Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Trump Supports Asset Seizure

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday there was "no reason" to curb law enforcement agencies that seize cash, vehicles and other assets of people suspected of crimes, a practice that some lawmakers and activists have criticized for denying legal rights.

The issue of civil asset forfeiture, created to disrupt the activities of organized crime groups, arose when sheriffs from around the United States told Trump at a White House meeting that they were under pressure to ease the practice.

"I'd like to look into that," Trump said. "There's no reason for that."

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The more I read about the REAL Trump, the more I believe it was a mistake to elect him. Anyone who could support civil asset forfeiture is NOT a friend to We The People and understands neither the US Constitution nor the concept of due process.

I previously asked "is Trump dangerous?" I'm starting to believe the answer is YES.

By the way, this does not mean we should have voted for Hillary. What we all should have done was stop the DNC from stealing the primaries from Bernie. That is the election fraud we should be investigating.

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