Thursday, May 17, 2018

Is Saudi Crown Prince Dead ???

The apparent disappearance of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman from the public eye has led several Iranian media outlets to wonder if one of the most powerful men in the kingdom might’ve been killed during an attempted coup last month.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was allegedly hit by two bullets during the April 21 attack on the royal palace in Riyadh and may actually be dead as he has not appeared in public since the incident, Kayhan newspaper reports citing "a secret service report sent to the senior officials of an unnamed Arab state."

As Press TV points out, no new photo or video of bin Salman has been released by Saudi authorities since that day, and the prince "was not even seen on camera when new US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made his maiden visit to Riyadh in late April."

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Perhaps he has become invisible for reasons of safety. If he's already been the target of two coup attempts (the Vegas incident + this latest one), it would make sense for him to lay low for a while.

And if he IS dead, what a fine kettle of fish that would be.


  1. These arrests, coupled with zero response to them from the Crown Prince, strongly suggest he is either incapacitated or dead:

  2. Finally ... someone is asking the same questions:

    Considering what he did to the rich and powerful men of Saudi Arabia, it would not surprise me to learn they had struck back.

  3. According to this report, he was only wounded:

    I'll believe it when I see him again.