Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Chinese Pot Calls US Kettle Black

Over the weekend, China took to its state-run media to make clear its position on a number of areas as Donald Trump settles into the White House - even going so far as to call American-style democracy a “kidnapped” system under the control of self-interested capitalists.

“Western style democracy used to be a recognized power in history to drive social development,” China said in an editorial published by the People’s Daily. “But now it has reached its limits. Democracy is already kidnapped by the capitals and has become the weapon for capitalists to chase profits.”

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Did I miss something? Wasn't China's democracy "kidnapped" long ago so that their emerging capitalists could become millionaires and billionaires? Same thing happened in Russia.

And by the way, why is Jack Ma dissing the US? Didn't we make him one of the world's richest men?

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