Saturday, May 19, 2018

The School Shooting Mystery

Another day, another school shooting:

And still no one can come up with a better response than "take away all the guns".

It should be obvious by now that both students and teachers know something is horribly wrong in our schools. They all seem to predict "any day now it will happen here". But somehow they seem to think the causes of these shooting are a complete mystery.

Well, they really ain't no mystery. Here are some of them:
  • No respect for authority
  • A total breakdown in discipline
  • Violence on TV and the Internet
  • Violence in and by our government(s)
  • Dangerous drugs everywhere
  • Pervasive, sick bullying by staff and other students

In short, our schools are a toxic environment not unlike our culture in general. They're seething cauldrons of violence and hatred just waiting to explode.

Who exactly was it that turned our schools into social justice factories run by morons? If you want the shootings to stop, fire all those bastards and return some sanity to our schools.

And stop teaching our kids that violence is the solution to every and all problems.


  1. Here is another assessment which kinda agrees with mine:

  2. Being bullied is no excuse for shooting anyone:

    But it does explain what is really happening in our schools.

  3. Here's what I'm talking about - our kids are immersed in a culture of violence, so they commit violence: