Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thunderstorm Asthma, Or Bioweapon Testing ???

What's been going on down under?

Severe asthma attacks swept across Australia in November 2016, leading to about 8,500 recorded hospitalizations and 8 deaths. To explain this, the media called it “thunderstorm asthma,” with some alleged experts claiming pollen was stirred up by a storm. This doesn’t make sense because even they say there was not an unusual amount of pollen.

In the proper context, this looks exactly like biowarfare, or some experiment: it looks just like Operation Sea Spray, where San Francisco was sprayed with bacteria in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Australian residents are reporting symptoms continuing for a few months now, while they also witness their skies being sprayed, as the US and most of the world can observe spraying in the skies thought to be mostly geoengineering.

Sydney, Australia resident and Era of Wisdom researcher Lauren Ekailec is personally experiencing the symptoms of this, as are many of her friends. She says: “I have been feeling some difficulty taking a deep breath in lately, a tightness in my chest, almost wheezing. I am not asthmatic and never have been.“

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Another essay about this phenomenon, which includes a video, can be found here:

If you're one of those who believes the government of Australia would not do such a thing to its own people, you should read this book  to discover just how wrong you are:

The five eyes countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, and NZ) have had absolutely no problem conducting secret experiments on their own citizens. They also shamelessly spy on their own people, allegedly to protect We The People from "our" imaginary enemies.

Maybe this was asthma, but it would not surprise me one bit if it was not. Someone is going to cull the herd, and the five eyes seem to have all the tools necessary to accomplish that feat when the time comes. My guess is that this was a test of an airborne vaccine delivery system, which someday will be used to spray the human population of the world with an anti-fertility vaccine.

The biggest remaining questions are these, "Will everyone get sprayed? If not, who gets to live ... and who will be forced to die out?"

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