Friday, January 6, 2017

We Can Only Afford One

We can only afford one of these three crushing costs:

1. Limited Social Security/Medicare (no nation can afford unlimited anything, including healthcare)

2. Central bank inflation/credit expansion. All central banks desperately want higher inflation, which acts as an economy-wide tax on wage earners whose incomes are not rising along with inflation.

3. Cartel Cronyism You know the drill: regulatory capture, monopolies enforced by the central state, cartels that eliminate competition via absurdly complex regulations imposed by the state, etc.

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I vote for #1. Which do YOU want?

By the way, I do not regard Social Security and Medicare as "crushing costs". They only seem that way because the government stole the SS trust fund and refuses to reform the system of taxation which supports these programs.

Also by the way, there should have been a fourth crushing cost on the list - the so-called "national security state", which includes the US military, the intelligence agencies, and the Department of Homeland Security. They provide NOTHING which is essential to We The People, but are draining the lifeblood from our economy. Curtail their funding, and there will be PLENTY left over for SS and Medicare for all.

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