Sunday, February 12, 2017

Screw The Grammys

According to this report, the producer of the "Grammys" wants to hear political speeches on "his" show:

Mr. Ehrlich, who appears to be a prime candidate for acceptance into the Soros gang, should reconsider.

Trump was vetted by the voters and won. Everything President Trump is doing was discussed BEFORE the election, and the voters chose him anyway ... and probably chose him because he promised to drive the illegals and radical Islamists out of our country.

His Cabinet is being vetted by the Senate, and for the most part they are winning.

The Grammy awardees, on the other hand, allegedly are vetted by people who purchase the right to listen to their music. What this has to do with any POLITICAL qualifications they may have is a mystery to me. They can all move to Canada or wherever, and I would not lose a minute's sleep over it.

I won't be watching your show, nor will I be buying any more of their "music".

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