Friday, January 27, 2017

Can US Economy Collapse ???

Here's one of the latest "the sky is falling" reports:

Worryingly, there’s been very little consideration of how systemic collapses can happen in another, perhaps more dangerous realm - the industrial supply system that keeps us in everything from medicine to food to cars to, yes, videotape. In 2004, for instance, England closed one single factory, which caused the United States to lose half of its flu vaccine supply.

Barry Lynn of the New America Foundation has been studying industrial supply shocks since 1999, when he noticed that global computer chip production was concentrated in Taiwan. After a severe earthquake in that country, the global computer industry nearly shut down, crashing the stocks of large computer makers. This level of concentration of the production of key components in a globalized economy is a new phenomenon. Lynn’s work points to the highly dangerous side of globalization, the flip side of a hyper-efficient global supply chain. When one link in that chain is broken, there is no fallback.

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This points out what should be one of Trump's strongest arguments for what he is doing. We have put ourselves at the mercy of others by allowing such a web of weak supply chains to develop. The US needs to produce such critical components domestically.

And there will be no gain without pain. If we really want to break free from the global aspirations of the Davos mafia, there will be shortages and disruptions until we get our house back in order.

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