Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Odd Death Of Antonin Scalia

Here's a marvelous analysis of what may have happened to Justice Scalia:

I wonder what Justice Scalia, a strict constitutionalist, thought about the TPP, the TTIP and their Investor-State Dispute Settlement provisions? Because not only do these provisions undermine US law as it stands, but they also supersede the constitution and even rulings of the Supreme Court.

Obama and the leaders of 11 other nations signed the TPP earlier this month. Obama was granted Fast Track authority, but the corporate bill of rights passing as a “trade deal” will still have to be approved by the senate in an up or down vote. It will pass and Obama will sign it leaving just one obstacle: it will certainly be challenged in the Supreme Court on the grounds that it is not constitutional.

Scalia was apparently brought out to the ranch owned by a vulture capitalist to meet with 35 substantial business people shortly after Obama signed the TPP and Obama’s offering to take Scalia’s place is a pro-business neoliberal shill?

Interesting timing, right?

Justice Scalia was found lying with hands folded on top of the sheets. It was first reported that he was found by a housekeeper, then the story changed and he was found by the owner of the ranch and “a friend”. By time they called anyone about the death, Scalia was already cold and they failed to inform any of the authorities of the identity of the deceased. Justices are provided security by the US Marshal Service which didn’t appear to be on the scene at the time of Scalia’s passing. The cause of death was determined to have been by “natural causes” by local officials “over the phone” based on “credible information” provided by that same ranch owner and “a friend”. At first officials said he died of a heart attack but now that official says she “misspoke”. The hearse carrying Scalia away was a “decoy” and the family has opted out of an autopsy.

Scalia was brought there to meet with 35 “substantial business people” and Obama has offered up a “business friendly” judge as a possible replacement for him on the court. A business friendly judge who defended Enron, Rio Tinto and Exxon mobile back in his days of practicing law. He’s a favorite of both sides of the One True Party, the Business Party of America.

Sound interesting?

You can read the rest @

TPP, TTIP, TISA, and their ilk will radically change how the US is governed. I find it impossible to believe that Scalia would have approved any of them.

I also find it very easy to believe the powers that be will do everything necessary to eliminate anyone who stands in their way.

No autopsy? No investigation? Another travesty of justice.

But then that's exactly what our "justice system" has become.

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