Thursday, February 9, 2017

Germany Deports Refugees Too

What's this? Germany is speeding up their deportations, too:

I see three main differences between Merkel's Deutschland and Trump's Amerika:

  • She is an even bigger liar than he is;
  • Germany's recent wave of xenophobia goes back even farther than ours; and
  • Germany managed to build a thriving industrial economy without relying on successive waves of cheaper and cheaper foreign labor.

Other than that, we're about the same when it comes to not liking Muslims.

Which brings up the question - why did "we" ever agree to actions which unleashed such a huge number of refugees upon our two countries? And I think the answer is this - we didn't; it was forced on both of us by the Soros gang.

Tell me again: why are we treating the symptoms but not addressing the cause (the Soros gang)? It may ultimately be determined that Trump's immigration ban is illegal, but he could build a far more solid legal case against those who are trying to destabilize and overthrow our government.

I say "go for it".

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