Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Ebola Superhighway

A new Ebola outbreak is underway in the Congo, and it has the potential to go global:

If the Ebola virus traveled upriver from Bikoro to Mbandaka, some officials wonder, has it also traveled downstream toward Kinshasa, which offers direct air traffic to cities including Brussels, Paris, Dubai and Lagos, Nigeria?

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If you recall, Obama ad-Dajjal and his "Ebola Czar" did next to nothing to protect us from future epidemics. Our current "strategy" has at least two serious flaws:
  • It relies on the myth of vaccine efficacy; and
  • It fails to deal with the twin threats of unrestricted global travel and porous US borders.

If this comes here, we are screwed.

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  1. Here is confirmation of my claims:

    NB - I do not agree with the claims of a "Zionist" connection. This epidemic will spread whether or not any group is behind it.