Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Are We On The Brink Of World War III ???

What's the point of all this saber rattling?

As concern over the last week of Obama’s tenure as President continues to mount and as tensions with Russia edge upwards more and more by the day, the United States and NATO are doing everything they can to signal that they are ready and willing for World War Three. After months of falsely accusing the Russian government of “war crimes,” “crimes against humanity,” and empire expansion simply for killing Western-backed terrorists in Syria, the U.S. government and corporate media followed up with months more of claims of “Russian hacking” even insinuating that the Russians “hacked the U.S. elections.” This was, of course, after over a year of claiming Russia shot down civilian airliners, invaded Ukraine, imprisons gays, and has no rights for women.

Over the course of the crisis in Ukraine, the U.S. has repeatedly moved troops into threatening positions close to the Russian border. Now, however, one of the biggest pushes yet has materialized in Eastern Europe, right on Russia’s doorstep in Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, and Bulgaria. Dubbed, Operation Atlantic Resolve, the massive NATO troop deployment is an obvious act of troop placement in order to prepare for an actual ground assault on Russia itself. At best, it is an incredibly foolish act of bullying and intimidation. At worst, it is preparation for a nuclear holocaust.

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It suggests at least four things to me:

  1. Obama ad-Dajjal is and always has been a CIA stooge.
  2. His Nobel Peace Prize was a sick joke.
  3. "Our" government doesn't give a damn about We The People.
  4. The hypocrites who claim Trump is a bully are in fact trying to protect a system in which they bully the entire world into doing their bidding.

Let's say war does not break out (praise be to G-d). What then?

Do we bring these troops and weapons back to the US? Do they stay there as a permanent threat? Or does Trump finally demilitarize Europe and leave them to pursue their own dreams?

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