Monday, January 2, 2017

Is Obama Trying To Kill Us ???

I believe he is, and here is part of the proof:

The CDC data, which has been public but obscure until now, shows that the number of refugees diagnosed with active TB in recent years is more than three times greater than previously reported by any media outlet.

The number of refugees diagnosed with TB in the United States has increased every year since 2012, the first year the CDC began publishing data on foreign-born cases of the disease by category, when 358 were diagnosed. In 2013, 396 refugees were diagnosed with TB. The following year, 2014, 402 refugees were diagnosed with TB, and in 2015, the number of refugees diagnosed with TB rose again to 409. Data for 2016 has not yet been reported.

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This may not seem like a lot, but TB is one of the diseases which is becoming resistant to all antibiotics. Anyone who would bring these disease carriers into our country is either grossly negligent or is trying to kill us.

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