Saturday, January 7, 2017

Is War The Health Of The State ???

The rising hysteria about Russia is best understood as fulfilling two needs for Official Washington: the Military Industrial Complex’s transitioning from the “war on terror” to a more lucrative “new cold war” – and blunting the threat that a President Trump poses to the neoconservative/liberal-interventionist foreign-policy establishment.

By hyping the Russian “threat,” the neocons and their liberal-hawk sidekicks, who include much of the mainstream U.S. news media, can guarantee bigger military budgets from Congress. The hype also sets in motion a blocking maneuver to impinge on any significant change in direction for U.S. foreign policy under Trump.

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As Kreiger states, very powerful people want war with Russia. We should NOT let them do this to us.

It should be clear they are pissed they lost the election and may be denied the war they lust after.

What we must focus on is not that Russia tried to steal the election, but that these "very powerful people" ARE stealing the election by goading Russia into war. Russia is not an existential threat to the US - these people are.

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