Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Privacyless, Freedomless Smart City of 2030

If you want to know what the elite have in store for us, I suggest you watch this 15 minute video:


The trend of the rich owning everything inevitably leads to the masses owning nothing ... and to the requirement that the rich be PAID whenever the masses use one of the services they will offer us.

At that point, we will be trapped in the clutches of a powerful oligarchy from which we shall never escape.

As a small confirmation of what I am saying, please look at this statement from a think tank sponsored by Arizona State University:

... it is certainly a reasonable hypothesis that the Enlightenment age of the individual – the core to any democratic system – is clearly ending. Unprecedented complexity, and information volumes and velocities, simply mean that individual cognitive capabilities – no matter how brilliant – are overwhelmed. Power shifts towards those who understand and deploy narrative, be they large states, large corporations, or religious and cultural communities. Power leaks away from the na├»ve faith in individual rationality that has characterized the last three centuries in the West.

Source - http://www.defenseone.com/ideas/2017/01/weaponized-narrative-new-battlespace/134284/

In other words, We The People no longer can be trusted with political power, because we no longer have the capacity to discriminate between "real" news and "fake" news. We therefore should THANK our rulers (the rich) for taking over our economy and running our lives for us.

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  1. According to Daisy Luther, the new system actually will be a form of feudalism - http://daisyluther.com/you-realize-the-universal-basic-income-is-feudalism-right/

    And I think she is right.