Friday, January 20, 2017

Will Trump Be Another Lincoln ???

Some analysts are saying the US is on the brink of another civil war:

On the morning of Barack Obama’s first inauguration in 2009, ABC’s Good Morning America team called it, “A new dawn ... fueled by hope and the shared dreams of a renewed America.” But on the morning of Donald Trump’s inauguration, ABC didn’t have the same rosy outlook. Instead of the utopia they predicted would happen under Obama, today ABC claimed the country was going back to the start of the Civil War.

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Yesterday I heard Neil Cavuto start to compare Trump to Abraham Lincoln, but he cut himself short. So allow me to continue that thread.

The country was indeed divided in 1861, and Lincoln must have been highly unpopular. But the one thing which held the country together was his unwavering support for the US Constitution. I detect that same level of support in Trump and in Jeff Sessions.

Should Trump fail, this nation will fly apart. Apparently that's what George Soros, Hillary, and all the Trump haters want. Let's pray that does not happen.

When this is all over, people will indeed compare Trump to Lincoln. Hopefully it will not be because both men were assassinated for their efforts.

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