Sunday, January 15, 2017

Who Will Actually Build Trump's Wall ???

According to this report, the wall already is mostly in place. Trump merely will complete and enlarge a barrier started by Bill Clinton:

It is not yet clear who will do the physical construction necessary to complete and enlarge the wall. But reports from Censored News indicate that the following companies are likely to be involved in the electronic security and detainee control aspect of the barrier:

  • Israeli firm Elbit Systems
  • Israeli firm BTec Electronic Security Systems
  • London based G4S Corporation



Can you see anything wrong with allowing foreign companies to control the US border?

And why is there no truly US corporation (i.e., formed by US citizens, chartered by a US state, controlled by US investors, and not a subsidiary of some foreign corporation) capable of doing the job?

By the way, let's look at some relevant numbers:

(1) Palestinians killed at least 20 Israelis in 2015 (source -

(2) But according to some sources, "illegal immigrants" kill at least 20 people in the US EVERY DAY (here is one of those sources -

We (US taxpayers) have built a wall to separate Israel from the Palestinians, but somehow it's "insane" to suggest building a wall to separate the US from an even greater threat.

But maybe giving Israelis the contracts to build and maintain Trump's Wall is a blessing in disguise. After all, Trump and the rest of our political class bend over backwards to kiss Israeli asses, so in their rush to shovel more of our cash over to Israeli firms maybe it means the wall actually will get built.

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