Wednesday, January 18, 2017

NATO General Agrees With Trump

A top NATO general is conceding that parts of the military alliance need to be brought up to date following U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's claim that NATO is "obsolete."

Reacting to Trump's criticism in an interview this week, NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Transformation General Denis Mercier said Tuesday, "We see that there is a need for adaptation."

Mercier acknowledged that NATO has "some structures that are obsolete."

He says the military alliance probably has focused too much on deploying troops abroad, so-called expeditionary warfare, particularly its operation in Afghanistan.

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Trump is right. It makes more sense to have Russia as an ally and trade partner than an enemy.

The real enemy (if there even is one) might be China. But China only "threatens" us by offering a valid alternative world view and economic system. For a nation which continually whines about the value of diversity, why should we have a problem with that?

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