Thursday, January 5, 2017

Are We In A Baby Bust ???

More and more Americans seem to prefer pets to children ... and the resulting demographic trend has massive economic and investment implications.

The numbers are startling and affect everyone - whether you’re a parent, a pet owner, neither, or both. It’s also an investment opportunity you might try in 2017.

4 million missing babies

While the memories of the Great Recession may be fading, the effects are still very much with us. Among other places, the impact shows up in demographic data.

Last summer, I ran across some fascinating analysis by University of New Hampshire sociologist Kenneth M. Johnson. He found that US fertility levels dropped sharply beginning in 2008 and have yet to recover.

Professor Johnson calculated that if births had continued at the pre-recession rate, Americans would have had 3.4 million additional babies in 2008–2015.

He found no evidence to suggest that this trend changed in 2016, so the total is likely near 4 million by now.

This happened even though the number of women of childbearing age actually increased during this period.

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How can we be great again without having more babies? By investing in pet food companies instead of diapers?

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  1. In Japan, they buy more adult diapers than baby diapers. If and when that happens in the US, it will be a REAL baby bust.