Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women Are Marching ... For Hillary ???

Today thousands of women marched against Trump, and Hillary thanked them. You can read about it here:

Please help me understand this. Why are these women marching for:

  • The wife of a serial rapist;
  • Who underpaid her female staff;
  • Who murdered, starved, and/or displaced countless women and children in numerous countries; and
  • Who ran a "charity" which defrauded millions of women and children around the world?

This makes absolutely no sense, until you realize that lots of German women supported Hitler, lots of Russian women supported Stalin, and lots of Chinese women supported Mao - three of the worst mass murderers in history.

By the way, as soon as he was sworn in Obama ad-Dajjal was given a Nobel Peace Prize. Then he waged war for every day he was in office. As soon as he was sworn in Trump was given riots and demonstrations. Maybe that will make him negotiate the peace which his predecessor so scrupulously avoided.

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