Friday, February 3, 2017

Obama Hits The Jackpot

According to this report, Obama ad-Dajjal will soon be a VERY rich man:

One recent startling headline reads, “Obama could make up to $242 million after leaving Washington, D.C.” It is based on a study carried out by a researcher at the business school of the American University in Washington. The study itself, a little less sensationally headlined, “How Presidents Make Their Millions,” indeed argues that “the Obamas could earn as much as $242.5 million from speeches, book deals and pensions. (Assuming a retirement age of 70.) Not bad for a couple that entered office with $1.3 million in total net worth.”

The great question the study addresses is whether the Obamas will outdo the Clintons in amassing wealth after leaving the White House. “Could the Obamas equal or even exceed the Clintons’ $75 million in their 15th year out of office? That seems likely. President Obama leaves office with two best-sellers already to his name to add to the estimated $40 million in book fees he and Michelle will receive. Add $3 million in pension income and about 50 speeches a year at a conservative $200,000 apiece and you’re already close to $200 million before taxes. Enough to put the Obamas high up on the list of wealthiest former first families.”

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Add to that the roughly $90 million in vacation spending he swindled from We The People, and you have to admit that "hope and change" did pay off, at least for him.

These people make me sick.

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