Sunday, May 27, 2018

Who Killed Bobby Kennedy ???

Spoiler alert - it wasn't Sirhan Sirhan:

Just before Christmas, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. pulled up to the massive Richard J. Donovan Correctional Center, a California state prison complex in the desert outside San Diego that holds nearly 4,000 inmates. Kennedy was there to visit Sirhan B. Sirhan, the man convicted of killing his father, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, nearly 50 years ago.

While his wife, actress Cheryl Hines, waited in the car, Robert Kennedy Jr. met with Sirhan for three hours, he revealed to The Washington Post last week. It was the culmination of months of research by Kennedy into the assassination, including speaking with witnesses and reading the autopsy and police reports.

"I got to a place where I had to see Sirhan," Kennedy said. He would not discuss the specifics of their conversation. But when it was over, Kennedy had joined those who believe there was a second gunman, and that it was not Sirhan who killed his father.

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The verifiable facts of the case PROVE that Sirhan did not fire the fatal shots:

Though Sirhan admitted at his trial in 1969 that he shot Kennedy, he claimed from the start that he had no memory of doing so. And midway through Sirhan's trial, prosecutors provided his lawyers with an autopsy report that launched five decades of controversy: Kennedy was shot four times at point-blank range from behind, including the fatal shot behind his ear. But Sirhan, a 24-year-old Palestinian immigrant, was standing in front of him.

But those facts were ignored, and once again the patsy was convicted.

Our corrupt political system is FILLED with murderers. That's why they almost always vote for every war they can.

Bobby was killed by the same group of people who killed his brother. Believe it.

And by the way, no "re-investigation" is going to discover who they are. Nor will the real killers of JFK, MLK, and Malcolm X or the true culprits of the OKC bombing and the 9/11 attacks ever be known. That's why they're called "covert" actions.

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  1. Was Israel behind his murder? That's what this report claims: