Monday, February 20, 2017

Who Just Detonated A Nuclear Bomb ???

As you may know, there recently was a release of radioactive iodine (I-131) which was detected in Europe. You can read about it here:

The most likely source for this I-131 is the detonation of a nuclear device somewhere in the Arctic region.

If you recall, there was a similar anomalous detection of I-131 following the VELA incident in 1979. I have written about that event before:

Although the VELA incident was dismissed by the US military-industrial complex as a mystery, many observers believe it represented the "secret" test of one or more nuclear bombs, possibly by South Africa and/or the Israelis.

If this latest event does represent such a test, who done it? Likely candidates may include the following:

  1. An Iranian test sponsored by Russia;
  2. A BRICS test sponsored by Russia; or
  3. A Saudi test sponsored by Israel and/or the US.

If the world starts to suspect candidate #1 or #2, we'll be hearing about it pretty soon. Both fit in well with the current anti-Russia, anti-Iran hysteria infecting DC and the MSM.

But what about candidate #3? If it was a Saudi test, the US military-industrial complex will label it a "mystery", and that will be that.

Until the Saudi bomb gets used against Iran.

By the way, should you not believe the Saudis are capable of such a thing, read this:


  1. We're now being told that no other radionuclides have been detected, which if true suggests this may not have been a nuclear bomb. I would take that with a grain of salt for two reasons - (1) we don't know the spectrum of radionuclides which would be created by a minimum residual radiation nuclear bomb, and (2) we should have zero confidence that governments would tell us what actually was detected in their samples. That kind of info probably will remain classified forever.

  2. Told ya !!! Russia is now the #1 patsy for this nuclear detonation: