime activities, air drops near towns, and attempts to infiltrate and “blend in” with civilian populations;

(3) the exercise is unlawful as it violates the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits domestic deployment of federal troops in civilian areas (section 4 of the Constitution allows it in cases of “domestic violence,” but that is clearly not the situation here);

(4) the operation’s field map has labeled Texas, Utah, and certain Southern California counties as “hostile” territory – troubling, since these areas also happen to contain populations especially known as constitutionalist, religious, and/or patriotic.

Here is the text of the current "Posse Comitatus Act":

Whoever, except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress, willfully uses any part of the Army or the Air Force as a posse comitatus or otherwise to execute the laws shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.

If the forces participating in the "exercise" are not used to "execute or enforce the laws", then they will not be in violation of the act, at least not the way I read it.

In addition, if anyone should take their oaths seriously it's these guys. If they don't, we're screwed any way you look at it.

However, should I somehow disappear during the exercise, you'll know what happened.

Vietnam vs. Iraq

After the US retreated from Vietnam, the local armies we had spent so much effort and money training and arming collapsed and fell to the armies of North Vietnam in a very short time. We blamed this on them, saying they had no will to fight.

Now that the US has retreated from Iraq, the local armies we spent so much effort and money training and arming are collapsing and falling to the armies of ISIS in a very short time. We are blaming this on them, saying they have no will to fight:

Maybe they DO have a will to fight. But maybe they would rather fight for the things which are important to them instead of the things which are important to us.

Prior to our arrival, they were in general well fed, well housed, well clothed, well educated, and in good health. Now, thanks to us, they are living in a hellhole of death and disease.

Of course they're not going to fight for us. We fucked them. Do you think they're stupid?

DOJ Spy Planes

The US Department of Justice (sic) has a fleet of at least 100 planes which are being used to spy on us:

No amount of spying, harassment, policing, and/or punishment will make this a safer place. Unfortunately, that is a lesson we will never learn.

I Would Vote For Carly

After listening to Clinton CRAP for so long, I'm definitely ready for someone else.

From my perspective, Carly speaks the truth ... especially about how the MSM is helping Hillary (Tricky Dick) Rodham to the detriment of all other candidates:

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

You're Not There To Be A Hero

“I took an oath … to protect and defend the constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic. You know, I went to 8 conflict areas. I never met a single person who was an enemy of the United States Constitution. Not one. No enemies of the constitution. I did spend a lot of time going out there again, and becoming a political instrument for trans-national corporations and to preserve American military and political supremacy around the world … I never met anybody that was a threat to the constitution.”
Stan Goff

NATO Prediction Of The Year

Last week, former NSA intelligence analyst John Schindler posted a rather disturbing tweet. With a statement that one could only assume to be a reference towards Russia, Schindler wrote “Said a senior NATO (non-US) GOFO to me today: 'We’ll probably be at war this summer. If we’re lucky it won’t be nuclear.' Let that sink in.”

While these sorts of warnings come and go all the time, that in and of itself is kind of scary. The fact that we now live in a world where high-ranking officials just assume nuclear war is right around the corner, means we should be very concerned. Wars rarely, if ever, happen out of the blue. There are always quiet rumors of wars before the real deal comes to pass.

This is the kind of mess Obama ad-Dajjal and his minions (such as Victoria Nuland) have gotten us into. And he's worried about his legacy?

WTF ???

Yes, Jesus Ate With Sinners

You may have seen slogans such as this one:

What it claims appears to be duplicitous or ignorant of what Jesus said and did, or both.

According to the Gospels, Jesus did in fact dine with thieves, prostitutes, and other sinners and criminals. And in most instances He explicitly forgave them of their sins.

But He never claimed that what they were doing was NOT a sin. He acknowledged their sin, forgave them, and then urged them to sin no more. He did not redefine their sins to be non-sins.

And He also said this:

For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

Matthew 5:18 KJV

In other words, according to Jesus sin is sin and G-d's law will be fulfilled. Nothing you or I can do will negate that.

So, out of compassion I will bake that cake for you if you still want it. I'll even share it with you if you choose to invite me to your table. I will not, however, tell you that you are not a sinner.

You'll have to take up that issue with G-d at the proper time.

Israel Wants More Of Our Money ???

Why should Israel need a 50% hike in the amount they steal from us in the guise of "military aid"?

Iran is a threat to them, not to us. And Iran is extremely unlikely to attack Israel unless Israel attacks them first.

No one will ever again launch an unprovoked attack against Israel. All their enemies have been smashed. The toy rockets being fired at them are red herrings. They cause no real destruction or loss of life.

Should we give them more weapons, they'll just do something stupid with them like killing more Gazans or needlessly bombing Iran.

I vote to cut them loose ... unless they agree to give up their illegal nuclear weapons program. They're already getting plenty of loot from Saudi Arabia, and they really should not need any more of our money or weapons:

Welcome To The New And Improved Police State

Here is an essay written the day after 9/11 which asks most of the important questions and hits most of the important nails on the head.

Why read it now? Because we are still stuck with the police state which was created in association with that series of events. If we ever expect to extract ourselves from the mess we are in, we need to deal honestly with all the issues the author brings up ...  and more:

David McGowan

September 12, 2001

"We are going to see a great number of articles in the future from so-called experts and public officials. They will warn about more violence, more kidnappings, and more terrorists. Mass media, the armed forces, and intelligence agencies will saturate our lives with fascist scare tactics and 'predictions' that have already been planned to come true." 

'Conspiracy theorist' Mae Brussell, 1974

I have a friend with whom I frequently disagree on matters of politics. He thinks that I am a crazed conspiracy theorist, and I think that he is a reactionary fascist. There was one thing that we agreed on though.

A few weeks ago, I told him that our fearless leaders seemed to be veering dangerously close to unleashing 'tactical' nuclear weapons upon the world. Although he seriously doubted that that was in fact the case, he readily agreed that such an action would be reckless and unconscionable. He stated that he couldn't envision any scenario under which such a strike would be justified and that we should avoid, at all costs, crossing that threshold. Opening that door, he believed, could only serve to escalate tensions and make this a much more dangerous world in which to live.

He was one of several people who called me yesterday to discuss the alleged terrorist attacks upon America. During the course of that call, he stated flatly that when the perpetrators were identified, they and their backers should be nuked. When I reminded him of our conversation of just a few weeks before, he said that things have changed now. I asked him if he had considered whether that wasn't perhaps precisely the point of the attacks. Unfazed, he reiterated his belief that I am a crazed conspiracy theorist.

Excuse my cynicism here, but have we Americans completely lost our ability to think? Are we now so thoroughly brain dead that we are completely reliant on our media outlets, with their endless supply of 'experts,' to make sense of events in the world? Are we really that stupid – or do our leaders just think that we are?

The actions taken on the morning of September 11 were crimes – horrendous crimes against humanity, to be sure, but in the final analysis, not so very different from any other crimes. And the first step in solving any crime is to look at who had a motive and who had the means and opportunity to commit said crime.

As for motive, we are being asked to believe that a band of Islamic terrorists are the most likely suspects. But is that really the case? Was it a state-sponsored terrorist group that had the most to gain by launching such an assault? Or was it our own political, corporate and military leaders?

While the people of the Palestinian territories may well be dancing in the streets today in celebration of the blow struck against the United States, they certainly won't emerge as the winners in this national tragedy. When the bombs begin to rain down upon them, as they certainly will, the loss of life, property and hope will be far more profound for them than it will be for the people of New York. Their short-term 'victory' will be a hollow one indeed.

This is certainly not to suggest that there are no governments, groups, or organizations around the world – or within these borders – that have legitimate grudges against the United States government. The numbers of such entities are legion. Two hundred years of imperialistic covert and overt military ventures have created a lot of enemies of the American ship of state, and a tremendous amount of residual bitterness. Yet none of these groups stood to gain by launching such an attack.

The United States, on the other hand, has much to gain in the aftermath of this chapter of American history. I am not talking here, of course, about the people of this country, who will pay a steep price for the carnage of September 11. Big Brother has assured us that we will be protected from future acts of this sort, and we will welcome with open arms the repressive, overtly fascistic 'reforms' that will be enacted.

The people of this country, and of the world, are always the ones to pick up the tab for acts of gross governmental malfeasance. The people of some hapless country (or countries) that is identified as the culprit will pay with their lives and the lives of their children. The people of America, and much of the Western world, will pay with the wholesale stripping away of their remaining human, civil and privacy rights.

Such a scenario only serves to benefit those who sit at the top of the food chain. Our elected leaders – who are elected only in the sense that every couple of years we are given a choice between two interchangeable candidates – will revel in the free reign they will be given to ram through legislation so appallingly reactionary that it would have been unthinkable just days ago. Military spending and the militarization of the country will escalate to a fever pitch.

Welcome, my friends, to the new and improved police state – the largest, most powerful, and most technologically advanced police state the world has ever seen. With the much-lauded U.S. economy tanking, and unemployment figures hitting their highest levels in years, this will come in very handy for the 'powers that be.'

The ugly truth is that all 'anti-terrorist' measures are designed not to protect the American people from attack or to protect our 'freedoms,' but to protect wealth and power – specifically the unprecedented levels of wealth currently held by corporate America – and to restrict those very freedoms that threaten their hold on that wealth. This American tragedy, in other words, plays directly into the hands of the corporate and military elite of this nation, who have for years been propagandizing for a more belligerent and imperialistic foreign policy and for more repressive legislation here on the home front. Having been presented with a pretext to enact such measures, it is our leaders – elected or otherwise – who stand to gain the most from yesterday's bloodshed.

As for the question of who had the means and opportunity to commit these crimes, the official story holds that they were the work of a well-organized foreign terrorist organization. Officials have acknowledged that the operation was an exceptionally well-planned and well-coordinated series of attacks that required months of planning and a large network of co-conspirators to pull off.

So well-organized was the operation that government spokesmen and television talking-heads (which are really the same thing) have been at a loss to explain some of the day's events. Many questions have been left unanswered and some haven't been asked at all. Some of the answers that have been offered have strained credibility far past the breaking point.

One question that has gone unanswered is how a plane was able to penetrate so deeply into the Pentagon's airspace – even after two other planes had already plowed into the World Trade Center towers. Despite the ridiculous current claims, the airspace surrounding the Pentagon is perhaps the most tightly controlled, militarily secure airspace in the world. This would be all the more true in the immediate aftermath of a large-scale 'terrorist' attack on New York City.

Claims have been made that even if the approach of the aircraft had sounded an alarm, it would not have been targeted due to the fact that it was a commercial aircraft with many innocent lives aboard. Nonsense. Anyone who thinks that U.S. military/intelligence personnel would hesitate to target a commercial airliner, particularly in light of the fact that two such aircraft had already been used in suicide attacks, is living in a media-induced fantasy world. The question then of how this plane was able to 'elude' the Pentagon's formidable defenses is one that should receive close scrutiny from America's 'free' and 'independent' press. There is virtually no chance that that will happen.

Another question that begs for an answer is how teams of presumably armed hijackers were able to breach the security measures of no less than three major airports and successfully hijack four separate flights. Contrary to the claims now being made, security precautions currently in place in U.S. airports are anything but "lax." That fact was being implicitly acknowledged by this morning, as reports began to come in claiming that the hijackers had improvised weapons from razor blades and other items carried in their shaving kits. The network and cable news broadcasters reporting this story actually did so with straight faces.

This scenario would be laughable were this story not such a tragic one. According to the latest official accounts, three to five terrorists boarded each of the hijacked aircraft (all of these terrorists, of course, were such religious fanatics that they had agreed to give their lives for the cause they believed in, and none of them presumably had second thoughts about that decision once the operation was underway). Does anyone really believe that a few guys wielding toothbrush handles embedded with razor blades could quickly and efficiently gain control of a commercial airliner? I would think that such a group would have their hands full trying to hold-up a liquor store.

How could, as has been reported, such a 'terrorist cell' possibly simultaneously overpower the flight crews and corral all of the flights' passengers into the rear of the planes? I don't consider myself to be a particularly brave or heroic sort of guy, but I would not hesitate for a second to take on a couple of guys wielding toothbrushes, particularly if my life, or the life of my family, was on the line and if I knew that I had some sixty people (the average number of passengers on the flights) behind me who would back me up. Maybe that's just me, but somehow I think most Americans would rise to the occasion.

Nevertheless, these terrorist teams reportedly succeeded where so many other, better-armed terrorists have failed. The majority of hijacking attempts, as officials have acknowledged, end in failure. There hasn't been one to succeed in this country for a decade. And yet these teams succeeded, and on a spectacular scale, in four-out-of-four attempts and with only the most primitive of weapons. To what are we to attribute that fact? Don't look to the media for answers.

Perhaps the most obvious question raised by the attacks, and one that officials have feebly attempted to answer, is how the planning for such an operation could have escaped the attention of the country's intelligence services. Whenever such an event occurs, the intelligence agencies rather predictably hang their heads, slump their shoulders and sheepishly grin as they explain their powerlessness to predict such things: "We did the best we could," they explain, "but our resources are limited, our adversaries formidable, and our sources not infallible."

That's a real nice story, but the reality is that the CIA – along with the FBI, ONI, DIA, NSC, NSA, DEA, and virtually every other three-letter acronym you could think of – constitutes the largest and most insidious intelligence network the world has ever seen. Its agents have fully infiltrated every foreign government on the planet, as well as every significant 'terrorist' group and every domestic resistance movement that has ever posed even a remote threat to the goals of those who helm the American ship of state. It is simply inconceivable that such an ambitious attack could have been planned, coordinated and launched without the knowledge of numerous members of the national security state.

That is the inescapable reality that no amount of media and government spin can erase, though politicians and their media puppets will work overtime to do exactly that. One need only to turn their television set off and their brain on though to see how preposterous is the claim that these attacks took the intelligence community by surprise.

Perhaps the most disturbing question raised by the attacks is what exactly caused the twin towers of the WTC to collapse? The impact of the planes affected only the upper floors of the towers; their foundations were unaffected. The UK's Guardian acknowledged that the initial impact of the aircraft would result in less stress on the building than is normally caused by high winds. The buildings were specifically designed to handle such horizontal movement.

The Guardian and its expert consultants conclude that the collapse of the buildings was the result of secondary explosions, attributed to the delayed release of the large supply of jet fuel carried by the aircraft. How though could the ignition of the jet fuel have occurred as a delayed, secondary explosion? As the endlessly played videotapes of the attacks graphically illustrate, the initial impacts resulted in enormous fireballs and the immediate engulfing of a portion of the buildings in flames.

It is inconceivable that the aircraft's fuel tanks would not have burst upon impact, with their contents then immediately ignited. Indeed, if that wasn't in fact the case, then how are we to explain the initial explosions and fireballs that were witnessed by the world? What exactly was it that created the spectacular initial blasts if it wasn't the jet fuel? But if that was the case, what was it then that created the secondary explosions that appear to have occurred? These secondary blasts were acknowledged early in the day by an NBC newsman. The correspondent stated on the air that he had just talked with the fire department's public safety commissioner who verified that large secondary explosions precipitated the collapse of the towers.

A radio broadcaster on WLS in Chicago (according to a correspondent), whose former colleague* is a CBS journalist who was on the scene at the towers, said on the air that this colleague had witnessed an enormous fireball emanating from beneath one of the towers immediately before it came crashing down. What are we to make of these scattered reports, none of which received any follow-up coverage amidst the non-stop blizzard of media attention?

To be sure, the collapse of the towers, captured on tape for all the world to see, had the decided appearance of controlled implosions, facilitated by the precise placement of technologically advanced explosives. The world has never before witnessed such complete destruction of a targeted building by an act of war or a 'terrorist' assault. We have seen the United States target many a building for destruction. In the most recent military venture, we saw an embassy building and a television studio, among many others, take direct and multiple hits from state-of-the-art bombs and guided missiles. The buildings were devastated, to be sure, but the damage didn't come close to matching the pile of rubble that the Twin Towers were reduced to.

We also saw a high rise Israeli apartment building take a direct hit from an Iraqi Scud missile during the Gulf war (actually, most of us probably didn't see that, except for those who happened to be tuned in to CNN for the brief few moments when the footage was aired; as it turns out, that Scud missile was actually safely intercepted by a trusty Patriot missile, or so it was claimed, just as if the footage had never aired). The point though is that the building was hit and did suffer extensive damage, and undoubtedly at the cost of many lives. But again, the building – though sheared nearly in half – was in considerably better shape than the WTC towers.

It occurs to me then that perhaps America has invested entirely too much time and money in pursuit of creating ever more powerful and efficient weapons systems. Who would have ever thought that the best weapon with which to reduce an entire tower to rubble was the plane itself. It doesn't even have to be a military plane – any old commercial aircraft will do. Someone obviously should have followed up on the early work done in this area by the Japanese during World War II.

In the final analysis, we must ask ourselves the following questions: Who had the means to get highly-trained commando teams onto four commercial aircraft flying out of three separate airports? Who had the ability to violate the Pentagon's airspace, completely unmolested and unchallenged? What weapons were really used to commandeer those aircraft and who had the means to get them on the planes? Who had the ability to plan and execute such an ambitious, multi-pronged attack without the interference of the U.S. intelligence services? Who had the means to staff each of the four teams with at least one well-trained, and suicidal, pilot? Who had the means and opportunity to plant secondary explosive charges, if in fact these were used?

Finally, perhaps the most important question to be asked is: who stands to gain the most in the bleak aftermath? It is certainly not the American people, or any resistance movement within these borders. It's definitely not the still-to-be identified target(s) of the nation's wrath (which will likely include Iraq). That would seem to limit the remaining choices.

It is quite possible, indeed quite likely, that members of some 'extremist' group served as the foot soldiers of these attacks. But it is just as likely that they were used as pawns in the global chess game that serves as our collective reality. It is also likely that these 'terrorists' were motivated by legitimately perceived grievances with the U.S. government. Those motivations weren't likely shared by their puppeteers, however, who cynically manipulated those belief systems to serve their own ends. Most of the participants probably did not know that they were embarking on suicide missions. Quite likely only the pilots knew that, and they may very well have received a little more 'training' than your average pilot.

All of this is, by necessity, just speculation at this point. The true facts of the case will emerge over time in bits and pieces, mixed in with a healthy dose of disinformation. It matters little though in which direction those facts point. The official story has already been written.

* It was previously mistakenly reported here that the woman making the call was the broadcaster's wife. She was actually a long-time colleague. The correspondent who alerted me to this report contacted the station to inquire about purchasing an audiotape of the broadcast for September 11, and received the following brief reply: "Legally, we're not allowed to provide program tapes."

Do you still believe the official story of 9/11? I don't, and I haven't ever believed it ... not from day one.

Texas Is A Messed Up Place

An 82-year-old man was shocked to find a Texas SWAT team storming his home. Before Herman Crisp could even ask any questions the uniformed officers, clad in military gear, knocked him down, broke his hip, and denied him medical assistance.

Herman Crisp explained in an interview with local KTBC news that the Georgetown SWAT deputies threw a flash-bang device at him while he as sitting in a chair and smoking a cigarette outside.

Crisp explains that the explosion knocked him out of his chair and to the ground. That’s when the SWAT cops moved in and slammed him to the ground again for good measure before handcuffing him.

That second slam to the ground was so forceful that it broke Crisp’s hip.

The SWAT cops refused to call paramedics, Crisp alleges in a new lawsuit just filed.

His family says that when the found him the next day, he was lying in his own feces since he couldn’t get to the bathroom or to a phone.

“After they left, I tried to get up because I had to go to the bathroom,” he said in an interview with KTBC. “And I couldn’t go. So, I just crawled over and laid on the floor right down through here. My sister had to call paramedics.”

Now, even after two surgeries and physical therapy, Crisp is forced to use a cane to walk, something which wasn’t the case before this SWAT attack.

Crisp’s attorney Boadus Spivey  said this is nothing short of the Georgetown Sheriff’s Office engaging in a “conspiracy of silence.”

“Things like this don’t happen in a vacuum. There’s nothing that we’ve been able to get that identifies the officers, that identifies the action that occurred. We have our client’s information but I had to hire a private investigator just to get enough faxed to determine whether I should file a lawsuit or not. And I’m convinced that the facts are adequate to file this lawsuit and we’ll find out now that we have some way to get accurate information,” the lawyer commented.

The SWAT deputies had a warrant to search Crisp’s home. But they have not explained what they were looking for.

The deputies have been so tight-lipped since the SWAT raid that Crisp says he was left with no choice but to file suit against Williamson County and the City of Georgetown. He is seeking damages in excess of $1 million due to the cost of medical care and mental anguish.

This occurred roughly 20 miles from where I live.

How can an 81 year old frail man sitting on his porch pose any kind of threat to a heavily armed SWAT team? Apparently he was treated this way mainly because he is Black.

Williamson County, Texas has a reputation for being one of the most repressive places in the US. My recommendation to everyone is that you steer clear unless you have a compelling reason to go there.

Will Chimps Get Legal Rights ???

This morning New York’s Supreme Court will hear arguments over whether chimpanzees deserve to be given legal rights - specifically two chimps named Hercules and Leo being held in captivity by Stony Brook University in New York State for use in an anatomical research programme.

Now that's interesting, particularly in light of the following:

  • Corporations can still experiment on humans by giving us poorly tested meds and vaccines without our fully informed consent;
  • Governments can take your children away from you if you fully exercise your so-called legal rights; and
  • The US President's "kill list" can be used to murder people who allegedly meet some vaguely defined secret threat criteria, in spite of their so-called Constitutional rights.

But let's all celebrate that chimps and other non-humans may now get the rights which we no longer have.

Does this kind of crap maybe give you an inkling why I am so damn cynical?

Is Christianity A Hate Crime ???

Senator Marco Rubio has finally figured out what's really going on:

Patriotism and religion are two sides of the same coin.

America is rapidly redefining "patriotism" as a hate crime:

And we're swiftly doing the same thing with religion. Here are two more excerpts from my novella No More Patriots which illustrate that trend:

Throughout our history, religion and religious institutions have emboldened most domestic extremists and the majority of our foreign enemies. By emphasizing that religious “laws” restrict our personal liberties and hinder the development of women, this phase of the campaign will help weaken the appeal of religion to the population in general and to potential extremists.

& & & & & & &

The doctrine of Manifest Destiny drove our genocidal expansion across the continent. Both sides in the conflict were motivated by religion or spiritual beliefs. As demonstrated by our experience at Indian boarding schools, the best way to reprogram Indian children to accept the ways of the white man was to isolate them from their families, their tribes, their cultures, and their deities. Discrediting the concept of Manifest Destiny will help accomplish a similar reprogramming of the US population.

It's all part of the deal America made to help Satan in return for worldly hegemony.

Your kids can now openly summon the devil, but they're not allowed to pray in school:

That alone ought to tell you that something is seriously wrong in this country.

Update: In this essay, Pat Buchanan discusses the cultural cleansing we are now undergoing:

Why Is FBI Attacking FIFA ???

Granted, there may be corruption in soccer, but is this the most important crime in the US?

What about drug trafficking?

What about drug money laundering?

What about the other crimes of bankgangsters and Wall Street?

What about the apparent organized criminal activity of the Clinton Foundation?

How did we manage to put another dunderhead at the helm of FBI?