Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Four Prerequisites For Creating Jobs

Here is a list of four things we have to fix if we want to create jobs in the US:

1. Healthcare, and even more importantly the health of the American people.

2. Taxes. Lower the business/corporate tax rates, simplify tax codes, eliminate the loopholes, skims and scams exploited by the tax avoidance industry.

3. Regulation. Weigh the cost of every regulation against the public good it generates. Include business owners, employees and citizens in the decision process–not just protected, privileged “experts” with no skin in the game, i.e. poobahs whose own fat salaries and benefits are never exposed to the costs or risks of the regulations they impose with such abandon.

4. Education. Instead of focusing on political correctness and “software coding” while shoehorning everyone into useless, rip-off four-year college degrees, focus on providing students with real-world knowledge bases, entrepreneurial moxie and the ... essential soft skills needed to prosper in a fast-changing economy.

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Sounds good to me. Will the Trump program do these things? We'll see.

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