Wednesday, February 15, 2017

We Truly Are AFU

Here is an indication of how screwed up the US public is in their thinking:

(1) Cities are putting the homeless (i.e., mostly US citizens) into prison camps chiefly because they have committed the "crime" of being homeless. You can read about it here:

(2) And yet the MSM is whining day and night about "dreamers" (mostly non-citizens) who are being detained because they appear to be in violation of our immigration laws. You can read about it here (or just turn on any channel of your TV):

Here's the way I see this situation:

(a) Group #2 (the "dreamers") helps us keep alive the delusion that the US is a shining city on a hill, where the downtrodden have a chance to rise up from poverty and buy a home; while

(b) Group #1 (the homeless) are living proof of how much that dream is just pure BS.

In the not too distant future, our delusions WILL catch up with us - but it will be too late to do much about it. By then, almost all of us will be on the other side of that chain-link fence.

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