Thursday, May 31, 2018

No More Veils In Denmark

Denmark has banned the wearing of face veils in public, joining France and other parts of Europe in outlawing the burqa and the niqab worn by some Muslim women.

Parliament voted on Thursday for the law proposed by the center-right government which said face veils were contrary to Danish values.

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On several occasions, I have seen women dressed in burqas shopping at H-E-B in Austin, TX (fully covered, but eyes not screened). I am not aware this EVER caused a problem.

Dear Denmark - Get over it. What are "Danish values" anyway?

Charity Fraud In Rwanda ???

In 2012, 57% of Rwandans lived below the poverty line and 37% lived in extreme poverty. By 2015-16, 39% of the population lived below the poverty line, according to government statistics. After the Rwandan genocide, the country became known as ‘donor darling’ and received billions in aid from all over the world – and still does.

Rwanda is the most densely packed country in Africa. The 1994 genocide, which killed about 1 million people, changed the demographic structure of the country. Women now account for 54% of the population, and women and orphans were left as the heads of many households.

In 2015, 44% of Rwandan children suffered from stunting. Agriculture employs 80% of the labour force, but only accounts for a third of the country’s GDP. Nearly half of Rwandan agricultural households experience food insecurity.

Even if poverty was rapidly being defeated, there is still a massive amount of work to do to see Rwanda fully recover and then adapt its economy to a fast-changing world.

The British government takes this view when giving Rwanda £64 million in foreign aid through the Dept For International Development (DFID):

“The government of Rwanda is committed to poverty reduction and meeting the Global Goals, achieving increased prosperity and opportunity for its citizens, and ensuring stability. They have a strong record of using aid effectively to achieve these objectives and produce impressive results. However, it is only just over 20 years since the genocide and poverty remains high. It is important to continue supporting development and economic growth efforts so Rwanda can succeed in the long term and be self-reliant. This, in turn, will help minimise the risk of conflict within and between countries in the region.”

The DFID taxpayer-funded aid package is there to fund the following projects:

  • transformation from an agricultural economy to private sector-led growth
  • significantly improved services that deliver the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs)
  • increased accountability of the state to citizens and empowerment of girls, women and the extreme poor
  • transition to more open and inclusive politics and enhanced human rights


  • To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  • To achieve universal primary education
  • To promote gender equality and empower women
  • To reduce child mortality
  • To improve maternal health
  • To combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases
  • To ensure environmental sustainability
  • To develop a global partnership for development

So quite how £30 million of British taxpayers money given via the DFID is being diverted by the central African nation to sponsor Arsenal football club is a mystery.

Especially so when considering that as at April this year, Arsenal FC has a team value at close to $2 billion, a debt value against revenue of just 16 per cent, earns over $480 million on commercial sponsorships, and $780 million from broadcasting – without match fees.

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That sounds like something the Clinton Crime Family would do.

Africa will continue to be everyone's victim until they rise up and throw the invaders out. Note well that is what they are trying to do, while we regard their forces of liberation and independence as "terrorists". By that standard, The Founders of the US and their armed forces were terrorists, too.

We truly have lost our way.

The Tic Tac UFO Incident

New details are emerging about a UFO sighting recorded by the U.S. military in the waters off the coast of California 14 years ago.

The 2004 incident involving the “Tic Tac” UFO, named because it was a fast-moving white object that resembled one of the mints, was first revealed late last year by The New York Times and The Washington Post.

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Note well - There is more evidence for UFOs than there was for Saddam's WMDs. Yet we dismiss the former while believing the latter.

If UFOs turn out to be real, I think we're in big trouble. If the ETs did say "take me to your leader", I'd be willing to wager our leaders sold us to them as food and/or raw material for some other purpose.

America's Propaganda Machine

In the old days, America’s top spies would complete their tenures at the CIA or one of the other Washington puzzle palaces and segue to more ordinary pursuits. Some wrote their memoirs. One ran for president. Another died a few months after surrendering his post. But today’s national-security establishment retiree has a different game plan. After so many years of brawling in the shadows, he yearns for a second, lucrative career in the public eye. He takes a crash course in speaking in soundbites, refreshes his wardrobe and signs a TV news contract. Then, several times a week, waits for a network limousine to shuttle him to the broadcast news studios where, after a light dusting of foundation and a spritz of hairspray, he takes a supporting role in the anchors’ nighttime shows.

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The mega-conglomerate media companies, the social media giants, and our so-called "intelligence" agencies have merged into a giant propaganda machine. This is bad for our political system, the country in general, and the world at large.

Yet there appears to be no way to derail them. What now?

Will 5G Kill Us All ???

On May 29, 2018, CBS News aired a segment about the many Americans who are fighting small cell towers being installed in residential yards and everywhere else in their communities.

The wireless industry is in a race to roll out 5G service. The network is supposed to be up to 100 times faster than current data speeds, but it requires cellphone tower equipment to be closer to users than before.

Wireless companies in the U.S. say they’ll have to install about 300,000 new antennas – roughly equal to the total number of cell towers built over the past three decades. That’s causing outrage and alarm in some neighborhoods, as antennas go up around homes.

Decades of research – including research on millimeter waves like 5G – says there are plenty of reasons to worry about harm from exposure to all sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation.

Countless doctors, environmental organizations, scientists, concerned citizens, and some elected officials have been fighting the installation of small cell towers in their communities because of health concerns and more.

Various other media outlets have also been reporting about this including The Nation, Democracy Now, NPR, Newsweek, and Dr. Oz.  The Telecom Industry is being referred to as “Big Wireless” and compared to “Big Tobacco.”

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More or less the same people who told us nuclear power would be safe and "too cheap to meter" now are forcing 5G down our throats.

Don't believe them. It is a FACT that 5G will irradiate more people and to a larger dose than do US nuclear power plants.

Is 5G how they will kill us all after the rich people move to Mars? I would not be surprised.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Our Military Cancer

You may learn about it here:

We really don't need any of this, but we are stuck with it nonetheless.

We need to ask why ... why we don't have money to feed our own people, but apparently lots of money to kill other people half way around the world who are no threat to us.

Paving The Way Toward Nuclear War

There had been a long fight with fiery speeches, long-winded discussions presenting opposing views, publications and statements in support of “resolute steps” on the one hand as well as the calls for carefully weighing pros and cons on the other. Finally, the concept of “racing headlong into the unknown” has prevailed. On May 23, the US House of Representatives turned down a measure that would limit the fiscal 2019 funding for the new 6.5 kt W76-2 low-yield (LY) or “flexible” nuclear warhead. The ordnance is to be installed on Trident II submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), which normally carry 100 kt W76 warheads. The nuclear weapon (NW) is to be developed in accordance with the provisions of Nuclear Posture Review (NPR).

Before the vote, 32 former top security officials opposed the idea of low-yield nuclear warhead in a letter sent to the members of Congress. The appeal failed to influence the outcome of the vote in the House. With the funding approved, the W76-2 could be in service during the current presidential term.

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This is not only absurd, it's incredibly dangerous. This has NOTHING to do with deterring Russia, and everything to do with making nuclear weapons more usable.


If it does happen say your prayers and get right with G-d, because sooner or later we'll be living (and dying) under a radioactive cloud.

Ebola Vaccine - Treatment, Or Experimentation ???

The outbreak of Ebola in Congo is beginning to look even scarier for those infected. Authorities are now saying they intend to test several more experimental drugs on human beings in the area.

Last week, SHTFPlan reported that the experimental Ebola vaccine will be used immediately as health official attempt to mitigate the spread of the virus. More than 400 people have been vaccinated with the experimental vaccine and more than 800 contacts traced in the city of Mbandaka in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Use of the experimental vaccine, known as rVSV-ZEBOV, will now spread to the more rural regions of Iboko and Bikoro where the majority of cases have occurred, reported CNN.

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Are we trying to help these people, or merely giving Big Pharma license to experiment on them?

Money Trumps We The People

Pleasing Investors at the Expense of the People, Argentina Sells out to the IMF

President Mauricio Macri has put the country back on the neoliberal path with policies that favor big agricultural producers inside the country, and investors both inside and outside of Argentina.

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It should be clear by now that neoliberal economics benefits only a small fraction of the world's population.

Banks and securities exchanges are chartered to benefit We the People. Even if one considers corporations to be "persons", they are only a small fraction of the world's persons.

It's time for governments to ignore the wishes of the rich in favor of the needs of the many. I know that doesn't play well in the US, but the alternative is mass poverty and starvation.

Democrats Suck

This report raises a good question - why was Rosanne Barr fired when Bill Maher wasn't, after both did more or less the same thing?

Most Democrats and liberals I can think of are lying, hypocritical swine.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Is Warfare Christian ???

St. Nicholai Velimirović, a beloved Saint from Serbia, recounts a story from St. Cyril, explaining why warfare is sometimes permissible for Christians: 

In the encampment of the Saracens they asked St. Cyril: "How could Christians wage war and at the same time keep the commandment of Christ about praying to God for their enemies?"

To that, St. Cyril replied: "If two commandments were written in one law and given to men for fulfilling, which man will be a better follower of the law: the one who fulfills one commandment or the one who fulfills both?"

To that, the Saracens replied: "Undoubtedly, he who fulfills both commandments."

St. Cyril continued: "Christ our God commands us to pray to God for those who persecute us and even to do good to them; but, He also said to us: greater love cannot be shown in this world than if one lay down his life for his friends." "Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" (St. John 15:13). That is why we bear the insults which our enemies do to us individually and we pray to God for them; and, as a society, we defend one another and give up our lives, that you would not somehow enslave our brethren, would not enslave their souls with their bodies and would not kill them in body and soul.

— The Prologue of Ohrid, May 11

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This is a false argument, and it does NOT justify warfare. Take a closer look at what Jesus said:

This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.
John 15:12-14 KJV

Read John Chapter 15 in its entirety. It is NOT a justification for war. It is a call to martyrdom. The greatest love is to lay down your life for your friend, not to kill someone else because you think you are "defending" him.

Consider the example of Jesus Himself. He easily could have defeated the Romans and all of His enemies, but He did not. He gave His life for His friends and for all of us. How can His example POSSIBLY be used to justify killing anyone, whether in warfare or in self-defense?

Making The Case For Bigotry ???

Here's a strange opinion piece by David Brooks:

Once upon a time, white male Protestants ruled the roost. You got into a fancy school if your father had gone to the fancy school. You got a job at a white-shoe law firm or climbed the corporate ladder if you golfed at the right club.

Then we smashed all that. We replaced a system based on birth with a fairer system based on talent. We opened up the universities and the workplace to Jews, women and minorities. University attendance surged, creating the most educated generation in history. We created a new boomer ethos, which was egalitarian (bluejeans everywhere!), socially conscious (recycling!) and deeply committed to ending bigotry.

You’d think all this would have made the U.S. the best governed nation in history. Instead, inequality rose. Faith in institutions plummeted. Social trust declined. The federal government became dysfunctional and society bitterly divided.

You can read the rest @

What you leave out, David, are the roles played by patriotism, bigotry, and what is now called "white supremacy" in achieving the former "greatness" of the USA. We became great (if that's what it was) because we loved ourselves (in the national sense) and hated everyone else.

We still love ourselves and hate everyone else, but now it's in the PERSONAL sense. We've gone from being Nazis to being snowflakes, and as we know snow melts as soon as it encounters heat or pressure. And nothing is going to change that.

We cannot go back, and we're not prepared for what lies ahead.

Are We al-Qaeda’s Air Force In Syria ???

In an apparent attempt to remove all pretense that the United States is nothing more than al-Qaeda’s Air Force in Syria, the American government is warning its Syrian counterpart that, if the SAA moves ahead with its upcoming southern offensive to remove ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists from its southern borders, the U.S. will take “firm and appropriate measures.”

In other words, the United States is telling Syria that it had better not attack ISIS forces or else. Indeed, American “Firm and appropriate measures” seems like a very thinly veiled threat of military action particularly since the United States seems incapable of taking any “measures” that aren’t “kinetic” in nature outside of its borders.

You can read the rest @

Could anything be clearer? The so-called "terrorists" are our allies.

And once we admit that, isn't it likely that 9/11 was indeed an inside job?

Are You On The US Kill List ???

Two journalists filed a federal lawsuit against Donald Trump and other high government officials, asking to be removed from the US's classified "kill list" until they have a meaningful opportunity to challenge their inclusion. Now a federal judge is questioning the US government's assertion of authority to unilaterally kill US citizens abroad.

You can read the rest @

Senator Rand Paul also questioned this so-called "authority", but the rest of Congress ignored him.

In reality, the US will kill anyone it wants to, for any reason ... or for no reason. Our laws and constitution no longer matter.

WTFU !!!

An End To White Men ???

Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, called for an end to white men on Sunday morning, saying that their “nature is not in harmony with the nature of God.”

You can read the rest @

I have two comments for you, Louis:
  1. Even if we are "white devils", we were created by G-d and therefore must serve some purpose. After all, G-d created Satan and knows what Satan will do ... so why does He allow Satan to exist?
  2. I'm not aware that the white people of the US ever advocated the extermination of the black man. If we had, you'd not be here. So why do you and your ilk want to exterminate us?

We Don't Need No Stinking Evidence

Why is it that many stories about President Trump use the phrase "offering no evidence" when referring to his claims? Here is an example:

Evidence is no longer relevant in America:

  • There was no evidence Saddam had WMDs, but we invaded anyway.
  • There is PLENTY of evidence Hillary Clinton broke several laws, but she was not indicted.
  • There is no evidence Iran has broken the terms of our deal with them, but we're goading them toward war anyway.

Face it - when we want something (or don't want it), the evidence does not matter. And THAT is the basis of LAWLESSNESS.

Stop lying, and stop believing lies.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Are Members Of Congress Retarded ???

According to this report, members of Congress don't think Obama ad-Dajjal spied on the Trump campaign:

In spite of reams of evidence, they also have the following bizarre beliefs:

  • Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her IT staff did not spy on them, either.
  • Hillary Clinton broke no laws.
  • Bill Clinton never committed sexual assault or rape.
  • We had to invade Iraq because Saddam still had WMDs.
  • Syria gasses its own people.
  • Russia stole the 2016 election.
  • Quarantines are old-fashioned and a violation of human rights.
  • Jet fuel fires caused WTC 1 and WTC 2 to disintegrate.
  • Israel is deserving of our support.

Are these folks retarded, or merely out of touch with reality?

In either case, why are we still allowing them to run our country?

The Art Of War

They wrote in the old days that it is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country. But in modern war there is nothing sweet nor fitting in your dying. You will die like a dog for no good reason.
Ernest Hemingway

Here is a photo montage of art from our many wars:

We're not dying for our country any more, far from it. We're dying so that the super rich can enjoy the things we'll never have.

No amount of ribbons, flags, statues, and ceremonies is ever going to justify that to me.

Stealing Syria's Oil

Trump Set to Recognize Israel’s Claim to Occupied Golan Heights and Its Sizable Oil Reserves

Exporting Golan oil is problematic under international law but, were the U.S. to unilaterally recognize the Golan as Israel’s, that oil could potentially be exported to the U.S. Major U.S. oil investors and lobbyists are therefore pushing hard for Trump to make that move.

You can read the rest @

This is one of the many reasons I do not respect anything Israel is doing. This is not about G-d, it's all about greed and vile criminality.

Unconstitutional Wars From Truman Forward

As we celebrate Memorial Day 2018, it behooves us to ponder the basis for the wars in which our loved ones died, including the legality and the very constitutionality of those wars. This paper is a good step in that direction:

From President Truman’s initiation of war against North Korea in June 1950, presidents have exceeded constitutional and statutory authority in exercising the war power. Instead of coming to Congress for a declaration of war or statutory support, they sought “authority” from the U.N. Security Council or NATO allies. The precedent established by Truman was followed by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Through their initiatives, they violated the rule of law, the principle of self-government, and the system of checks and balances. The U.S. Constitution expressly rejected the British model that placed with the Executive exclusive authority over all of external affairs, including taking the country to a state of war. The Framers assigned that power solely to Congress.

You can read the rest @  [a very long read]

Note well - A new authorization for the use of military force is pending in Congress. We need to ask ourselves whether such an AUMF is in the interest of We the People, or whether it mainly benefits the rich and/or external parties such as Israel and Saudi Arabia. This is not a trivial concern, since our very lives may depend upon it.

Our military should be used first and foremost to defend our country. Any use to defend so-called allies should happen only with great restraint. This is so because instead of solving the world's problems, our cavalier use of military force actually has caused almost all of them.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Dicier By The Day

If we look beneath the cheery chatter of the financial media and the tiresomely repetitive Russian collusion narrative (that’s unraveling as the Ministry of Propaganda’s machinations are exposed), we find that America in 2018 is dicier by the day.

You can read the details @

Or you can stay immersed in the illusion. The choice is yours, at least for now. If what the author claims is true, the shit is about to hit the fan ... and once it does everyone will know.

The Dummies Guide To The Russia Collusion Hoax

Here it is in a nutshell:

How highly placed members of one administration mobilised the intelligence services to undermine their successors.

You can find the details @

The fact that the US deep state has so thoroughly undermined our electoral process and the very foundations of our republic ought to give us pause to think hard on this Memorial Day weekend. Thanks to them, all the sacrifices made by our citizen soldiers may have been for nothing, with the exception of the fact they have enabled the global dictatorship now taking over this planet.

Who Killed Bobby Kennedy ???

Spoiler alert - it wasn't Sirhan Sirhan:

Just before Christmas, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. pulled up to the massive Richard J. Donovan Correctional Center, a California state prison complex in the desert outside San Diego that holds nearly 4,000 inmates. Kennedy was there to visit Sirhan B. Sirhan, the man convicted of killing his father, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, nearly 50 years ago.

While his wife, actress Cheryl Hines, waited in the car, Robert Kennedy Jr. met with Sirhan for three hours, he revealed to The Washington Post last week. It was the culmination of months of research by Kennedy into the assassination, including speaking with witnesses and reading the autopsy and police reports.

"I got to a place where I had to see Sirhan," Kennedy said. He would not discuss the specifics of their conversation. But when it was over, Kennedy had joined those who believe there was a second gunman, and that it was not Sirhan who killed his father.

You can read the rest @

The verifiable facts of the case PROVE that Sirhan did not fire the fatal shots:

Though Sirhan admitted at his trial in 1969 that he shot Kennedy, he claimed from the start that he had no memory of doing so. And midway through Sirhan's trial, prosecutors provided his lawyers with an autopsy report that launched five decades of controversy: Kennedy was shot four times at point-blank range from behind, including the fatal shot behind his ear. But Sirhan, a 24-year-old Palestinian immigrant, was standing in front of him.

But those facts were ignored, and once again the patsy was convicted.

Our corrupt political system is FILLED with murderers. That's why they almost always vote for every war they can.

Bobby was killed by the same group of people who killed his brother. Believe it.

And by the way, no "re-investigation" is going to discover who they are. Nor will the real killers of JFK, MLK, and Malcolm X or the true culprits of the OKC bombing and the 9/11 attacks ever be known. That's why they're called "covert" actions.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Global Perspective On Firearm Deaths

Firearm deaths in the United States receive an awful lot of attention. Rightfully so, as a developed nation, the rate of violent deaths involving a firearm, and the horrendously frequent shootings targeting schools, is high. Compared to the whole world though, the U.S. rate comes in well below countries such as El Salvador and Venezuela which had 72.5 and 64.3 firearm-related deaths per 100,000 population in 2016, respectively. According to the Small Arms Survey, in the U.S. this rate is 3.1:

In the US, you're five times more likely to die from the flu than from a gunshot wound.

Source -

Shellfish On Opioids ???

Shellfish in the Puget Sound, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean along the northwest coast of Washington, tested positive for the prescription opioid oxycodone.

But that wasn't all, according to Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist Jennifer Lanksbury. In the midst of a national opioid crisis, the opioid may be the most attention-grabbing contaminant found, but it could be the least worrisome.

The mussels also contained four kinds of synthetic surfactants -- the chemicals found in detergents and cleaning products -- seven kinds of antibiotics, five types of antidepressants, more than one antidiabetic drug and one chemotherapy agent.

You can read the rest @

Yes, we are poisoning our planet. And all these drugs aren't making us any healthier, either.

Are you happy now?

Friday, May 25, 2018

Is This Why We're Going To War With Russia ???

There is a massive Christian renaissance underway in Russia, at the same time the USA is rejecting Christianity and sliding towards paganism and open Satan worship:

We tend to think of things in secular (especially political) terms, so I think we miss what's really happening. There is no religious freedom in the US, and what remains of our freedom of speech and the press is under heavy attack.

It seems ironic to think that Russia should be such a bastion of freedom, but not really when you realize the US government has been lying to us since even before the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.

Congress Cowers Before Amazon

Reps. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., and Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., sent a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Friday morning, demanding answers about how the tech giant’s facial recognition technology is being used by law enforcement agencies around the country.

The letter, provided to The Intercept ahead of its public release, lists a total of 12 requests for information regarding Amazon’s facial recognition service, branded as “Rekognition,” including the names of any law enforcement or government agencies that use the system and data on how the service could enable, or itself engage in, discrimination, including racial and gender bias.

“The disproportionally high arrest rates for members of the black community make the use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement problematic,” the letter reads, “because it could serve to reinforce this trend.”

You can read the rest @

That's it? They're concerned about bias and discrimination?

What about the facts that a police state is being constructed, that ALL our civil rights are being ignored, and that the worst fascist government in history is taking over our once great republic?

There is little which GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon) have done which I admire or even consider to be tolerable any more. Rein them in, or shut them down and seize their assets.

The best vehicle for accomplishing this is the RICO statute:

It is unlawful for anyone employed by or associated with any enterprise engaged in, or the activities of which affect, interstate or foreign commerce, to conduct or participate, directly or indirectly, in the conduct of such enterprise's affairs through a pattern of racketeering activity or collection of unlawful debt. 18 U.S.C.A. § 1962(c) (West 1984). The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) was passed by Congress with the declared purpose of seeking to eradicate organized crime in the United States. Russello v. United States, 464 U.S. 16, 26-27, 104 S. Ct. 296, 302-303, 78 L. Ed. 2d 17 (1983); United States v. Turkette, 452 U.S. 576, 589, 101 S. Ct. 2524, 2532, 69 L. Ed. 2d 246 (1981). A violation of Section 1962(c), requires (1) conduct (2) of an enterprise (3) through a pattern (4) of racketeering activity. Sedima, S.P.R.L. v. Imrex Co., 473 U.S. 479, 496, 105 S. Ct. 3275, 3285, 87 L. Ed. 2d 346 (1985).

A more expansive view holds that in order to be found guilty of violating the RICO statute, the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt: (1) that an enterprise existed; (2) that the enterprise affected interstate commerce; (3) that the defendant was associated with or employed by the enterprise; (4) that the defendant engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity; and (5) that the defendant conducted or participated in the conduct of the enterprise through that pattern of racketeering activity through the commission of at least two acts of racketeering activity as set forth in the indictment. United States v. Phillips, 664 F. 2d 971, 1011 (5th Cir. Unit B Dec. 1981), cert. denied, 457 U.S. 1136, 102 S. Ct. 1265, 73 L. Ed. 2d 1354 (1982).

Source -

What is "racketeering activity"?

RICO defines “racketeering activity” as a long list of state and federal crimes. The federal crimes include bribery, various fraud offenses, gambling offenses, money laundering, a number of financial and economic crimes, obstructing justice or a criminal investigation, murder for hire, and sexual exploitation of children. The state crimes include murder, kidnapping, gambling, arson, robbery, bribery, extortion, dealing in obscene matter, and drug crimes.

Source -

Are you telling me there is not even one federal prosecutor who can't find a way to go after GAFA using this statute? That's DAMN hard to believe, and it suggests that corporate-government collusion is at the heart of the matter.

What's With All The Booms ???

Mysterious booms and strange lights in have been reported all over the country and have recently sparked fears that the United States government is building tunnels underground in preparation for a potential nuclear third world war. Residents are convinced that they are hearing sounds and seeing the odd lights, and they are not isolated events.

You can read the rest @

Two things are clear (at least to me) - something is going on, and the US government seems hell bent on causing a nuclear war.

Less clear - is Elon Musk's boring machine scheme really intended to facilitate civilian transport in the US, or is it part of the above-alleged government program? I find it difficult to believe the flat broke US population is going to use ANY such underground transportation system, even if it is free.

Flushing Our Future Down The Toilet

In a 351-66 vote, the House of Representatives has passed their version of the 2019 military spending bill, the National Defense Authorization Act. The NDAA intends to spend $717 billion in the next fiscal year on the military, wars, and nuclear arms.

This is another substantial increase in military spending, broadly supported within both parties. Only 7 Republicans voted against the bill, while Democrats were a bit more split on the matter. Either way, amendments intended to limit nuclear weapons spending or the like were roundly defeated.

You can read the rest @

WHAT "national defense"? The only people attacking us are the drug cartels and the bankers, none of whom will be meaningfully targeted, let alone defeated, using that $717 billion.

We are chasing fairy tales (e.g., Russian collusion) while flushing our economic future right down the toilet. There is NO ONE in DC (with the possible exception of Senator Rand Paul) who seems to have our best interests in mind.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Nuke Missiles On LSD ???

Apparently USAF personnel guarding our nuclear bases have been using drugs:

One airman said he felt paranoia. Another marveled at the vibrant colors. A third admitted, “I absolutely just loved altering my mind.”

Meet service members entrusted with guarding nuclear missiles that are among the most powerful in America’s arsenal. Air Force records obtained by The Associated Press show they bought, distributed and used the hallucinogen LSD and other mind-altering illegal drugs as part of a ring that operated undetected for months on a highly secure military base in Wyoming. After investigators closed in, one airman deserted to Mexico.

You can read the rest @

Imagine that!

In a former life I served on two US nuclear subs and worked at several US nuclear power plants. It was fairly commonplace to discover sailors and nuke workers who were taking drugs and/or engaged in other criminal activities. After all, they're a subset of the US population ... and Americans are among the worst drug abusers and criminals in the world.

And somehow we're worried about Kim Jong-un?

The Fall Of Morgan Freeman ???

The man who once seemed to be everywhere is about to go nowhere:

Note well the #MeToo movement can and will destroy anyone in its ruthless quest for revenge and power.

Trump Really Is An Idiot

The Donald just forfeited his Nobel Prize:

Dear Donald - What did you expect Kim to do after you threatened to kill him?

Bringing John Bolton into your administration is the dumbest thing you have done so far. I used to think you showed promise, but now I would be HAPPY if the Democrats impeached you.

Dumbass !!!

This Is Congo

Here is a new movie documenting the on-going disaster in Congo:

It's all about minerals, power, and wealth.

The disaster may have started with the cruel reign of King Leopold II of Belgium, but it was perpetuated when President Eisenhower colluded in the murder of PM Patrice Lumumba.

Forget your fantasies about bringing democracy to the world. The US is a genocidal monster which will do anything in the pursuit of riches.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Only Thing US Government Cares About

Here is a picture of the only thing the US government really cares about - the Third Temple:

This is why we got Iraq to attack Iran.

This is why we invaded Iraq.

This is why we destroyed Syria.

This is why we'll help Israel destroy Iran.

This is why there will be a Third World War.

This is why the US is being sucked dry and will be discarded like a used condom.

Make no mistake, this is the most important thing going on in the world today ... and "our" ambassador sure seems happy about it. We the People basically are ignorant about all of this, but in the very near future it shall blow up in our faces.

Are you happy now? Whether you are or not, I strongly suggest you start studying your Bible, especially the part dealing with the End Times.

The Police State Solution To School Shootings

Amid the highly-publicized spate of mass shootings in America, one public school district is set to impose unprecedented police state tactics to ensure “security” and safety for students.

Starting next school year, schools in New York’s Lockport district will be equipped not only with bulletproof glass and surveillance cameras but also with facial recognition technology used by police forces and military units.

“We always have to be on our guard. We can’t let our guard down,” Lockport Superintendent Michelle T. Bradley told “That’s the world that we’re living in. Times have changed. For the Board of Education and the Lockport City School District, this is the No. 1 priority: school security.”

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We've had "homeland security" for going on 17 years now. Has it made us any safer?

We're no longer on the "slippery slope" of totalitarianism; we've gone into free fall.

Give Them An Inch

 ... and now they want the Golan Heights, too:

As a US citizen, I am against my government supporting the illegal and often violent acts of the Israelis. No more.

Follow the law ... international law.

And were we to follow G-d's law, there would not be a nation-state of Israel in the first place. You can find the proofs for that contention here:

Is Bloomberg A Moron ???

He thinks raising taxes on poor people is a good thing:

Or perhaps he's a psychopath.

What do you think?

F-35 In Combat ???

Israel claims to be the first to use F-35s in combat:

Sorry, but shooting fish in a barrel is not "combat".

And it's rather cowardly, too; on roughly the same level as shooting unarmed protesters.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

US Is Running Out Of Bombs

The Pentagon plans to invest more than $20 billion in munitions in its next budget. But whether the industrial base will be there to support such massive buys in the future is up in the air — at a time when America is expending munitions at increasingly intense rates.

The annual Industrial Capabilities report, put out by the Pentagon’s Office of Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy, has concluded that the industrial base of the munitions sector is particularly strained, something the report blames on the start-and-stop nature of munitions procurement over the last 20 years, as well as the lack of new designs being internally developed.

Some suppliers have dropped out entirely, leaving no option for replacing vital materials. Other key suppliers are foreign-owned, with no indigenous capability to produce vital parts and materials ― setting up the risk that a conflict with China could rely on Chinese-made parts.

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And this is a bad thing?

We dropped more bombs in the Vietnam War than we did in World War II.

And we've dropped a heck of a lot of bombs on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, etc.

What has all this bombing accomplished? NOTHING except death and suffering for people who otherwise could be our friends.

Bombing is stupid; but stupid is as stupid does.

Israel’s Coming War Won’t Be Against Iran Or Syria

Nope, it will be against Lebanon. You can read about it here:

Now, you can believe the so-called "intelligence" about Hezbollah, or you can believe what General Wesley Clark revealed long ago:

This entire Middle East debacle is part of a long-standing plan concocted by the US deep state and its Israeli accomplices (masters?). It clearly is a plan for aggressive wars which amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

And this has NOTHING to do with G-d. If it did, would the (Boy) Scouts be handing out condoms? I doubt it.

The USA is part of Satan's army now, and we shall meet a fiery end:

And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army.
And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.
Revelation 19:19-20 KJV

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Why Isn't Obama ad-Dajjal In Jail ???

It is quite reasonable to believe the entire attack on Trump was the work of Obama ad-Dajjal from start to finish. You can read about it here:

He should be impeached and prosecuted for violations of federal law. And no, it's not too late to impeach him.

And let's take down all his henchmen while we're at it.

Condoms For Scouts ???

Now I've heard everything - the (Boy) Scouts will be handing out condoms at their jamborees:

Do they still teach the twelve points of the Scout Law?

Reverent (we don't want to "offend" anyone)

And don't forget to practice safe sex.

It looks like Satan has managed to destroy everything that was once good about the USA, including the Scouts.

The Day Of Shame

Here is a telling confession from Uri Avnery:

On Bloody Monday last week, when the number of Palestinian killed and wounded was rising by the hour, I asked myself: what would I have done if I had been a youngster of 15 in the Gaza Strip?

My answer was, without hesitation: I would have stood near the border fence and demonstrated, risking my life and limbs every minute.

How am I so sure?

Simple: I did the same when I was 15.

I was a member of the National Military Organization (the "Irgun"), an armed underground group labeled "terrorist".

Palestine was at the time under British occupation (called "mandate"). In May 1939, the British enacted a law limiting the right of Jews to acquire land. I received an order to be at a certain time at a certain spot near the sea shore of Tel Aviv in order to take part in a demonstration. I was to wait for a trumpet signal.

The trumpet sounded and we started the march down Allenby Road, then the city’s main street. Near the main synagogue, somebody climbed the stairs and delivered an inflammatory speech. Then we marched on, to the end of the street, where the offices of the British administration were located. There we sang the national anthem, “Hatikvah”, while some adult members set fire to the offices.

Suddenly several lorries carrying British soldiers screeched to a halt, and a salvo of shots rang out. The British fired over our heads, and we ran away.

Remembering this event 79 years later, it crossed my mind that the boys of Gaza are greater heroes then we were then. They did not run away. They stood their ground for hours, while the death toll rose to 61 and the number of those wounded by live ammunition to some 1500, in addition to 1000 affected by gas.

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What is happening in Gaza has nothing to do with G-d. It stems from the delusions of a selfish people who lack basic human decency.

And no, I don't mean the Palestinians or the Iranians.