Saturday, February 20, 2016

Do Saudis Have Nuclear Bombs ???

Now here is a frightening claim:

In a shocking development, Saudi Arabia has now publicly admitted they possess NUCLEAR BOMBS.  The bombs will protect the ground invasion of Syria by Turkey and Saudi Arabia ... which puts the Russians in the unenviable position of having to use nuclear weapons to defend themselves and Syria.

Speaking in a television interview Dahham Al-'Anzi of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was discussing why many in the Arab world feel the need for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to be removed from power, and that a ground invasion was not only necessary, but is going to take place!

In the context of the pending invasion, Dahham Al-'Anzi outlined the missiles, planes and other war-fighting equipment the Kingdom has acquired and then revealed "We have a nuclear bomb" and asked the TV Interviewer, "Why do you think we have all these weapons?" He then answered his own question "to protect Arabs and Muslims."

You can read the rest @

I have written about this possibility before (e.g., They certainly have the funds and the clandestine connections necessary to achieve such a thing.

Two big questions:

1. Did their new-found pal Israel help them develop these alleged nukes?

2. Was this claim made to counter Russia's threat to use tactical nukes to protect their troops in Syria (see

This is what happens when you make deals with the devil. The US should NEVER have allowed Israel to develop their nukes.

NEVER, no matter what the cost to stop them.

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