Monday, February 15, 2016

Israel No Longer A Democracy ???

President Rueven Rivlin came out against legislation that would allow MKs to vote out their colleagues who express support for terrorism, calling it a violation of a parliament's purpose in a democracy in his remarks at a book launch in Jerusalem Monday evening.

Rivlin said the proposal goes against the Knesset’s inherent role as “representative of the sovereign, not the sovereign itself, and places the elected above the public.

“We cannot allow the Knesset, whose representatives are chosen by the public, to independently overturn the public’s choices,” he added. “A Knesset that is able, even if justly, to today decide upon the cessation of the office of such representatives of the public, will tomorrow, unjustly do so to others, and then where will we be? “The Knesset cannot be allowed, as a legislative body to become judge and jury. Such a situation will, over time, overstep and undermine its purpose, and the sole victim will be the State of Israel,” Rivlin, a former Knesset speaker, posited.

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Rivlin has a very good point.

Would Israeli MKs also expel any of their colleagues who expressed support for genocide? One would think the answer to that question would be "yes", but according to some it appears to be a definite "no".

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