Friday, February 19, 2016

Third Temple Being Rebuilt

Here is a video which shows preparations now underway for rebuilding the Jewish Temple:

And the other preparations, the destruction of all nations bordering Israel, are also underway courtesy of the US military and US taxpayers.

By the way, the red heifer mentioned in the video has been found in Texas:

Christians can rejoice in the knowledge that the Second Coming of Christ is right around the corner.

Satanists also can rejoice in the knowledge the Antichrist will precede the Second Coming.

However, the Jews who are building the Third Temple do not accept the concept of a "Second Coming of Christ", and they will never willingly allow someone like the Antichrist to desecrate the temple once it is rebuilt.

So ... following the logic of the video narrative, if G-d will be going out of His way to get the Temple rebuilt, why would He then suddenly allow it to be torn down?

Do you see the contradictions? Here are some more:

The three main groups involved in the outcome all believe theirs is the true faith. All three cannot be right, so there will be some big surprises as the End Times unfold.

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