Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Ghost Of Obama ad-Dajjal Lives On

Here is a wonderful analysis from Jon Rappoport:

The whole thrust of ops after Election Night was designed to allow media to wriggle off the hook for predicting Hillary would win and for overtly supporting her.

The storyline? Trump isn’t actually the president. He didn’t win. He cheated. Therefore, we the media were correct. Hillary did win. Our polls were accurate. Our forecast was accurate.

This is now bolstered by the return of Obama. The great one sojourned in the desert and came back to give us more truth. O hail. All praise.

“Okay, Trump IS the president, but not really. Obama is.”

This is what you get in certain countries where the president is running the day-to-day show, and then suddenly, from behind the curtain, steps the great religious figure wearing his cloak and his hat. He speaks a few words of wisdom (and warning, because he is the spiritual leader of millions of people), shakes his bejeweled finger, and disappears.

We can expect this action from Obama now and again as time passes.

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Trump will not really be president until he puts Hillary in jail. His decision to not punish the crimes of his predecessors may doom him to failure.

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