Monday, May 14, 2018

What Is Happening In Jerusalem ???

Many think they understand what now is happening in Jerusalem, and perhaps they do.

But I'd like to remind you of a few things just in case you're still wondering:

(1) John Hagee's group "Christians United for Israel" has over 4 million members. You can read about it here:

(2) The group "Jews for Jesus" doesn't publicize its numbers (if they do, I cannot find it), but I doubt it is a significant percentage of the Israeli population. You can read about it here:

(3) While nearly all Christians acknowledge the claims made in the Old Testament, few if any Israelis acknowledge anything in the New Testament. You can read what they think about "Jews for Jesus" here:

(4) While the USA may be the 'big dog" in the Middle East, Israel clearly is the tail wagging this particular dog. It is their version of the End Times which is unfolding, not ours. And their version does not culminate with Jesus ruling the nations with a rod of iron. That role shall be played by the Jewish Messiah, and in their books his name is not Jesus. He's more like King David.

So, what's really in store for all of us?

I believe in the vision of the New Jerusalem which is found in the Book of Revelation. The Israelis believe in a different New Jerusalem. Theirs has a Third Temple which will stand forever, while the one revealed to Saint John ultimately does not. Yes there are two covenants, but either there is or is not a Third Temple. Both versions cannot exist at the same time in the same place. And the Israelis aren't building the Third Temple just so an Antichrist can once again halt the daily sacrifices and bring about the abomination of desolation. John Hagee may think they are, but I doubt that PM Netanyahu and the Chief Rabbi have such a thing in mind.

You can find a discussion about the inconsistencies between the two covenants here:

Something is seriously not right about our perception of the unfolding reality of New Jerusalem. I am certain that G-d's will shall be done, but I'm also certain that we really don't know exactly what that means.

By the way, May 14 is the Egyptian festival known as the Panegyric of Isis. You can read about it here:

Strange that Trump and Netanyahu would pick this particular day to open the new US embassy in Jerusalem. But perhaps not so strange when you realize that 9/11 occurred on the festival known as the Day of Queens. Does the US deep state observe these ancient festivals? It would seem so. Also strange that our alleged new "enemy" in Syria is called ISIS, seemingly in honor of the ancient Egyptian goddess. Or is that just a coincidence, too?

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  1. Here is a report about mixing of government and religion:

    Doesn't it seem bizarre that your kids cannot pray in school, while your government is waging a religious war that may kill us all? Something is horribly wrong with this situation.