Monday, May 14, 2018

End Times For Palestine ???

As the New Cyrus (Trump) and the Jewish Messiah Wannabe (Netanyahu) prepare to erect the Third Temple, Palestinians are being slaughtered in Gaza:

Is this some sort of blood sacrifice intended to sanctify the Temple Mount? Who knows.

I challenge you to see this through the eyes of the people we are killing in the Middle East. From their perspective:

  • We are the beast which rose up out of the sea.
  • We are the beast which came up out of the earth.
  • We worship the Mother of Harlots.
  • NATO is the King of the North.
  • They are the saints who are being slaughtered.

Do you know anyone who has been "raptured"? Let me know if you do, since that will mean the Last Trumpet has blown.

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  1. Here is someone else questioning the blood sacrifice being made for the US Embassy in Jerusalem: